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post image Russians getting Bolshie over Lenin from

As the season of snow, ice and long dark European nights draws gathers momentum, the legal institutions of the former Soviet Union and current Russian Federation seem to be getting their furry winter knickers in ...

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post image 40 Examiners – 15 Registrars – 400,000 pending TM applications – The crippling reality about the Trademark Registry from

Over the last few years, the TrademarkRegistry has come under fire from several quarters for rampant corruption, aswitnessed in the arrest of Ms. Kasturi; startling inefficiency, as witnessed bythe thousands of missing files and the ...

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post image Copyright Bill interrupted by "conflict of interest" from

Two Bills – on amendments to the copyright law, and the commercial division of High Courts - were taken up in the Rajya Sabha as expected today. But neither of them saw any closure.

The Rajya Sabha ...

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post image IPXI Announces 2012 Launch for World's First IP Exchange from

Today marks an exciting step forward for IP rights and the accurate valuation of patents.  Article One congratulates IPXI and President & CEO Gerard Pannekoek on their announcement that the Exchange will begin in 2012. 


This ...

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Free Online Sources of Historical Scientific Journals and Documents from

Usually when prior art searchers need to find historical scientific documents, they’ll have to locate a library or archive that has a copy of the manuscript.  Sometimes though, digital collections of historic scientific documents ...

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Developing IP Economies: Morocco from

With patent data available for no less than 184 WIPO member states, trends in IP can be found all over the world.  The largest patent offices often receive the most attention, but many smaller patent ...

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Apple accused of limiting consumer choice, partnering with patent trolls, and blocking open standards from

Three different accusations targeting Apple's dealings with patents came up in recent days:

  • Google chairman Eric Schmidt complained that an ITC ruling in Apple's favor tomorrow could limit choice. He had previously said ...

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On ICANN’s New gTLDs: Problems Or Possibilities? from

Chiara Chiapuzzo is an Assistant Legal Advisor at Kellogg Company in Italy and a member of the Editorial Board of MediaLaws: Law and Policy of the Media in a Comparative Perspective, The ...

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Apple vs Samsung: Yet Another Blow Awaits Already Punch-Drunk Samsung from

Hyungsuk Yoon is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and is enrolled in Professor Ikechi Mgbeoji’s Patents class in Fall 2011. As part of the course requirements, students are asked to write ...

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The Social Media Diva to Have an Anterior Cervical Discectomy from

After meeting with my doctor, discussing the results of my tests, reading through all of the documentation and talking to my mother who had a similar surgery in 2000, I realized that there have been ...

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The King Of Beers Is A Patent Infringer? from

By Daniel Davidson Every morning during the week, I peruse a list of the previous days lawsuits that were filed against alleged patent infringers.  Most mornings, while sipping a cup of black coffee,...


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Large Patent Portfolios for Sale: $510,204.08 Each!!! from

As start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) begin to realize that IP accounts for a vast majority of their value and key to their exit strategy, large companies begin to use IP as a ...

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Securing International Patent Protection for Small U.S. Companies from

Guest post by David Mixon, Partner at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP. Once a startup or small company has decided to file for patent protection in the United States, a common question for consideration is ...

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