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post image Green IP Litigation Is A Black Cloud Over Wind Turbine Makers from

In addition to the high legal fees and exposure to potentially hefty damages payouts that accompany allegations of intellectual property infringement, such lawsuits can also be dark clouds over defendants, hampering their ability to do ...

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post image Of Copyright, Content and Buggy Whips from

They often tell the story of the businessman who, at the end of the 19th century, decided to invest in buggy-whips about the time that the first motor cars were beginning to appear on the ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on December 11, 2011 from

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 11, 2011. Decorating for the holiday season and remembering armed forces. Cover story. Second, Bob Schieffer on Brad Paisley, and the changing face of country music. Serena Alschuler ...

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Customs Dept. pulled up for overstepping its jurisdiction from

In LG Electonics India Pvt. Ltd v.Bharat Bhogilal Patel & Others, Delhi HC vide its interim order pulled up Customs Dept. for restrictingclearance of consignments which, as per latter’s determination, allegedly violated patent. It ...

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Why Does It Cost So Much to Prepare a Patent Application? from

Outsourcing to those who speak English as a second language is extremely dangerous, and there is only so much an inexperienced patent attorney or patent agent can do without having someone more seasoned review the ...

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Mayo v. Prometheus Guest Post: The Hot-Button Issues from

By Denise W. DeFranco of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP. The decision in Mayo v. Prometheus is sure to be a close one, perhaps even a 5-4 decision, like many other Supreme Court's ...

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