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post image Prior Art Search Lessons for Angry Birds Fans from

In a guest post on the IPWatchdog blog, Article One CEO Cheryl Milone wrote about revolutionizing prior art search to save small app developers from getting bogged down in patent disputes.  She described a variety ...

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post image Some recent publications from

The Essentials of Patent Claim Drafting, by Morgan D. Rosenberg, has recently been published out of the New York desk of Oxford University Press. Morgan is Director of Middle East Operations, Director of Middle East ...

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Shakespeare on being your own neologist from

My father gave me a book for Christmas titled Where Good Ideas Come From — The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson.  The book opens with a nice quote from Shakespeare that I think some ...

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Free Minesoft Databases, Part 1: US Trademarks on TMQuest from

The Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) that’s provided through the USPTO website isn’t the most user-friendly  system for trademark searching.  For example, the structured search form on TESS only allows up to two ...

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USPTO Administrator for Policy and External Affairs – Albert Tramposch – Rejoins AIPLA as Deputy Executive Director from

The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is pleased to announce that Albert Tramposch, Administrator for Policy and External Affairs at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), willresume his former post as AIPLA ...

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14 Ways to Exploit the Power of Social Media for Business from

Thanks to social media everyone has the ability to connect with like-minded individuals all over the world. But if you want to exploit social media you need to have an effective strategy. It doesn't ...

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-- Some argue, crankishly, that disclosure is the only purpose of patent law -- from

Within a post related to the "purpose" of the patent system, Stephan Kinsella writes:

Now, in my view, to speak of “the purpose” of a statute is a confusion: statutes are cobbled together artificial legislative ...

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Biofuels trends of 2011? from

Within a post titled The 11 Top Biofuels Trends of 2011, one finds the text:

2. Biodiesel roars back with mandate, tax credits, B20 OKs

Turns out that predictions of biodiesel’s demise were a ...

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