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post image Express right refused, Sunday Standard survives from

(Warning: Long post)

An attempt by the
The Indian Express (IE) to stop the use of the words " New Indian Express" (NIE) by its estranged sibling media group outside five Indian states failed after the ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Around the weblogs. The 1709 Blog is running a series of '12 for 2012', these being 12 creators of copyright works who died in 1941 and whose works come out of copyright in 2012 in ...

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post image In Memory: Gideon F. "Frank" Rothwell, IV from

A longtime leader of the patent bar, Gideon F. "Frank" Rothwell, IV, passed away on Christmas day near his home in Naples, FL. Frank was a graduate of the University of Missouri (1949) as well ...

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post image IPO gets 94 new Patents and Designs Examiners from

In a long overdue status update, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) yesterday announced appointment and posting orders for 94 successful candidates who have qualified as Patents and Designs Examiners. You can read the notifications here ...

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post image Original Trademark Registration Certificate from 1893 from

On vacation last weekend, I visited Purity Spring Resort in Madison, New Hampshire (home of the wonderful family-friendly King Pine ski area). The site was once a working mill and bottler of “Purity” spring water ...

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post image Past Historic: a list of posts from

This Kat would like to say a big "thank you" to the people who have emailed him with their kind words concerning the recent making available of a number of his old IP history writings ...

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post image Young Buck Trademark Bankruptcy from

What’s the real value of intellectual property?  Consider the recent case of rapper David Brown, aka “Young Buck.”  The Tennessean recently reported that Buck is has fallen on some rough times, and is involved ...

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USPTO News Briefs from

By Donald Zuhn -- USPTO Declines to Extend Patent Application Backlog Reduction Stimulus Plan In a Federal Register notice published earlier this month (76 Fed. Reg. 77979), the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that ...

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Who owns a Twitter account? from

Some big Twitter performers have grown their following by leveraging the brand names of their employers. If they switch employers, who owns the account? Forbes discusses a suit by PhoneDog Media against Noah Kravitz.

John ...

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Motorola apparently concerned about ITC review of Microsoft decision from

Even during this week, the slowest and calmest one of the year, some judges and lawyers are working on a number of smartphone patent cases. For example, there have been some filings and orders in ...

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EPA: Mandating the use of something which does not exist? from

In a post titled Non-corn biofuels standards fall short of targets, the Des Moines Register raised some issues with the EPA's targets for renewable fuels which were released on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2011.

The ...

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Courses for all Types of Patent Professionals: PRG Spring 2012 Advanced Courses Program from

All types of patent professionals need continuing education to stay current on the latest changes to patent law, new patent search resources,  and the most up-to-date techniques on drafting winning patents. As always, Patent Resources ...

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Not even one of Oracle's six patents-in-suit has been definitively invalidated -- but four of them are under pressure from

It's time for another fact check on the state of the Java-related patents Oracle is asserting against Google. Contrary to widespread misbelief, none of the six patents Oracle is still asserting (Oracle voluntarily dropped ...

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Trademark cancelled for failure to respond in discovery from

The topic of communication by email arose in this trademark case (Benedict v Super Bakery):

On July 25, 2007 Super Bakery filed a Petition for Cancellation of Mr. Benedict’s Registration No. 2,966,255 ...

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ICHL v. Sony from

From within the decision by Judge Lourie, on a matter of claim construction:

Instead, the district court’s construction addresses the structural relationship between the claimed elements and excludes from the scope of the claims ...

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Felony charges filed against UCLA chemistry professor from

An article in the LA Times titled Felony charges filed against UC and a UCLA chemistry professor after fatal laboratory fire discusses the death of Sheharbano "Sheri" Sangji, who died in 2008 as a result ...

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Apple May Hurt Shareholders With Patent War from

The following is excerpted from a December 28, 2011 article by Peter Burrows published by Bloomberg: Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple (AAPL) Inc., told his biographer that he’d rather wage “thermonuclear war” with ...

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The Science of Economic Growth: Part 5 from

This is a multi-part post on the science of economic growth.  Standard economic theory has failed miserably to define the source of economic growth, which means it is impossible for it to provide rational policies ...

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Facial Recognition Technology Raising Privacy Concerns from

As I read through the patents and patent applications discussed below, and the many more I did not include, I started to wonder whether anyone has any reasonable expectation of privacy at all any more ...

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