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post image What to make of a licence for a famous trade mark? from

Way back in 1990, squarely facing the onset of mid-life crisis, this Kat did what any rational IP attorney would do --he decided to write a book. And so he did, on the topic of ...

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post image New BPAI Final Rules from

There are now 25,000 ex parte cases pending resolution before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. For the most part, cases being decided today are appeals from final rejections mailed back in 2008 ...

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post image Unified Patent Court requires more scrutiny, says European Scrutiny Committee from

The AmeriKat pestering you
 to pay attention to
the Unified Patent Court
Anyone who has encountered the AmeriKat in the past two weeks will have been subjected to a "what are you doing to help ...

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post image "Is NLA v Meltwater the end of browsing?" And the answer is ... from

The chairman went to great lengths to ensure that the formalities of debate were meticulously observed Regular readers of this weblog will recall that, following the United Kingdom Supreme Court's recent decision to grant ...

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post image TPAC Quarterly Meeting Summary (November 2011) from

The following is a summary of the key points discussed at the November 18, 2011 public meeting of the Trademark Public Advisory Committee (TPAC) at the USPTO. Chair Maury Tepper began the meeting by welcoming ...

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post image How the French make copyright case law from

In common law systems, doctrines are built by laying
one case on top of another -- a little like bricks
An unexpected consequence of last week's copyright debate (noted here) was that, on its conclusion ...

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post image Judge sides with Oracle against Google on color-coded handout for the jury from

Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California just entered an order that formally addresses both parties -- Oracle and Google -- but substantively agrees with Oracle and, between the ...

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post image Talking Intellectual Property Insurance with Robert Fletcher from

Today we talk IP insurance with Robert Fletcher, president and founder of Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC). Patent Baristas:  Hello, Bob! I’m very interested in your work with intellectual property insurance. It’s ...

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post image Developing IP Economies: Malaysia from

With patent data available for no less than 184 WIPO member states, trends in IP can be found all over the world.  The largest patent offices often receive the most attention, but many smaller patent ...

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Senate Bill Creates New Incentive Structure to End Pay-for-Delay Deals from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) introduced a bill in the Senate (S. 1882) that would eliminate the 180-day exclusivity period for a generic applicant that enters into a disqualifying agreement as ...

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“Marathon” WIPO Copyright Session Opens With Hopes, Treaty Prospects from

Officials from around the world have gathered for the next two weeks at the World Intellectual Property Organization in hopes of resolving the fate of several longstanding copyright policies under debate. The hope of many ...

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Job Opening: Patent Secretary or Patent Paralegal from

Zies, Widerman & Malek, located in Melbourne, Florida, seeks a patent secretary or patent paralegal to join a busy and growing patent practice. Candidates should be proficient with computers, experienced with both EFS-Web and patent docketing ...

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BPAI find dependent claim not indefinite for using "comprising" after independent claim used "is one of" from

Takeaway: An Examiner rejected as indefinite a dependent claim that included the limitation "the component comprising," as contradicting the recitation in the independent claim "wherein the component is one of." The Examiner took the position ...

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A Law Students Guide to Finding a Patent Law Job from

On the other hand, my presentation to the law students at Duquesne and Pitt were remarkably predictable. Whenever I travel to speak at law schools I inevitably get asked questions about what students should be ...

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"Motion to Behave" Denied Where Counsel Failed to Meet & Confer from

The court denied plaintiff's motion for a protective order prohibiting a defense lawyer from participating in future depositions because of abusive behavior. "Both sides encourage the review of deposition DVD after deposition DVD. And ...

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Upcoming IP event in Chicago – Doing Business in China from

China is both a huge market for your products and a huge source of competition.  Protecting your valuable innovations while doing business in China can be challenging. We're hosting a panel discussion on December ...

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Do You Want That Post-Grant Review Super-Sized? – Part III from

This is the third post in a series of articles on PGR strategies.  In Part I, I made the point that while patents come in all shapes and sizes, post-grant reviews (PGRs) basically come in ...

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MNCs as job creation machines -- just not here from

In earlier postings, I discussed the recent data on the slowdown in job creation by start-ups. It has been taken as an article of both faith and data that small companies, especially new start-ups are ...

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It's a minor thing . . . from

One point I keep making in this blog is that the intangible economy involves a mind set change as much as anything else. Here is a very minor example. There are bills in the House ...

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“Business As Usual?” How Patents For Business Methods May Needlessly Stifle The Market from

Geoff Goodson is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and is enrolled in Professor Mgbeoji’s Patents class in Fall 2011. As part of the course requirements, students are asked to write a ...

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Prof Drassinower On “Copyright Infringement As Compelled Speech” from

Featured here is a paper by Abraham Drassinower, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. The paper’s abstract is reproduced. In his paper entitled, “Copyright Infringement as Compelled Speech”, Professor Abraham Drassinower offers ...

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Introducing The 2011-2012 Fox Moot Team For Osgoode from

IP Osgoode is pleased to introduce the 2011-2012 Harold G. Fox Moot Team for Osgoode Hall Law School. Representing Osgoode are mooters Alex Chang (Class of 2012) and Kyle Rees (class of 2012) in the ...

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WHO Pandemic Advisory Group Adjourns Early from

The World Health Organization Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework Advisory Group wrapped up its first meeting a day early. Scheduled to meet 21-23 November, the 18-member group was supposed to work out details on how to ...

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Doha+10: MSF Asks, What’s Next For TRIPS And Health? from

For Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, or Doctors Without Borders), the 10th anniversary of the Doha Declaration on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) and Public Health marks an opportunity to look forward. Related Articles ...

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The Court Of Rome On Hosting Liability from

Giovanni Maria Riccio is a Professor of Private Comparative Law at the University of Salerno, a Partner at Scorza Riccio & Partners, Rome, Italy, and an IP Osgoode Research Affiliate. He is also an Editor of ...

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Rules of Practice Before the BPAI in Ex Parte Appeals from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published the amended rules governing practice before the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (Board or BPAI) in ex parte patent appeals. The USPTO amends the rules ...

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Comment on Groupon: "Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision" from

Concerning an article on groupon called Baker Forced to Make 102,000 Cupcakes for Grouponers , one commenter noted:

Groupon trains your customers that your product is NEVER worth full price. People who use Groupon will ...

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Google Chrome Highlighting Solution: Find Many Strings from

Here at the Intellogist Blog, we are continually intrigued by the pursuit of the best possible prior art searching setup. Part of this setup is determining the best tools to help one’s self accomplish ...

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Peter S. Menell - The Common Law Development of the American Patent System: What History Can Teach Us from

What is the judiciary’s role in developing and evolving patent law? Patent law is essentially a product of the legislature, yet throughout history, courts have been especially active in developing (not just interpreting) this ...

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Thanksgiving Treats From Tactical Ip from

By Daniel Davidson I am sure everyone has starved themselves to the point of near collapse in anticipation of the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend.  In the name of Pilgrims, Indians, and giblets, I have...


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NAS report on the biofuels industry has raised concerns from

Robert Brown, professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University on the October 2011 NAS report on advanced biofuels:

"But I discovered that the petroleum industry consultant engaged by the panel to prepare the economic ...

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Academic Douglas Brinkley unloads in Congress from

In a move unthinkable for his namesake (not relative) David Brinkley, Rice University historian Douglas Brinkley stated to Alaskan Congressman Don Young :

"You don't own me. I pay your salary!"

In turn, Young noted ...

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Trump asserts brand value: at $3 billion his biggest asset -- by far -- is brand value from

Donald Trump's biggest asset is brand value; from

On page 182, Trump lists holdings including $1.37 billion in New York City commercial properties and $1.22 billion in club facilities and ...

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Google getting out of the green energy business? from

From Reuters' Google quits plans to make cheap renewable energy :

In 2009, the company's so-called Green Energy Czar, Bill Weihl, told Reuters that he expected to demonstrate within a few years working technology that ...

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