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post image Top ten list of companies to get US patents in 2011 from

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office “Performance and Accountability Report of Fiscal Year 2011” the USPTO granted an all-time high 244,430 United States utility patents in 2011.

Asian companies hold eight ...

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post image Deterrent damages and dodgy infringement: judicial legislation in the EU from

This member of the IPKat team has always been fascinated by the remedy of an account of profits, a traditional doctrine of equity that seeks to separate the wrongdoer from his ill-gotten gains. Its relevance ...

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post image Faccenda Chickens rule the roost as judge nips Caterpillar in the bud from

Some caterpillars change into butterflies; others
become litigants. But which are more appealing?
Caterpillar restrains in vain. Caterpillar Logistics Services (UK) Ltd v Huesca de Crean [2011] EWHC 3154, a decision last month from Mr ...

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post image IP and Stock Market Returns from

Deleting a bunch of (unread) emails a few days ago, this author spotted one with the contents of the Summer Edition of the MIT Sloan Management Review. An article on "The Business Models that Investors ...

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post image Free Resources for Biomed and Biotech Research from

Free-of-charge resources are crucial for Article One Researchers who commonly perform searches across a wide range of scientific, technology, and medical fields.  Free content exists online in abundance.  The tricky part with the "wild west ...

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IP Osgoode 2011: A Transformative Year for Intellectual Property and Technology from

Pauline Wong is the Assistant Director of IP Osgoode. Mekhala Chaubal is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. 2011 will be remembered as a year of social movements and political upheavals in many ...

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Oracle proposes speedy path to injunction or settlement 'to bring Android back into the Java fold' and end 'Google's lawless conduct' from

Late on Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Oracle and Google filed their responses to Judge William Alsup's final pretrial order envisioning a trifurcated (three-part) Android-Java trial to begin "on or after March 19".

As I ...

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Kappos 2.0: Part 2 of my Interview with David Kappos from

The beginning of Part 2 of my interview picks up where we left off, but more generally broadens out to generically ask how Kappos approaches the daunting task of getting over 6000 patent examiners on ...

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USPTO Proposes Rules Changes for Implementing AIA Provisions from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last fall, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it would be releasing a number of a Federal Register notices in January as part of the Office's efforts to ...

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Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins from

Kodak accuses HTC and Apple of patent infringement Kodak is trying to prohibit Apple's iPhones, iPads, and iPods and HTC's smartphones and tablets, from entering the US because they claim that the products ...

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Microsoft-LG agreements shows Android (and Chrome) patent licensing is still en vogue from

2012 has had a reasonably busy start on the patent litigation front, but license deals continue to be struck: Microsoft and LG just announced a patent license agreement covering LG's products running Android and ...

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Next TPP Talks In March But Intersessionals Ongoing; Canada Seeks Views On Joining from

The next round of negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is expected to be held in March in Australia, but secretive intersessional meetings on a variety of topics are being held in the meantime ...

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Judge says Oracle-Google trial will take two months and hits it could slip into 2013 from

Earlier today I reported and commented on Oracle's and Google's feedback to the court on the final pretrial order issued last week. Judge Alsup has already entered an order entitled "further rulings regarding ...

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Spring Break in San Diego from

The AIPLA has announced the date for the 2012 Electronic and Computer Patent Law Summit.  It will be held on April 2nd in San Diego.  I’ve been fortunate to be part of the planning ...

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Website blocking and John Doe orders: Barking up the wrong tree? (Part I) from

by Kartik Khanna
Kartik Khanna is a fourth year student of NUJS, Kolkata. He blogged very recently here.
Bollywood has seen a growing number of John Doe orders over the past year. Spicy IP covered ...

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Streck v. Research Diagnostic Systems: Dismissal of Invalidity Counterclaims, Written Description, and Enablement from

By Jason Rantanen Streck, Inc. v. Research & Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2011) Panel: Newman, O'Malley (author), and Reyna Streck, Inc. sued Research & Diagnostic Systems, Inc. for infringement of three patents relating to hematology ...

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Johnson & Johnson Denies Patent Pool Licences For HIV Medicines For The Poor from

In a move public health advocates say is likely to bring negative consequences for low-income patients with HIV and AIDS, as well as negative publicity for the company, Johnson & Johnson recently announced that it would ...

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2012 U.S. IP Trends Survey Now Open from

inovia's third annual survey of the foreign filing strategy of U.S. patent owners is now open.  If you'd like to take the survey on behalf of your company or university, please visit ...

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Virginia State Bar Section on Intellectual Property Law Law Student Writing Competition from

Virginia State Bar Section on Intellectual Property Law Law Student Writing Competition  The Intellectual Property Section of the Virginia State Bar has a total membership of over 1,400, including both lawyers and members of ...

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False Marking Plaintiff Patent Group, LLC Becomes Patent Infringement Plaintiff from

Patent Group, LLC filed suit today against at least seven defendants (as of the time of this writing) in the Eastern District of Texas, alleging infringement of U.S. Patent No. 6,603,490, which ...

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Free Asian Patent Searching Information from the EPO Virtual Helpdesk from

Here at Intellogist, we’ve always prided ourselves on reaching out to the global patent community. As part of this we’ve done many posts on one of the fastest growing patent regions: Asia. In ...

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Estimate: Fewer than 26,000 Active US Patent Practitioners from

by Dennis Crouch USPTO records identify about 41,800 active registered patent practitioners. That number is obviously wrong because many folks have retired from the practice of patent law or even passed-away in the many ...

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