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post image Can Policy Right the Science Ship? The Case of Argentina from

With another Nobel Prize season behind us after the winners picked up their prizes last weekend, it is worthwhile to consider the state of research and development in developing countries (or the "low end" of ...

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post image A matter of Opinion -- or are we all agreed? AG advises in Football Dataco case from

The IPKat arrives at the Court of Justice, ready
to give the judges the benefit of his opinion
Some of us foist our opinions on to others whether they like it or not; others -- and ...

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post image The ‘missing files’ at the IPO: Time for a CAG audit? from

Earlier this year, we had blogged about the shocking disappearance of around 44,000 missing files from the 5 offices of the trademark registry. The 44,000 missing files had come to light after Justice ...

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post image 'Internet' Domain Name Dispute. Quite Literally. from

We’ve covered domain name disputes before, but nothing quite like the case that recently came up before the Delhi High Court, the judgement for which was delivered on 14th December by Justice Murlidhar. 
On ...

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post image The soccer side and the flip side: copying biographical works from

Whether the amount and content copied from one work to another constitutes a substantial part for the purposes of copyright infringement is often one of those chestnuts that copyright lawyers 'know it when they see ...

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post image What types of inventions are LA and OC inventors patenting? from

Los Angeles companies have been transitioning from communications to bio-tech.  In contrast, Irvine has consistently been inventing in the areas of surgery, bio-tech and prosthesis. As the chart below shows, Los Angeles companies were inventing ...

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post image .XXX domain name redux from

The availability of .XXX domain names went public last week.  Many companies registered or blocked the .XXX domains that correspond with their brands.  I think this was a wise choice even though it was arguably ...

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post image Past Historic 8: Charles Dickens and 'The Poor Man's Tale of a Patent' from

The eighth item in the little bundle of photocopied pieces on IP history which this Kat researched and wrote back in the 1980s, when he was still a full-time academic, is by far the longest ...

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post image Copyright reform - the UK proposals from

The time is almost upon us when upstanding members of the IP community in the UK will be able to admit publicly that they've transferred their audio CD collections onto their music players - or ...

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post image Inventors Hall of Fame: Robert N. Noyce from

Inventor Robert N. Noyce  

Born Dec 12 1927 - Died Jun 3 1990

Invention: Semiconductor Device-and-Lead Structure Integrated Circuit
Patent Number(s) 2,981,877

Inducted into National Inventors Hall of Fame™ in 1983

Often referred ...

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post image Re-exam Requests Continue To Rise from

By Jason Rantanen Some of the most touted changes of the America Invents Act are its modifications to ex parte and inter partes reexaminations, modifications that are intended to fine tune these post-grant review mechanisms ...

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Federal Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction Entered Against Mylan in Doxycycline Case from

Warner Chilcott Labs. v. Mylan Pharms. Inc., No. 2011-1611 (Fed. Cir.) An interesting development in ANDA litigation this year has been the increasing frequency with which district courts have granted preliminary injunctions or temporary restraining ...

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Successful Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B Reported from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- One of the perennial promises of biotechnology is the possibility that genetic diseases can be cured by replacing a defective gene with a normal copy of it. Gene therapy has been ...

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Apple and Samsung in the High Court 3 from

As is well known by now, the High Court dismissed Apple’s application for special leave to appeal from the Full Federal Court’s dissolution of the interlocutory injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 ...

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Plagiarism in B-school: I'm shocked from

In a world in which the HBR runs articles with captions "Plagiarize with pride," it should come as no surprise that B-schools are hotbeds of plagiarism. From text in a post at businessweek:

I suspect ...

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Electrolux Design Lab 2012 competition on home appliances from

Electrolux, the Swedish home appliances manufacturer, has launched its Design Lab 2012 competition with the theme "Design Experience". Entrants, who must be undergraduates or recent graduates in...

(From Steve van Dulken's Patents Blog)

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Conflict, Bias and the Future of Indian IP from

T'was only some months ago that a big ticket IP litigation involving Novartis' anti-cancer drug was derailed owing to the recusal by a Supreme Court judge (Justice Bhandari), following allegations of bias.

I then ...

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SpicyIP Event: India IP & Innovation Forum, New Delhi, 28 February 2012 from

From the folks at Managing IP, we have an event update for you on the India IP & Innovation Forum, scheduled for February 28 next year in New Delhi. See the note below for details, sent ...

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Polish Presidency delivers failed EU Unitary Patent initiative from

EPLAW, the European Patent Law Association is vehemently against the rickety proposal the Polish EU presidency put forward for the EU Unitary Patent Court. Its president,  Dr. Jochen Pagenberg, just posted a press release expressing ...

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Clarification from CSIR on the prior art search services provided to the Patent Office from

We recently received an email from CSIR objecting to one of my hearsay comments in an earlier post on the quality of prior art search being provided to the Patent by the CSIR. 
My statement ...

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Philips' Ruud Peter Discusses IP Standards and Innovation from

This fall, Ruud Peters, Executive VP and CEO of Philips Intellectual Property and Standards (IP & S), spoke before an audience at the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.  


Philips is a worldwide ...

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New manufacturing reports -- and focusing our efforts from

A couple of new reports on manufacturing. Make: An American Manufacturing Movement from the Council on Competitiveness and 2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study from the Manufacturing Performance Institute. The former looks at a number of ...

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SpicyIP Announcements: National Seminar on Critical Issues in International Commercial Arbitration 2012 from

SpicyIP is pleased to announce that the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, in association with the University Grants Commission is organising a seminar titled "National Seminar on Critical Issues in International Commercial Arbitration 2012" on ...

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Microsoft v. Motorola: three Munich hearings in a row, second hearings scheduled for March and April from

On a German discussion forum I recently saw a funny remark: "Smartphones are designed in California, manufactured in China, litigated in Germany."

Actually, most wireless patent litigation is still taking place in the United States ...

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ISPs and “3″ strikes in Australia from

On the eve of High Court hearings in Roadshow v iiNet (transcripts here, here and here), the 5 major ISPs in Australia (Telstra Bigpond, Optus, iiNet, iPrimus and Internode) released a proposal (pdf) for dealing ...

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USPTO ending Green Technology Pilot, “Bump and Dump” programs for accelerated patent review from

In a December 15, 2011 Federal Register notice, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced plans to phase out two programs that allowed for faster examination of certain patent applications. The first program that ...

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