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post image Weekly Crowdsourcing Spotlight from

To highlight the success of global crowdsourcing, Article One Partners offers a weekly roundup of current news stories documenting how crowdsourcing is being used in various industries around the world.

Can UNAIDS Crowdsource a Strategy ...

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post image Power Rangers Halloween Costumes Morph Into Copyright And Trademark Infringement Suit from

Saban Entertainment originally created the “Power Rangers” live action children’s television series in 1993, where several teenagers would morph from ordinary people into powerful superhero characters wearing color-coded battle suits. The colors also served ...

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post image Never mind the cakes and crocs: Dundee helps tackle neglected diseases from

Big pharma companies don't always get the best of press for their various activities -- which is a little strange if we consider how quick we are to prescribe and take the benefit of the ...

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post image Battle of the Cucumbers: PGI for Lea Valley? from

Cat and cuke Darjeeling tea is not the only controversial protected geographical indication (PGI) of recent times (see IPKat post here). Another row is cooking over cucumbers after the Lea Valley Growers’ Association (LVGA) in ...

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post image Past historic 1: how patents for invention came from Venice to England from

Digging around in his office the other day, this Kat found a little bundle of photocopies which turned out to be a collection of articles which he researched and wrote back in the 1980s, when ...

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AIA Overview: Supplemental Examination from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- One provision in the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) that appears to benefit (or at least be intended to benefit) patentees is the Supplemental Examination revision set forth in Section 12 ...

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USPTO and EPO Launch Patent Classification Website from

By Donald Zuhn -- Yesterday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Office announced the launch of a new website regarding the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) initiative. The CPC project seeks to combine ...

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Federal Circuit Affirms District Court De Novo Review In Section 146 Action from

In Streck, Inc. v. Research & Diagnostic Systems, Inc., the Federal Circuit confirmed that a district court is to undertake de novo review when new evidence is introduced in an interference action under 35 USC § 146 ...

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No Apportionment of Lost Profits Where the Entire Value of Infringing Sales Derives From the Patented Invention from

The court granted plaintiffs' motion in limine to preclude defendant's argument that lost profits should be apportioned to account for defendant's contribution to development of the claimed invention. "Defendants contend that the work ...

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Premier Concerned About Impact of Apple's New Patent Victory from

The following is excerpted from an October 27, 2011 article in The Central News Agency's Focus Taiwan news channel: Premier Wu Den-yih directed relevant government agencies Thursday to assess the possible impact on local ...

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New Developments for the Cooperative Patent Classification Project from

Back in October of 2010, the US Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office announced the launch of a joint program designed to harmonize their patent classification systems. 

This program, referred to as ...

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Revised EPO Patent For Conventional Broccoli Has Public Interest Ramifications from

A patent for a conventionally bred form of the common household vegetable broccoli appears to be on its way to acceptance by the European Patent Office following a change to the patent by the company ...

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Vampiric Design Patents from

Come closer, children. Put away your Twilight books, your Castlevania games, and your Bram Stoker’s Dracula VHS featuring Gary Oldman. Gather round while we explore some of the most dastardly vampire design patents around ...

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Point – Counterpoint: The Debate Over Prior User Rights from

Exactly who is to blame if a pharmaceutical company, say Eli Lilly, decides to invest billions of dollars and build a facility when they haven't adequately protected their own intellectual property? Moreover, who is ...

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WIPO Re:Search Bridges Public, Private Sectors For Neglected Disease Research from

“Neglected tropical diseases are century-old diseases and today we see new hope,” Margaret Chan, director general of the World Health Organisation, told a crowd at yesterday’s launch of a new public-private collaboration to develop ...

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Fire At WIPO Premises Forces Two-Day Shutdown from

By Catherine Saez An unusual sight met passers-by at the World Intellectual Property Organization around lunchtime today. The street was crowded with several fire trucks and yellow security tape kept people away from the entrance ...

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Crookes v Newton, 2011 SCC 47 – Hyperlinkers Not Liable For Linked Defamation from

Daniel Burnett is a partner at Owen Bird Law Corporation and appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on behalf of the Respondent/Defendant, Jon Newton, in this matter. [IP Osgoode:  At our request, Robert ...

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The Aftermath of Stanford v. Roche: Which Law of Assignments Governs? from

Sean M. O’Connor is Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Law, Business & Entrepreneurship Program, University of Washington School of Law, and a Research Affiliate of IP Osgoode.[1] [IP Osgoode: Professor O'Connor's ...

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Controversial US Bill Targeting “Rogue Websites” Introduced On House Side from

Legislation giving new powers to the government and copyright holders in the United States to unilaterally block payments to or take down websites deemed by US courts to be infringing intellectual property rights has been ...

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Auction Block: DOE Asserts Ownership and Tries to Stop Sale of Evergreen Ribbon Patents from

I previously wrote about the patents for sale as a result of the bankruptcy of Massachusetts PV company Evergreen Solar. Those patents include U.S. Patents Nos. 6,814,802, 7,022,180 and 7 ...

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Plurilateral Trade Agreements Lack Protections for Users, Intermediaries from

The role of online intermediaries in copyright enforcement is on the international negotiating table in recent plurilateral trade agreements. Those negotiating with the US would be advised to examine carefully what is being offered. Related ...

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Trade marks and survey evidence in Australia from

Adidas is suing Pacific Brands, alleging that the latter’s use of 3 stripes on footwear infringes Adidas’ registered trade marks for the “3 Stripes” (the judgment doesn’t identify which trade marks or the ...

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