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post image Letter from AmeriKat I: Google and the "broken" patent system, Oracle v Google, Apple v Psystar & more from

The AmeriKat peering from
her suitcase - ready to pounce
on some US IP stories
As a result of an incredibly busy Fall litigation schedule and writing on the unitary patent proposals, it has been a ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat II: Law professors side with Yves Saint Laurent in Louboutin battle from

Yves Saint Laurent finds friends in 11 law professors in Louboutin red sole battle

Five days ago a group of 11 law professors all from different universities filed an amicus curiae brief in support of ...

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post image The IPKat and his blogging family:: a round-up from

As is traditional at this time of year, the IPKat reminds readers of some of the intellectual property-flavoured blogs with which he and his authors are involved. Blogs listed below may be "IPKat-approved", which does ...

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The most egregious Republican debate error on Jan 7: football from did mention the goof on college football during the New Hampshire debates on 7 Jan 2012, tho it did not mention that the moderators did not correct the rather obvious goof:

ABC News ...

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Microsoft's US Patent No. 8,090,532: Pedestrian route production from

The abstract of "Pedestrian route production" gives one the basic idea:

As a pedestrian travels, various difficulties can be encountered, such as traveling through an unsafe neighborhood or being in an open area that is ...

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International or foreign patent filing strategies from

Every once in a while it makes sense to reconsider one’s international or foreign patent filing strategies, basically asking in which jurisdictions should I try to obtain patent protection, and on what basis should ...

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PTO Proposes Rules for OED Patent Practitioner Discipline from

When I first set out to write this article my intention was to do something that briefly summarized the proposed rules to bring everyone up to speed. Unfortunately, that is not going to be possible ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on January 8, 2012 from

Susan Spencer reports the cover story on the race to the White House and charisma. Second, Pogue on viral You Tubes. Third, Rita Braver on Judge Judy, who makes $45 million per year. Fourth, Mo ...

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The stories of "60 Minutes" on 8 Jan 2012 are recycled from

The first story involved the use of the injection of stem cells to treat people. Dr. Eklund was surprised to see 60 Minutes AND the 60 Minutes camera was hidden in this story about the ...

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"The Good Wife" on January 8, 2012 from

The first new episode of "The Good Wife" in 2012 was a blockbuster, relating to a divorce case done by the character David Lee, which led to the sale of a company called "Bubble Elastics ...

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CSI: Miami does "Down with corporate greed" on January 8, 2012 from

Solamerge phones are the technical angle on CSI: Miami on January 8, 2012, with the CEO (Matthew Stone) getting murdered by a smart bullet to the brain. There is lots of voice-activated gimmickry in the ...

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Recall of Novartis products (Excedrin and NoDoz) from

Certain bottles of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin, and Gas-X are being recalled.

BusinessWeek noted: Novartis AG said it’s voluntarily recalling some over-the-counter products in the U.S., including its Excedrin headache pills and NoDoz medication ...

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European Biotech Patent Law Update from

D Young & Co. will be offering a live webinar on "Biotechnology European Patent Case Law" on January 11, 2012. The 45-minute webinar will be offered at two times: 7:00 am (EST) and 12:00 ...

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ABA Webinar on Tackling Obviousness Rejections from

The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Intellectual Property Law, Young Lawyers Division, ABA-IPL Young Lawyers Action Group, and Center for Continuing Legal Education will be offering a live webinar entitled "Prosecution Strategies: Tackling USPTO ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

January 11, 2012 - Biotechnology European Patent Case Law (D Young & Co.) - 7:00 - 7:45 am and 12:00 - 12:45 pm (EST) January 20, 2012 - Prosecution Strategies: Tackling USPTO Obviousness Rejections (American Bar Association ...

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