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post image On The Way to Mumbai from

This Kat has been holed up in his lair over the last week or so, feverishly trying to ready himself for a short of change of pace and venue: he will be serving as a ...

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post image 'D'oh! stuff up': when Homer meets Hollywood from

Merpel wishes they'd checked with her if she could actually read
before putting her Presidential speech on to the autocue
For your Friday reading entertainment, this Kat brings you news of an incident involving ...

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post image Cancer Institute Sues Biotech Company for More than $1 Billion Charging IP Theft from

A nonprofit cancer research institute has sued biotechnology company Agios and one of its cofounders for more than $1 billion, alleging they took intellectual property developed at the institute and used it to start a ...

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post image Top 5: Countries in IP Rights Protection from

The International Property Rights Index is a measurement of property rights around the world.  The annual report presents trends and changes in levels of physical and intellectual property protection in 129 countries.  While it is ...

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post image Stop Inventing from

Patent attorney Darin Gibby has penned a perspective crucial to anyone concerned about patents in this country: Why Has America Stopped Inventing? As introduction, though comprising the bulk of the book, Gibby covers some of ...

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USPTO News Briefs from

By Donald Zuhn -- USPTO Schedules Hearings and Seeks Comments on Genetic Diagnostic Testing In a press release and corresponding notice in Wednesday's Federal Register (77 Fed. Reg. 3748), the U.S. Patent and Trademark ...

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Samsung loses second German 3G patent lawsuit against Apple from

One week after dismissing Samsung's first German patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, the Mannheim Regional Court also rejected Samsung's second complaint.

Either complaint related to the 3G/UMTS wireless telecommunications standard.

I attended ...

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Friday Update from

It is still hard to know how this storm is will develop, but at this point it is likely that we will go out to roll the trails today (Friday) around 5, so please do ...

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Information about New Top-Level Domains from

I had the pleasure of speaking recently to an audience of “cyberspace” attorneys from around the world for the American Bar Association’s Cyberspace Law Committee Winter Working Group meeting in San Francisco. Much thanks ...

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Useful tools for patent attorneys — and free IP litigation alerts from

This week I received a note from MaxVal, a company that serves patent attorneys and agents with a broad range of software and services for patent portfolio management. One useful (and free) service that MaxVal ...

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Using US Patent Classifications to Enhance Key Word Searching to Achieve Higher Quality Patent Search Results from

I have found it helpful to think about patent classifications as being large buckets with subclassifications being little buckets within the larger classification buckets. There are currently more than 450 classifications and over 150,000 ...

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I Didn’t Respond To An Office Action and now My Patent Is Abandoned – Now What? from

By: Mark R. Malek If you haven’t noticed, many of my posts lately have revolved around the questions that I get from various clients.  This one was a tough one. Not necessarily from the ...

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They Invented What? (No. 212) from

U.S. Pat. No. 5,749,324: Apparatus and method for controlling animal behavior. JW Note:  The adventures of Pookie, the patent drawing dog.  Many thanks to Jason Wilson for bringing this one to our ...

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Most EU Members Sign ACTA; SOPA-Style Protests Building from

While most of the 27 member states of the European Union signed the much-debated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) yesterday in Tokyo, joining the United States, Japan and other ACTA partners, hackers brought down the website ...

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Recap of Recent AIA-related PTO Activities from

By Jason Rantanen The America Invents Act contains several provisions that require the PTO to (1) issue new rules and (2) report back to Congress on specific patent-related issues. In addition to the proposed Supplemental ...

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China’s Patent vs. Innovation Dilemma from

With a well-deserved reputation for counterfeiting and knockoffs, we have rarely looked to China for innovation and invention. Nevertheless, as an ever-growing giant on the world’s economic stage, China has taken steps to remedy ...

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Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins from

2012 Student Writing Competition The Virginia State Bar Intellectual Property Section is seeking papers written by law students who are attending law school in Virginia or are residents of Virginia attending law school outside of ...

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World Economic Forum ‘Cyber Resilience’ Initiative Includes IP Protection from

The World Economic Forum annual gathering of private sector leaders today released a "Cyber Resilience Initiative to Safeguard the Digital Environment" that includes a commitment to protect intellectual property rights online. Related Articles:

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Amicus Briefs to Be Accepted for Marine Polymer v. Hemcon from

The Federal Circuit announced yesterday that it will be accepting amicus briefs in the en banc appeal of the intervening rights case Marine Polymer Technologies, Inc. v. Hemcon, Inc.  When the court announced the granting ...

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WHO Board Plan For Fake Medicines Mechanism Excludes Trade And IP from

The World Health Organization Executive Board this week agreed to propose to the May World Health Assembly the establishment of a mechanism for international collaboration on counterfeit and substandard medical products, but with the exclusion ...

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Demi Moore and publicly available information from

Of the release of the information from the 911 call of Demi Moore, News Briefs reported on Jan. 27

Though the LAFD was legally required to redact personal and medical information about Moore (her history ...

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Rambus loses at BPAI from

Reuters noted on 27 Jan 2012:

An appeals board at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office [BPAI] declared the patent invalid on January 24, according to a ruling posted on their website. The previous ...

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