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post image Federal Circuit Holds Defendant's State of Incorporation (Delaware) Improper Venue from

By Dennis Crouch In re Link_A_Media Devices Corp. (LAMD) (Fed. Cir. 2011) Introduction: The Federal Circuit has again asserted mandamus power to order a patent case to be transferred to a more convenient forum under ...

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Federal Circuit Affirms Invalidity of Teva's Patent on Rosuvastatin Formulation from

Teva Pharm. Indus. Ltd. v. AstraZeneca Pharms. LP, No. 2011-1091 (Fed. Cir. 2011) In a precedential opinion filed today, the Federal Circuit affirmed the invalidity of Teva's U.S. Patent No. RE39,502 under ...

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No, plagiarism and copyright infringement are not the same thing from

Within a post at Forbes titled A Tale of Plagiarism: So Avoidable, So Detectable, one finds plagiarism and copyright infringement improperly interrelated:

It’s not unusual for writers, when they’re unable to get a ...

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WIPO To Negotiate Audiovisual Treaty In Beijing In Summer 2012 from

Members of the World Intellectual Property Organization have agreed to hold highest level negotiations on a treaty to protect audiovisual performers’ rights in the summer of 2012 in Beijing, China. Related Articles:

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Teva loses rosuvastatin (Crestor) case on 1 Dec 2011 from

In the case, Teva was in the position of plaintiff-patentee-appellant, suing Astrazeneca for patent infringement and appealing an invalidity determination under 102(g). Ironically, this case about a statin (known by the trademarked name Crestor ...

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Verizon goes buying spectrum from

In my earlier posting on spectrum, I noted that the cable companies are heavy investors in broadcast spectrum. That includes what they bought in the 2006 FCC auction. Now comes word that some of the ...

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After judge recognizes error, Motorola may still be allowed to attack iPhone 4S, iCloud and iTunes in Southern Florida from

Earlier this week I reported on an order in a litigation between Motorola Mobility and Apple in the Southern District of Florida. The federal judge presiding over that case granted an Apple motion to strike ...

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Dilbert: “I think we can win this patent infringement” from

Beating Big Technology with a Good Attitude Scott Adams’ Dilbert is one unique comic strip. In it Adams regularly regards innovation, technology, and (mis)management, and is not afraid to occasionally take on IP rights ...

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