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post image Large, small and micro-entity patent Fees from

Most governmental patent fees are based on whether the applicant is a large entity or a small entity.  Small entities are entitled to a 50% discount of the large entity fee.  Under the America Invents ...

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post image Top 5: (Patented!) New Year's Google Doodles from 2011 from

Last March, Google was granted a US patent for its Doodles -- the artistic variations of the Google logo that appear on the site in celebration of special days around the world.  Over the years, Doodles ...

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post image Patents, Litigation and Reexaminations from

By Jason Rantanen The number of patents involved in litigation The number of patent suits filed each year is well known. But what about the number of patents involved in those cases? Mark Lemley and ...

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post image CAFC & TTAB: No (Excess) Leeway for Pro Se from

Benedict v. Super Bakery (Fed. Cir. 2011) by Dennis Crouch Mr. Benedict from British Columbia holds the U.S. rademark registration for the mark G THE GOODYMAN – U.S. Trademark Registration No. 2,966,255 ...

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post image On giving, taking and the naming of IP courses from

One way for academics
to attract the interest of business
studies students is to turn up for
classes wearing a thought-
provoking hat ...
The IPKat's Anglo-Danish friend and scholar Matthew J. Elsmore (Lektor, Associate ...

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post image Music labels across India complain against PPL’s anti-competitive behaviour from

From Punjab to Tamil Nadu, music labels are up in arms against the anti-competitive behaviour of the country’s only registered copyright society for ‘sound recordings’ – Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). 
As explained earlier on this ...

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post image ‘Different Sectoral Contexts’ approach is vital for IAM from

… noted Jeremy in the last post to IP Finance. SMEs in the automotive sector may be interested in a recently completed study which maps the IP business models behind ten cases of US patent, trade ...

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In re Bioresearch Technologies Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2011) from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- The Federal Circuit's exclusive jurisdiction includes all questions "arising under" the patent laws of the U.S. (among other things). For all other issues the Court applies the law of ...

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Follow these Twitter Users for #trademark news and insights from

Want to keep up with the latest news, analysis, and commentary in the field of trademarks? Try these Twitter users: USPTO TTABlog WTRmagazine TrademarkBlog USPTOevents ManagingIP MassIPLaw LeasonEllis JohnBFarmer DuetsBlog _INTA ericgoldman TacticalIP pchestek IPLawAlerts ...

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2011 U.S. Patent Statistics from

In 2011 the USPTO issued 225,777 patents and published 321,181 applications for a total of 568,577 patent documents, a 1.5 percent decrease from 2010. The USPTO has published approximately 2.9 ...

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USPTO Series Code 13 from

The USPTO is now using series code 13 for patent application serial numbers assigned from the end of 2010 forward. The first application in the series, 13/000,001, was published on May 26, 2011 ...

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Top 5 Intellogist Posts of 2011 from

It’s certainly been a busy year for the Intellogist Blog…between the controversial changes to Google Patents, the release of a major new file history tool, the plethora of free patent and non-patent search ...

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In decision on S3 Graphics complaint against Apple, ITC clarifies boundaries of its mandate from

On November 21, 2011, the ITC dismissed S3 Graphics' first complaint against Apple in its entirety, following a Commission review of an initial determination by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who found some of Apple ...

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EPA relying on conjecture-based fantasy? from

Note the WSJ article titled New Forms of Biofuel Fall Short which includes the text:

Companies will have to buy credits from the EPA if they can't find enough cellulosic ethanol to purchase—even ...

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Recent Patent Related Federal Register Notices from

At this time of the year many attorneys and agents are not paying all that much attention to the rules and requests for comments coming out of the Patent Office. Truthfully, with the number of ...

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Venture arm of BP invests in CoolPlanetBiofuels from discussed the investment of oil company BP in CoolPlanetBiofuels. Within the post was the text:

While there are dozens (likely hundreds) of next-gen biofuel companies, almost none of them have produced biofuels at ...

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