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post image Katonomics 7: Trade Secrecy and Economics from

Essential reading for
all IP economists
The IPKat is delighted to welcome this first post in the second series of Katonomics, hand-crafted by the IPKat weblog's resident Katonomite, Dr Nicola Searle. in a cunning ...

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post image Tips for Getting a Prior Art Search Unstuck! from

Article One publishes a Tip of the Week in each edition of our email newsletter.  The tips are intended to help Researchers succeed at Article One Studies, and feature a range of topics including search ...

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post image A Distinct IP Domain for India? from

When a Scandinavian colleague of mine recently opined that Indian IP was "interesting", I thought it a gross understatement and a rather mild label. For Indian IP is not just interesting: it is highly entertaining ...

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post image Getting to the Hart of the matter: special offer for our readers from

The IPKat is pleased to report that his friends at Hart Publishing are starting the new year in a spirit of commendable generosity.  This is what they have written to tell him:
"Hart Publishing is ...

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post image Steve Jobs: action figure heading for legal action? from

Love him or loathe him, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc, was a pioneer of the computer technology revolution: the loss of his creativity and his inspiration has been greatly mourned since his passing ...

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post image Misleading Affidavits from

Canada has legislation based on the US Hatch-Waxman Act, which allows a generic pharmaceutical company to base its application for health regulatory approval on data provided by the brand, so long as the generic can ...

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USPTO Proposes Change to PTA Provisions Regarding Appellate Review from

By Donald Zuhn -- On December 28, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a notice of proposed rule making regarding certain patent term adjustment (PTA) provisions in the Federal Register (76 Fed. Reg. 81432 ...

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In re Ricoh Co., Ltd.: Federal Circuit Clarifies § 1920 Allowances for Prevailing Party to Charge Costs from

By Thomas F. Zuber and Sarah S. Brooks || The Federal Circuit recently clarified several aspects of § 1920’s allowances for a prevailing party to charge its costs against the losing party. In In re Ricoh ...

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Requested ITC review could find Motorola in infringement of up to five more Microsoft patents from

Yesterday (Monday, January 9, 2012), Motorola Mobility asked the ITC for an extension of a deadline for each party's responses to the other party's petition for a review. As I reported last week ...

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State Farm changes logo after more than 50 years: love it or leave it? from

State Farm recently announced a re-branding campaign including a new logo design. State Farm has been in business for 90 years and and had been using the last version of its logo for more than ...

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What is the fuss about patent trolls? from

The broadest definition of a patent troll is a patent holding company that does not make products but asserts its patents against companies that make products.  In legalese, a non practicing entity that sues a ...

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NDCA Denies Plaintiff Oracle’s Motion for Interlocutory Appeal from $1.3B Copyright Verdict That Was Based on the Novel Theory (in Copyright Cases) of Hypothetical Licensing from

In the largest copyright infringement verdict in history—a total of $1.3B for Oracle against SAP—a jury awarded reasonable royalty damages to Oracle based on a theory of hypothetical licensing.  The court then ...

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ICANN Says Domain Expansion Won’t Hurt UN, WTO from

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is launching a large expansion of the available top-level domains on the internet on 12 January, has told international organisations the expansion will not hurt ...

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USPTO Notice and Comments from

The USPTO currently has nine published notices and proposed rule changes that are open for comment. Most of these involve changes to USPTO procedure that implement aspects of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA). Under ...

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An Incredible Free Patent Citation Search and Analysis Tool: The CCD from

Citation search and analysis tools are available in many subscription patent databases; PatBase allows users to view both patent and non-patent literature citations for entire patent families, and users can view the citations graphically through ...

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Spanish tablet computer maker NT-K brings indictment against Apple for alleged extortion from

In early November 2011 I reported on the acquittal of a small Spanish tablet computer maker, Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá (doing business as "NT-K"), after Apple had alleged "counterfeiting", and translated the relevant court ...

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Microsoft streamlines Barnes&Noble case by withdrawing one patent and seven claims from four remaining patents from

Approximately four weeks ahead of the ITC hearing on Microsoft's complaint against Barnes & Noble, the scope of the investigation has been narrowed. Microsoft and Barnes & Noble filed a stipulation yesterday (which entered the public ...

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Preliminary Report on Track I: Prioritized Patent Examination Program from

By Dennis Crouch The USPTO's new Commissioner for Patents is Peggy Focarino. In a recent post to Dir. Kappos Blog, Commissioner Focariono provided a report on the PTO's "Track I Prioritized Patent Examination ...

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Top National Stage Entry Countries for 2011, By Industry from

We previously ranked our clients' top national stage filing destinations of 2011. Here, we list the most popular countries based on industry type: Business/Finance 1. China 2. Japan 3. South Korea 4. Australia, Europe ...

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Eastman Kodak sues Apple over four and HTC over five digital imaging patents from

Eastman Kodak keeps trying to force Apple into a license agreement relating to its portfolio of approximately 1,000 digital imaging patents. It hasn't achieved a breakthrough in an ongoing ITC investigation (the target ...

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Interview with song writer Alan Gembola from

As a Buffalo copyright attorney I meet many new authors. A childhood friend of mine recently published a book of songs he wrote and I asked him to share some of his thoughts about the ...

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At the Core: Patent Examiner and Art Unit Data Explained from

Early in my career, I encountered a series of approximately 20 patent applications that were assigned to a small number of different art units. During the time it took to bring the cases to resolution ...

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Troy Landry Sues Over Trademarked Sayings from

By Daniel Davidson Entertainment must be hard to come by these days, or the broadcast companies have realized that it is as easy as following around an alligator trapper to keep viewers entertained. ...


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Mylan Sued Over Marketing Plans from

The following is excerpted from a January 9, 2012 article by Kris B. Mamula, Reporter for the Pittsburgh Business Times: Takeda Pharmaceutical, Watson Pharmaceuticals and Andrx Labs have sued generic drugmaker Mylan Inc. for patent ...

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Novak ad in Variety: “I WANT TO REPORT A RAPE" from

The movie "The Artist" uses the love theme tune from Hitchcock's "Vertigo". Kim Novak, the lead actress in Vertigo, was so upset she ran an ad in Variety.

The final text in the ad ...

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Unconscious vs. conscious plagiarism? from

Text within the post:

As for the broader context of taking ideas and presenting them as new, well, that happens all the time, sometimes knowingly and sometimes accidentally.

out to resonate with patent attorneys.

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Nikola Tesla shows up on "Unforgettable" from

Inventor Nikola Tesla comes up as a password in Unforgettable on 10 Jan 2012. It opens a video file depicting fraternity hazing.

Buried underneath the hazing business is a drug smuggling ring, with the pledges ...

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