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post image Innovation in the first class: Virgin v. Jet/Contour from

Sumathi had recently discussed the Virgin Airways case and had very neatly summarized the proceedings at the Chennai patent office.  This post analyzes the decision in further detail, and provides key claim construction issues and ...

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post image SpicyIP Events: Pharma IPR India 2012, Mumbai, 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2012 from

For the Pharma enthusiasts amongst you, SpicyIP wishes to inform readers of the upcoming Pharma IPR India 2012, an event for managing IPR and driving global market entry strategy by analysing latest reforms, patentability and ...

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post image When is a fake not a fake? When it's not on sale in Europe ... from

"How can they do this to me ...!" This morning the Court of Justice gave its ruling in Joined Cases C 446/09 Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV v Lucheng Meijing Industrial Company Ltd, Far East Sourcing ...

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post image Apple, Samsung, and Antitrust from

It has been announced today that Samsung has had its first little victory over Apple, with the ban on Samsung’s sale of tablets in Australia being overturned. This could be very good news for ...

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post image The Missing IP Narrative from

It remains my most vexing professional challenge. The "it" is how to integrate IP/IC into management education. The vexation comes from the seeming paradox tha, while intellectual property and intellectual capital are routinely described ...

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Judicial Questionnaire for Federal Circuit Nominee Richard Taranto from

The Senate Judiciary Committee has now posted the questionnaire for Federal Circuit nominee Richard Taranto.  You can review the questions and answers [here].  A hearing date before the Senate Judiciary Committee has not yet been ...

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USPTO Releases Performance and Accountability Report for FY 2011 from

By Donald Zuhn -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently released its Performance and Accountability Report for Fiscal Year (FY) 2011. With respect to the Office's performance goals, the report indicates that four ...

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Philippines: IP Office Cannot Issue Injunctions On Counterfeit Claims from

The Philippines Justice Secretary has issued an opinion that an agency cannot issue an injunction against an alleged counterfeiter as the complainant must be an actual party with an interest in the case. The opinion ...

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WTO General Council Extends Deadline For TRIPS Health Amendment from

The first and only amendment to the 1994 World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) was agreed with much aplomb at the Hong Kong ministerial in 2005. But getting countries ...

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Ranbaxy's Lipitor copy goes on sale, but... from

Ranbaxy's Lipitor-copy goes on sale 1 Dec 2011, but the impact on consumers is a bit more complicated than one might think.

For example, Watson Pharmaceuticals is selling a Lipitor copy under an agreement ...

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How to keep up with the IPelton® blog from

Want to make sure you aren’t missing the latest here on the IPelton® blog? There are at least 5 ways to make sure you get all the posts: RSS feed for your reader: http ...

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Great Patents: Advanced Strategies for Innovative Growth Companies from

When business managers, engineers, or non-patent attorneys are called upon to guide a corporate patent strategy, they often face a steep learning curve.  The differences that separate a great patent from a mediocre (or worse ...

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Brussels IP Week: Key Debates, Opportunities In Global IP, Innovation from

A four-day conference in Brussels next week involving numerous high-level decision-makers in intellectual property policy and practice will bring out the latest thinking on IP rights as a boost to innovation in Europe and around ...

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IPCom demands 2.5 to 3.5 percent of HTC's revenues for each 3G-essential patent from

As a follow-up to the debate over IPCom's enforcement activities against HTC in Germany and HTC's claim that its business won't be affected, I asked IPCom a follow-up question. For a reply ...

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Case Study: A Legal Entrepreneur Builds a Boutique Practice from

Ying Chen found herself at a career crossroads. She had earned a Ph.D. in applied physics then later a law degree and went to work at a large, global law firm where she specialized ...

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Oregon Trail Patents from

Yours truly is currently in Denver, and the lure of the Denver Airport conspiracy was such a calling that I had to revisit it. In the meantime, my fake fifth cousin Wayne has been pulling ...

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WD TN Grants New Trial on Damages after Remand Because the Reasonable Royalty Rate in the Original Verdict Was Based on the Now-Defunct 25% from

After remand from the Federal Circuit, Judge McCalla of the Western District of Tennessee considered Medtronic’s motion for a new trial on damages because the earlier verdict was flawed because the plaintiff (SSI) based ...

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