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post image ICICI Bank Domain Name Dispute from

There seems to be an increasing trend towards cybersquatting in recent times, particularly by parties in foreign jurisdictions, who register domain names that are strikingly similar to well known trademarks in India. In this post ...

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post image Developing IP Economies: Trinidad and Tobago from

With patent data available for no less than 184 WIPO member states, trends in IP can be found all over the world.  The largest patent offices often receive the most attention, but many smaller patent ...

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post image Frozen Out from

Celsis In Vitro sued Life Technologies Corp. (LTC) for infringing 7,604,929, which claims methods for freezing hepatocytes, "an art well-known for its unpredictability." LTC got a preliminary injunction, which was appealed, arguing non-infringement ...

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post image Trademark guide to the BCS National Championship – LSU v ‘Bama from

Tonight, LSU and Alabama will play for the college football championship, formally known as the BCS National Championship. I don’t know which team will win the game, but I do know which team has ...

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post image Chief Judge Rader & Band DeNovo to “Rock” San Diego’s House of Blues from

Guest Post by Ted Sichelman, Professor, University of San Diego School of Law Aside from his international and national speaking tours, Chief Judge Rader recently embarked on a musical “tour” with his band, DeNovo. After ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Of Cooks and Turnips. Scott Smith is a man with a mission.  Incensed that collection attorney David Cook was granted a US trade mark which conferred exclusive rights to the surname COOK for legal services ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. et al. v. Mylan, Inc. et al. 1:12-cv-00024; filed January 3, 2011 ...

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Should I Trademark My Business? from

Probably, yes! But before elaborating, some fundamentals are in order. What’s a trademark? Most anything that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods of one party from those of others....


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USPTO Proposes Rules for Challenging Patents Prior to Issuance and Post Grant from

On January 5, 2012, the USPTO proposed two rules that will establish new procedures by which third parties may challenge pending patent applications and issued patents.  The rules implement certain requirements of the America Invents ...

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Financial analyst believes patent litigation could raise Apple share price by $35-$260 from

In an article entitled "Why Apple is in no hurry to settle its iPhone patent suits", Fortune's Apple 2.0 blog (part of the network) reports on a note issued by Deutsche ...

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Patently-O as Incontestable? from

My mark “PATENTLY-O” was registered with the USPTO back in January 2006. That means that I am about to hit the deadline for filing a Section 8 trademark renewal application (declaration of use – $100 fee ...

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Kappos 2.0: Exclusive Interview with PTO Director David Kappos from

Director Kappos was extremely gracious with his time, speaking to me on the record for nearly 90 minutes. He answered every one of my questions without dodging, and even spent time to discuss several things ...

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US Competitiveness Report Shows Struggle With Balance Of IP And Access from

A new report from the United States Department of Commerce on competitiveness and innovation details the US need to boost innovation in order to compete globally and grow the economy. But while it stresses the ...

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Sony Sued Over Karaoke Music Copyright Infringement Claims Of Almost $1.3 Billion from

KTS Karaoke is suing Sony/ATV Music Publishing for declaratory relief of copyright non-infringement and/or reduction of the damages amount at issue, which Sony claims is almost $1.3 billion. The music publishing company ...

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Book Review: U.S. Patent Prosecutor's Desk Reference from

U.S. Patent Prosecutor's Desk Reference
Joshua P. Graham and Thomas G. Marlow
Oxford University Press, May 2011
432 pages

When ...

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Corporate spy done in on Jan. 9 episode of "Castle" from

The episode of Castle on 9 Jan 2012 titled "Till Death Do Us Part." involved the death of a corporate spy at the hands of a female COO who had been seduced by the spy ...

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