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post image So You Want to Sue for Misappropriation of Trade Secrets? Go Ahead--Tell Me Where from

Where is the jurisdictional locus of a trade secret for the purpose of enforcement? What national law should govern a claim of misappropriation of a trade secret when parties from multiple countries are involved? Does ...

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post image Is There "Gaming" of the Patent System? from

I think that the first time that I heard the reference to "gaming the system" in the context of intellectual property was in a class lecture given by a friend and colleague. The course, one ...

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post image Contrasting international opinion on file-sharing! from

Image from hereBig Bully is watching your GovernmentIt's no surprise to anyone that countries with means do what they can do 'negotiate' with other countries to have them see their way. While ...

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Reality Check: Compensation for Patent Practitioners from

In Patent Strategy I explained that a reasonable quote for an office action response is $2,000. Certainly it can be more depending upon the technology, but if you were going to poll patent practitioners ...

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DailyTech ridicules patent system from

DailyTech writes: The system essentially creates a fun game for the USPTO in that the more patents it grants, the more patents are filed. And the more patents that are filed the more fees are ...

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