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post image Season's greetings from

The IPKat, together with Merpel and the rest of the team, would like to take this opportunity to wish all of their readers, correspondents, supporters, critics and comment-posters a pleasant and peaceful end-of-year break and ...

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post image Bikram Yoga and Copyright: A lot of ‘Hot’ Air? from

While India has beenembroiled in patenting issues concerning yoga positions [here], a different storm is brewing in theUnited States. Continuing a long running saga, Bikram Choudhary, the founder ofBikram Yoga has filed a copyright ...

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post image The New York Times and Diminishing Derivative Works from

Most of the readers of this blog are surely familiar with the struggle, some say existential, of print newspapers to find a viable business model in today's increasingly online world. The issue, as framed ...

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post image Washington crosses the Delaware on Christmas Day 2011 from

Washington made it across the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 2011 in a Durham boat. Both CBS and NBC had stories on revised history as to the painting Washington Crossing the Delaware.

Philly Channel ...

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post image The Art of the Patent from

A patent disclosure often describes the drawings, which are required "where necessary for the understanding of the subject matter sought to be patented." 35 U.S.C. 113. Kevin Price celebrates the art form in ...

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post image Who buys fakes -- and why? Some surprising survey results from

Have you ever wondered about consumers who buy counterfeit products? What sort of people might they be?  If so, the IPKat can share with you the information which he has recently received from Roy Crozier ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on Christmas 2011 from

**The piece on Darlene Love featured an intellectual property theme of the denial of credit to Love by Phil Spector. Darlene Love herself, on Sunday Morning, gave a substantially different account to what wikipedia describes ...

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Christmases Past: Sleigh Patents of the1880s & 1890s from

My review of the state-of-the-art sleigh technologies shows that during the early 1880s more comfortable sleigh rides were on the minds of many an inventor, and by the mid to late 1890s improvements evolved to ...

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