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post image Top Trademark Trends of 2011 from

2011 was a busy year for brand owners and those following the field of trademarks as trademark filings in the US increased and continued growth of the internet, social media platforms, and mobile applications impacts ...

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post image Parliament returns ‘badly drafted’ commercial division bill from

As promised, here is my outline of what transpired in yesterday’s Rajya Sabha debate on the Commercial Division of High Courts Bill, 2010. Before heading into the meat of the debate, you may be ...

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post image Counterfeit clothes for charity from

This Kat has often wondered 'what happens to all the counterfeit designer clothes seized by customs or trading standards?' In your 'IP feel-good story of the week', this Kat is pleased to inform you of ...

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post image Featured Researcher: Krutika from

Krutika is a Researcher from Bangalore, India.  She is a student at the pre-university level is using her reward money to support her education.  Krutika particularly enjoys computer-related subjects, but also likes chemistry, physics, and ...

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post image Claiming Priority to Provisional Applications from

As the following chart demonstrates, provisional patent applications are increasingly relied upon by US patent applicants. More than 1/3 of recently issued utility patents of US-origin claim priority to at least one provisional application ...

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ITC delays ruling on Apple v. HTC again -- new date: Monday, December 19 from

Last week the ITC postponed its final decision on Apple's first complaint against HTC to today (December 6, 2011). Now Reuters and the Wall Street Journal report that HTC told reporters the ITC has ...

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USPTO Revises PTA Provisions for Submission of Certain IDS's from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a Federal Register notice (76 Fed. Reg. 74700) published earlier this month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced that it was revising the rules of practice pertaining to patent ...

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ITC to rule on Apple's claim against HTC on Dec. 14 from

Chien and Lemley have a piece in the New York Times which includes the text:

As patent law experts who appreciate the efficiency of the I.T.C.’s decision-making, we believe that a small ...

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Jerusalem court rules against Naomi Ragen in copying case from

In a discussion of a verdict against author Naomi Ragen, the Jerusalem Post includes the following comparison:

In the passage, on page 343 of Shapiro’s work it reads “you don’t understand Americans; we ...

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C-Level Execs, Investors Play a Bigger Role in Patent Calls from

“Build, License, Buy or Steal?” For many businesses abundant R&D; and patent filings provide a good foundation for innovation and sales freedom. But that may be changing. Information technology companies are learning what Big ...

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Reviving manufacturing - update from

On Monday the White House announced that Commerce Secretary John Bryson would join National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling as co-chairs of the White House Office of Manufacturing Policy to push for implementation of the ...

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IP Spotlight from

The USPTO recently issued its Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2011.  So, it’s time for my annual update to the commonly asked question:  “how long will it take for my patent or trademark ...

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America Invents Act: First-to-File Transition from

The America Invents Act that was signed into law in September changes the US patent system from a first-to-invent to a first-to-file regime.  The magic date for the transition is March 16, 2013.  A patent ...

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WHO Expert Group To Recommend Binding R&D Treaty Negotiation from

A World Health Organization expert group has narrowed proposals under consideration for ways to finance research and development for diseases predominately affecting poor populations. Among the remaining recommendations is that WHO members launch negotiations for ...

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Update: IPXI Gains Momentum as Five More Entities Join and $10 Million is Secured from Investors from

Gibbons published an IP Law Alert this summer describing the forthcoming Intellectual Property Exchange International (“IPXI”). Along with providing background information about how the IPXI will monetize patents, and the process for listing an IP ...

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Patent Bar Scheduled to Start Testing AIA from

On or around January 31, the patent bar will be updated to include some of the new laws implemented in accordance with the American Invents Act.  While changes to the patent bar usually result in ...

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UN, IMF, Other Organizations Raise Concern About New Domains from

The United Nations, International Monetary Fund and over 20 other international organisations have expressed concerns over the opening up of the internet domain name system for new generic top level domains (gTLDs) like .nyc or ...

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Raising Funds: Elements of a Successful Kickstarter Campaign from

So here’s what I learned about Kickstarter specifically, and crowd funding in general, after running a campaign. Setting your goal correctly is at least as important as setting your rewards. The FAQs on all ...

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Semantic Searching within National Library of Medicine Databases: NLMPlus from

What is the most effective way to search for biomedical information? You can search through a wide range of interfaces within the databases of the NCBI Network: PubMed offers an advanced search form with a ...

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Pharmaceutically Speaking: Invention vs Observation from

Danie Roy This morning, I received an email from Mark containing a rather nice article from Patently-O. The article, which was an excerpt from an upcoming book, Rethinking Patent Law by Robin...


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Tech transfer -- what is the goal? from

Here is why I am beginning to think that our university technology transfer system is offtrack -- Top 20 U.S. technology transfer programs by 2010 license income. Based on this metric the goal of university ...

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Patent Attorney or Patent Agent – What is the difference? from

I have been asked from time to time what are the differences between a patent attorney and a patent agent. For the sake of saving me from having to the explanation in the future (and ...

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Issues Of Interest To IP Community Abound At WTO Ministerial from

Despite the low-key role of intellectual property rights issues at this week’s World Trade Organization ministerial, there is plenty to think about for the IP community. Related Articles:

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They Invented What? (No. 211) from

U.S. Pat. No. 7,591,569:  Christmas holiday access, indicator, and mementos key method and apparatus. JW Note:  Wishing a Happy Holidays to all!  See you in 2012! BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Children have ...

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Dealertrack — Seven months and counting from

The pending appeal of the Dealertrack v. Huber case reflects just how long an appeal can take when an area of the law is unsettled.  Back in October of 2009, the court granted the parties ...

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