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post image USPTO Patent Grants from

The USPTO appears headed toward another record breaking year in 2011 — issuing more utility patents in 2011 than in any prior year. I project that the PTO will issue about 225,000 utility patents by ...

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post image Katonomics 4: Where to look for an IP-oriented economist from

Hector saw something twitching in the tall grass ahead:
"it might just be an economist", he thought to himself ...
It would be a conceit to suggest that the term 'Katonomics' needs no explanation -- but at ...

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post image "Creation of the WTO" videos from

A very interesting set of video interviews with many of the people involved in and during the birth of the WTO have been compiled and put on a youtube channel available here. Prof Gabrielle Marceau ...

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post image Patenting Life from

Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself–And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future, by Harriet A. Washington There have been several books suggesting that you can patent human genes ...

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post image HTC claims it has engineered around IPCom patent enforced in Germany from

I have obtained a new statement from HTC on the IPCom injunction in Germany. While it contains a claim I didn't find plausible in HTC's immediate reaction, one that misrepresents the scope of ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Well bread. In May the IPKat reported that the Irish Battle of the Breads, between bakers McCambridge and Brennan, was to be fast-tracked and that a July trial date had been fixed. Well, he's ...

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post image Find Top IP News on Paper-li from

Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are becoming the fastest way to learn about global current events.  The downside is that it’s hard to control what content you receive, or how to find only ...

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post image Twilight’s Bella Swan Wins Trademark and Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Jacket from

Before last week’s release of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, a trademark and copyright infringement lawsuit saga dawned on clothing manufacturer B.B. Dakota over the pictured Bella Jacket. Summit Entertainment, the producer ...

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Stanford Daily on plagiarism: does intent define plagiarism? from

Within a post titled CS Department remains atop Honor Code breaches in the Stanford Daily, one finds:

“Plagiarism has an intent,” he [Aiken] said. “Similarity is a more technical notion. When we find things that ...

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Football goal line technology inventions from

We may be getting closer to using technology to determine goal line decisions in football -- did the ball cross the line or not ? It has been announced that an independent authority commissioned by...

(From Steve ...

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Kansas twitter incident: is it ok to tweet something that didn't happen? from

Emma Sullivan, 18, of the Kansas City suburb of Fairway was attending a Youth in Government program in Topeka, KS and tweeted: "Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in ...

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USPTO Proposes New Requirements for Recording Patent Assignment Documents from

On November 23, 2011, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a proposed rule with new requirements and incentives for the prompt recording of patent assignments. Under current laws and regulations, owners who fail ...

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Innovation and Competition Policy from

By Dennis Crouch Professor Herbert Hovenkamp (U. Iowa) is the most influential US antitrust scholar and author of the most cited legal treatise on antitrust law. He has written extensively on all areas of antitrust ...

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Interpreting 28 U.S.C. § 1920 from

Of the history of the Synopsys case, the CAFC noted:

After nearly seven years of litigation, the district court granted Synopsys’s motion for summary judgment of noninfringement on April 15, 2010. We affirmed without ...

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Re-exam granted on US 7,993,889 to Butamax from

On 27 August 2011, IPBiz had posted on the inter partes re-examination sought by Gevo as to the '188 patent of Butamax
Gevo's inter partes re-exam request as to US 7,851,188 ...

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U.S. Patent Office Finalizes New Appeal Rules from

By eliminating certain briefing requirements the PTO hopes to reduce the number of non-compliant appeal briefs and the number of non-compliant examiner’s answers. Non-compliant briefs and non-compliant examiner's answers needlessly delay consideration of ...

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Definitions of the 1952 Patent Act is expected to flow through to AIA but be cautious from

General rule The America Invents Act (Patent Act) transitions the United States from a first to invent system to a first to file system.  Under the new first to file system, the general rule to ...

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The missing "not" in In re Benson and Smith from

A decision of the BPAI omitted the word "not" in a claim construction, and appellant relied on that version. The omission(s) were in error and created inconsistencies in the BPAI decision. The motion to ...

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Patent Settlement Agreements Remain a Focus in the U.S. Congress from

Alan Klein, partner in the Trial Practice Group of Duane Morris LLP, wrote the above-titled article for this month's INNsight newsletter at GenericsWeb. The following is excerpted from the article: Patent litigation settlement agreements ...

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All Things Pros from

Takeaway: The Examiner used a magazine article "The Future of TV" as a secondary reference in an obviousness rejection. The Applicant argued that the reference was not enabling, and pointed to statements in the reference ...

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