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post image Experience from

While the old saw of "practice makes perfect" has teeth, it's a mistake to equate experience with quality. But some old farts will have none of that sharp discrimination. Hal Wegner joins a lament ...

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post image Should T-Series challenge the constitutionality of the CCI? from

A few weeks ago Shan had carried this interesting post on a complaint made by HT Media to the Competition Commission of India (CCI) against the Super Cassettes Industries Ltd (SCIL) a.k.a. T-Series ...

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post image Featured Researcher: Amy D. from

This week’s featured researcher is Amy D., a graduate student from La Jolla, California. She’s working on her PhD in biophysics, and says that, while she’s never done patent research, years of ...

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post image Will The USPTO Use The New CCD Tool To Lessen The IDS Burden? from

I know that the USPTO is busy studying the America Invents Act and drafting its implementing regulations, but it is disappointing that nothing has been done to address the inefficiencies of the current Information Disclosure ...

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post image Too Mod for Batteries: Ioxus Introduces iMOD Ultracaps from

Ioxus is a manufacturer of premium performance ultracapacitor technology for transportation, alternative energy, medical, industrial and consumer markets.  Ioxus has focused on improving capacitor technology, specializing in electric double layer capacitors (EDLC). The Oneonta, New ...

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post image INTIPSA: one year on from

IP Finance is seeing an increasing degree of interest in INTIPSA -- the International IP Strategists Association. Indeed, in the past few weeks I have received a number of emails asking whether this weblog will be ...

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post image Thanksgiving Trademarks 2011, including TURDUCKEN®, TOFURKY®, and “Thanx-A-Latte”® from

I am thankful for many things, including trademarks for every holiday and occasion! For fun, here are a few Thanksgiving themed trademark registrations – including food, parades, and one of my all time favorites, Turducken® (click ...

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post image The Apple v Samsung Patent War from

Introduction Apple and Samsung are now 7 months in to their own chapter in what was coined by The Economist in October 2010 as the Great Patent Battle. The market heavyweights are now embroiled in ...

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post image Costs from

Ricoh sued Synopsys for infringing 4,922,432. Synopsys got off the hook seven years later on a summary judgment motion for noninfringement. The wheels of injustice in this country turn slowly. Costs go to ...

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post image In all events, we need a diary from

An IP Communal Diary: for people
who like their dates on a plate ...
The intellectual property community is remarkably active. As this Kat has remarked on many occasions, there are lots of events for the ...

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post image Motorola Mobility's use of FRAND patents against Apple and Microsoft may be investigated by the European Commission from

Yesterday, the EU's chief competition enforcer, European Commission Vice President and competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia, told reporters that the ongoing antitrust inquiry into the use of patents related to mobile communications standards in connection ...

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post image Book review: "seasoned and enduring" page-turner from

Intellectual Property Operations and Implementation in the 21st Century Corporation is the title of a handsomely-produced tome edited by the triumvirate of Lanning G. Bryer, Scott J. Lebson and Matthew D. Asbell.  From the all-pervasive ...

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post image Facts, figures and fun with FRAND: the seminar from

When GSM stood for
"grandma's sewing machine" ...
Yesterday's seminar, “Facts and figures on FRAND licensing for standards-essential IP”, turned out to be a most enjoyable and interesting experience.  Keith Mallinson (WiseHarbor) gave a ...

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Samsung does not contest Apple's representations of the scope of the EU antitrust inquiry from

In court filings, what is not said is sometimes more important than what is said. A few hours ago, Samsung filed a motion to dismiss Apple's amended FRAND counter-counterclaims in the litigation between those ...

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Like Two Ships Passing in the Night: U.S. and Europe Consider Patent Eligibility of Biological Materials from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Sometimes the U.S. and Europe seem to be on diametrically opposed trajectories when it comes to patent policy. One such moment was in the 1980's, when the U.S ...

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Holiday Gift List for Patent Attorneys and the Like from

Happy Thanksgiving! It is early in the holiday season, but not for mail-order... I'm also posting this list now to give you ample time to forward the list to potential gift-givers. Without further I ...

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Apple's US 8,064,685: 3D object recognition from

The abstract states:

A method, device, system, and computer program for object recognition of a 3D object of a certain object class using a statistical shape model for recovering 3D shapes from a 2D representation ...

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Federal gov help for small biotech filing foreign patent applications? from

Within an article titled USPTO Effort for Small Businesses Seeking Overseas Patents Draws Interest from Bioindustry, Genetic Engineeering and Biotechnology News wrote:

In consultation with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Small Business Administration Administrator Karen ...

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ICANN and ICM Sued for Anti-Competitive Practices Relating to the Newly-Created .XXX Top Level Domain from

The recent establishment of .XXX, a new Top-Level Domain Name (“TLD”) intended for adult-oriented content, has been met with some trepidation and sparked controversy from those within and outside of the adult-oriented industries. Although much ...

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And MNCs continue to invest in intangibles from

Yesterday's posting discussed the job creation patterns of US multinational companies (MNCs) as analyzed in the most recent The Commerce Department benchmarking study "Operations of U.S. Multinational Companies in the Unites States and ...

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Aiding our Future IP Practitioners from

Helping the next generation of IP professionals learn to practice before the USPTO, our Law School Clinical Certification Pilot Program may be little known, but it has shown great success in providing benefit to the ...

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Wednesday whimsies from

The search for a new name for the poor old Euro is now over (see earlier posts here and here), but the correspondence goes on. Yesterday the Kat received, in his ever-bulging email postbag, this ...

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Learning policy from other countries from

Ross DeVol from the Milken Institute has a piece in the Atlantic's Secrets of Innovation special report on The 8 Best Innovation Ideas From Around the World. This are:  • Singapore's education and human ...

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In re Lovin: The Examiner’s Answer is Too Late To Make a Proper Rejection of Dependent Claims from

Lovin has received exceptional attention in the patent law blogosphere. In short, Lovin permits an examiner to wait until an examiner’s answer to explain how and why dependent claims are rejected. What’s worse ...

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Trademark Searching Case Study: Turkey Hunt from

Thanksgiving is a dangerous time to be a turkey.  I like to plan my annual turkey hunt right before Thanksgiving, so I can get into the shoes of the pilgrims and really get into the ...

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Nothing new on "the umbrella man" of Nov. 22, 1963 from

In a post titled JFK assassination “Umbrella Man” mystery explained which appears on, Eric Pfeiffer does not actually explain the mystery of the umbrella man:

As Morris and Thompson both attest, the image ...

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Definiteness of Using "Comprising" in a Dependent Claim and "Is One Of" in an Independent Claim from

Ex parte Fauget (BPAI Nov. 9, 2011)

The All Things Pros blog has posted an analysis of a recent BPAI decision concerning the definiteness of a dependent claim that used the transitional phrase "comprising" when ...

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WIPO SCCR Constructs Library Exceptions Topics For Discussion from

The World Intellectual Property Organization copyright committee today agreed on "clusters" of topics under which they will discuss topics related to limitations and exceptions to copyright for libraries and archives, with an eye toward a ...

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Judge Bryson to Preside over Four Cases in the Eastern District of Texas from

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 295, Circuit Judge Bryson has been designated by the Chief Justice of the United States to preside over four cases in the Eastern District of Texas. The cases assigned ...

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