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post image The Troll Toll from

Corporate apologist PC World patronizes its techno-peon readership while appreciating those that butter its bread - its advertisers. "Patents are a touchy subject lately thanks to all the litigation going on over software patents. This is ...

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post image Are photographs of Kate Middleton's fashion choices reporting the news for copyright purposes? from

This Kat has more than a passing interest in fashion. She was therefore, she was intrigued to read about the possible proceedings in Australia between famous designer Collette Dinnigan and photographic agency Ikon Pictures concerning ...

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post image Why Government Funded R&D Cannot Replace the Patent System from

It is quite common for academic economists and others to suggest that the incentive of the patent system could be replaced with government funding of Research and Development.  In fact, this argument was made by ...

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post image Playing catch-up with TvCatchup from

Sounds like
"catchup", tastes
like ketchup
Today, after an exciting day in town where his attention to friends was exceeded only by his inattention to incoming emails, the IPKat is playing catch-up. And would could ...

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post image KISS my Patent from

As this photo by Johnathan E. Mansfield shows, the allure of patent law continues to grow. Professor Holbrook, co-author of the Patent Litigation and Strategy casebook writes that he is “Glad to see our Patent ...

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post image DFC by FuelCell Energy: Is Clean Coal on the Horizon? from

FuelCell Energy is a Danbury, Connecticut, manufacturer of ultra-clean fuel cell power plants. Their Direct Fuel Cell (DFC) systems are currently producing electricity at more than 50 locations worldwide and have generated over 850 million ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Lord Atkin: once a
judge, now a Building
There's another event looming up which has the IPKat's sympathies, both because it seems to have been organised at short notice and because it's ...

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Barrage Of Doubts Voiced On US Internet Piracy Bill from

An international outcry from open internet proponents has emerged over draft US legislation, HR 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), on the eve of a hearing on the bill. International critics say the bill ...

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Let the Experiment Begin: Impact of ECJ Stem Cell Ruling on Synthetic Blood Development from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- In the aftermath of the European Court of Justice's decision last month that patent claims encompassing human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) were patent-ineligible in Europe on public order and morality ...

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Toy and game inventions from Chicago from

Saturday's Telegraph magazine had a delightful article by Eric Clark on private inventors and companies in the USA submitting concepts to the big players in toys and games, Adventures in Toyland. In...

(From Steve ...

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S3 Graphics v. Apple ruling delayed by six days -- and still no decision on preliminary injunction against Samsung from

Delays, delays, delays.

Yesterday the ITC had a deadline in the investigation of S3 Graphics' complaint against Apple, but instead of a ruling, the U.S. trade agency and quasi-judicial authority announced that it pushed ...

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Fifteen Questions to Ask Your Trademark Lawyer from

Hear are some good questions that business owners should ask of any trademark lawyer before hiring him or her: How much experience do you have working in the field of trademarks? 1 year? 5 years ...

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Geron ends its stem cell (hESC) work from

From an article in The Scientist on Geron's decision to terminate its human embryonic stem cell program:

So far, four patients have been treated with the one-time injection of a low dose of cells ...

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BPAI reverse obviousness based on KSR rationale "combination of familiar elements" from

Takeaway: The BPAI reversed an obviousness rejection in which the Examiner relied on the "combination of known elements to yield predictable results" because the element at issue did not perform the same function. The Examiner ...

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Do You Want That Post-Grant Review Super-Sized? – Part II from

This is the second post in a series of articles on PGR strategies.  In my last post I made the point that while patents come in all shapes and sizes, post-grant reviews (PGRs) don’t ...

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Intangibles versus intangibles from

Like the plot line from the movie Kramer v. Kramer or, more likely, the movie The War of the Roses, this could get nasty. A nasty fight is developing between internet companies and TV/movie ...

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Not investing in an intangible asset from

Here is a disheartening piece of news from a new report by Accenture ("Accenture Study Finds U.S. Workers Under Pressure to Improve Skills, But Need More Support from Employers"):The majority (55 percent) of ...

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International Comparative Legal Guide to Patents 2012 from

Research and Markets has published the above-titled book that covers: patent enforcement & amendment; licensing; patent term extension; patent prosecution & opposition; border control measures; antitrust law & inequitable conduct in 29 jurisdictions. The table of contents: General Chapter: 1...

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Samsung relaunches modified Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, may steer clear of design right infringement from

In its intellectual property spat with Apple, Samsung proves resilient, perseverant, and courageous. If there ever was any doubt about those virtues (not on my part anyway), here's the latest example: the Galaxy Tab ...

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European Audit Of GIs Shows Need For Clear Rules, Awareness from

The European Court of Auditors yesterday issued a performance audit on European Commission management of the European geographical indications (GI) scheme, which covers products with an estimated value of €15 billion annually. The auditors found ...

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Pros and Cons of CIPIS: Search for Indian Patents, Designs, and Trademarks from

Here at Intellogist, we’ve made an effort to locate as many possible sources for Indian patent, design, and trademark coverage as possible.  Patent searchers need access to a variety of search systems covering similar ...

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Developing IP Economies: Poland from

With patent data available for no less than 184 WIPO member states, trends in IP can be found all over the world.  The largest patent offices often receive the most attention, but many smaller patent ...

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In Defense of Color Trademarks: INTA Submits Amicus Brief in Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent from

On Monday, the International Trademark Association (“INTA”) filed an amicus curae brief  with the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Christian Louboutin S.A. v. Yves Saint Laurent America Holding, Inc ...

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Arbitrating IP disputes in Australia from

Last year, IPwars reported on Hammerschlag J’s ruling that arbitrators under the Commercial Arbitration Acts 1984 (here and here (repealed and replaced by a 2010 Act)e.g.) can settle disputes about (1) the ...

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Guest Post: How to Boost Range of Wi-Fi Signal from

Wireless technology has been proved to be a boon for the internet connectivity. It is surely convenient to one and all, but when the connecting speed goes down, nothing can seem to help you. The ...

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