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post image How Much Is a Sports Sponsorship Really Worth? from

The trick in being the sponsor of an event is finding one whose benefits are so overwhelming that the sponsor enjoys oversized benefits in being associated with it. On that basis, surely the sponsorship of ...

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post image Novozymes Wins $18 Million Jury Verdict in Biofuels Enzyme Patent Suit from

In previous posts I discussed the patent infringement suit brought by Danish biotech Novozymes against its rival Danisco (recently acquired by DuPont).  Specifically, Novozymes sued Danisco in May 2010 in the Western District of Wisconsin ...

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Whiney But Right from

Cowed by antitrust proceedings from the 1990s, Microsoft was long afraid to assert its patent portfolio. But as the corporate bulb grows dim, lacking innovative products, stodgy Microsoft has awoken to patent extortion. This past ...

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James Dyson Award: world winner 2011, Airdrop from

The world winner of the James Dyson Award has been announced. It's Edward Linacre and his Airdrop irrigation concept. In response to drought conditions in much of Australia, Edward has devised a...

(From Steve ...

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De-linking intellectual property from exclusive rights from

The videocast of the 3rd Annual Francis Gurry Lecture is now available: De-linking intellectual property from exclusive rights by James Love, Director, Knowledge Ecology Limited. The blurb says: The traditional justification for IP rights-atemporary monopoly ...

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BPAI claim mere existence from

BPAI finds that "products purchased in a specified time period" reads on last purchase since that has a time period

Takeaway: On appeal, the BPAI interpreted "purchase history form comprising all products that were purchased ...

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Infringement Contentions Lacking Allegations Against Certain Products Warrants Estoppel, Not Summary Judgment of Noninfringement from

The court denied defendants' motion for summary judgment of noninfringement as to products omitted from plaintiff's final infringement contentions, but ruled that plaintiff was estopped from asserting infringement as to such products. "[Plaintiff] argues ...

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Featured Researcher: Anjali from

This week’s featured Researcher is Anjali from Thimphu, Bhutan.  Anjali is a consultant with a Master’s of Science degree, and her background includes working at an IP firm.  In addition to DEPATISnet, the ...

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Where Will the Next Satellite Patent Office be Located? from

Of course, this whole discussion is moot unless congress actually decides to open satellite offices, and this may take longer than it seems.  A satellite office is scheduled in Detroit next summer, but under the ...

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Apple Unlocks Another Patent War Weapon In Smartphone Market from

Stephanie Roberts is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and is enrolled in Professor Mgbeoji’s Patents class in Fall 2011. As part of the course requirements, students are asked to write a ...

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Patent Search, News, and Valuation Features: from

Patents equal big money these days; just look at the $4.5 billion Nortel patent portfolio sale this summer.  Here at Intellogist, we usually focus on patent  (and non-patent literature) search tools, but we also ...

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Super Committee Considering an End to USPTO Fee Diversion from

As the Super Committee struggles to find nearly $1.2 trillion in revenue or savings, they should take a serious look at the proposal to give the US Patent and Trademark Office greater control over ...

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Less Copyright Liability Found To Boost Cloud Computing Investment from

A new study by a Harvard business professor has found that protection against copyright liability increased investment in the cutting-edge technology of cloud computing. Related Articles:

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USPTO and SINO to Launch Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot from

On November 8, 2011, Deputy Under-Secretary for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Teresa Stanek Rea and China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) Commissioner Tian Lipu ...

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Using CloneDR to Detect Software Copyright and Patent Infringement from

The following is excerpted from Semantic Designs' website: Do you suspect copyright or patent infringement of your software? Looking for an easier way to perform the necessary forensics? Until now you had few alternatives to ...

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Dan Burk: Do Patents Have Gender? from

This is a guest post by Allison Tait, a Gender Equity and Policy Postdoctoral Associate with the Yale Women Faculty Forum. Allison has a Ph.D. in French literature and a J.D., both from ...

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Office of Policy and External Affairs Fiscal Year 2011 Dashboard Overview from

Guest blog by Al Tramposch, OPEA Administrator

The 2011 fiscal year recently came to a close and the Office of Policy and External Affairs (OPEA) is excited to share its progress in strengthening and enforcing ...

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