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post image Friday fantasies from

The IPkat is sad to report the death of Niel Ackermann, a prominent Cambridge-based IP lawyer, who sadly passed away last week after a 14 month battle with cancer. Niel, who hailed from South Africa ...

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post image Top 5: Dilbert Patent Comics from

Anyone who has ever worked in an office setting can find humor in Scott Adams' Dilbert comic series.  In addition to the usual satire on co-workers, management, and competition, Adams covers a wide variety of ...

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post image Europe's runaway patent train on track -- for scrutiny, or mutiny? from

The AmeriKat despondently looks away 
after her pawing at the scratchpost of unitary 
patent politics uncovered 
some unsettling news Last week the AmeriKat had a question: Under the new Danish Presidency, would the European Union ...

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post image Tebow legend grows… and so does the number of Tebow trademarks from

I blogged here less than a month ago about the Tim Tebow phenomenon. At the time in mid-December, there were four trademark applications referencing “Tebow” plus two owned by his charitable foundation. I closed the ...

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post image Obama’s Fundamental Change Means – US is No Longer the LAND OF THE FREE from

The Heritage Foundation has just released its Index of Economic Freedom.  The US has fallen to 10th place in the rankings.  It appears the President Obama’s idea of fundamentally remaking the US is to ...

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USPTO Proposes Rules Changes for Implementing AIA Provisions -- Preissuance Submissions Provision from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published four Federal Register notices as part of its efforts to implement the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. Yesterday, we discussed the Office's ...

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Yet Another Study Suggesting Changes in Hatch-Waxman Regime from

Statistics Illustrate Costs of Generic Drugs to Innovation By Kevin E. Noonan -- The question of whether the Hatch-Waxman generic drug regime is a net positive for innovation and drug development has been the subject of ...

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Patent Drafting: Drilling Down on Variations in a Patent Application from

One of the challenges that a drafter faces when trying to satisfy the enablement requirement is with respect to describing things that can and will vary depending on the circumstances. What you want to do ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

Here's a look at the foreign filing/patent law news from the week of January 9, 2012: The USPTO announced that they will open a 31,000 square foot satellite office in Detroit, which ...

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Loss of jobs at Novartis preceding expiry of Diovan patent protection from

In connection with the loss of patent protection for Diovan/valsartan in Sept. 2012, GEN wrote of Novartis:

The U.S. restructuring [of Novartis] will include the loss of some 1,630 positions in the ...

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The Year Ahead 2012: Top IP Legal Issues In The United States from

This year could bring major changes in US intellectual property law. Congress and the nation’s courts will be confronting a variety of issues that have broad ramifications for copyrights, trademarks and patents. Here are ...

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Obama to Announce Restructuring of Department of Commerce from

The Obama government restructuring plan is of particular importance within the patent community because it will affect the Commerce Department as well as five smaller agencies. As soon as I heard that my Spidey-senses started ...

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Expiry Notice: A Review Of EU Antitrust Rules And Technology Transfer Agreements from

Courtney Doagoo is a doctoral student at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. On December 6 2011, the European Commission launched a public consultation to review the current regulatory regime surrounding “EU antitrust rules ...

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Scott Kieff – The Perils of Patent Reform & Welcome to Patent Purgatory from

     What effect will the recently enacted America Invents Act(AIA) have on the commercialization of patents? Professor Scott Kieff’s essays, ThePerils of Patent Reform and Welcometo Patent Purgatory, explore some reasons why the AIA ...

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Abbott Loses Patent Rights Due to Gap in Consultant Contract from

Abbott Point of Care v. Epocal (Fed. Cir. 2012) Abbott and Epocal both sell products used for point-of-care testing of blood samples. In 2009, Abbott sued Epocal in the Northern District of Alabama alleging infringement ...

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USPTO In Obama’s Proposed Consolidation Of Trade-Related US Agencies? from

US President Obama today announced a proposal to combine six government agencies working in areas of international trade and economics, aimed at boosting efficiency. This includes the Commerce Department, which currently houses the US Patent ...

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Preliminary ITC ruling doesn't hold Motorola to infringe three Apple patents (including a strategically important one) from

If a trade agency at which mobile patent complaints have generally had limited success so far hands a preliminary ruling on Friday the 13th, a complainant doesn't even have to be superstitious -- but merely ...

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Website Blocking and John Doe orders: Barking up the wrong tree? (Part II) from

by Kartik Khanna. Part I is available here.

I had discussed inPart I of this post that Reliance Communication’s [‘RCOM’] initiative inblocking websites on the basis of the John Doe order has no legal ...

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