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post image Monday Musings from

As many readers have pointed out, the Samsung / Apple spat that starred in Friday’s frippery was not the only episode of fisticuffs that featured the parties last week. Shortly after the Australian courts had ...

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post image Come Visit Our Booth at SPI in Dallas from

I will be at Solar Power International in Dallas on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week with my firm, Luce Forward, at Booth No. 2345 in Hall C. I invite all of my solar friends ...

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post image Opt Out “.xxx” Domain Name..You Have Until October 28 from

As part of its list of new “Sponsored Top-Level Domain” names, or sTLD’s the suffix .xxx was created by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) back in March. This gave adult ...

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post image 2011 USPTO Trademark Expo: a photo and video journal from

Last Friday and Saturday were the USPTO’s National Trademark Expo. The Expo was a tremendous event, providing lots of fun and education to the visitors. I was at the Expo from the opening ceremonies ...

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post image Everything you wanted to know about OHIM's new mediation service.... from

Everything you wanted to know about OHIM's new mediation service but were afraid to ask... well almost. As many of our readers will already know, OHIM recently announced that it will launch a mediation ...

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post image Book Review Monday: Patent Litigation in China from

“The major issue in patent litigation in the People’s Republic of China is obtaining evidence to prove infringement.”  ~ Douglas Clark As China’s economy has risen to be one of the largest in the ...

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post image Historical Patents: Pedal-Powered Bicycles from

Bicycles may have given way to automobiles and motorcycles as the popular form of mass transportation, but around the world, bicycles are still widely used for personal transit, exercise, and competition.  As with any invention ...

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post image Enantiomer Not Patentable Over Racemate Mixture in UK from

The UK Patents Court invalidated patent claims to an enantiomer of a known racemate mixture in Generics Ltd. V. Novartis AG [2011] EWHC 2403 (Pat). Generics (UK) Ltd. (Mylan) filed an action to try to ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

October 19, 2011 - Biotechnology European Patent Case Law (D Young & Co.) - 7:00 - 7:45 AM (EDT) and 12:00 - 12:45 PM (EDT) October 19, 2011 - Impact of the New Patent Law: An Overview ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Senju Pharmaceutical Co. et al. v. Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. Inc. 1:11-cv-00926; filed October 11, 2011 ...

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Samsung won't get preliminary injunction against iPhone 4S in Australia, situation less clear in Japan from

A couple of hours ago, Samsung claimed to be "counter-attacking Apple again" with preliminary injunction requests in Australia and Japan, targeting the iPhone 4S. The Syndey Morning Herald just reported on the kinds of patents ...

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Plant Patents: If It Smells Like A Rose . . . from

For over 80 years, it’s been legal in the U.S. to patent plants grown from cuttings. Unlike patenting chemicals, or devices, or software, patents for plants have a fundamentally different feel....


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Inventions for Halloween from

Halloween is the subject of numerous inventions. I've posted before on the subject in 2007 and in 2008. Since then there have been quite a few, including the Halloween portable container by Linda...

(From ...

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EDTX Jury Exonerates Newegg and Overstock; Invalidates Alcatel Patent from

Last Friday a jury in the Eastern District of Texas returned a verdict in favor of defendants Newegg and Overstock and against plaintiff Alcatel Lucent. Alcatel originally sued several ecommerce retailers on three patents. However ...

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Recommendations For Navigating IP Terrain Emerge From UNITAID Forum from

The third consultative forum of drug-purchasing mechanism UNITAID held in Geneva on 4-5 October resulted in a set of recommendations related to intellectual property. The forum provided the opportunity for a wide array of global ...

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Therasense and Microsoft v. i4i: A View From the Bench from

On October 25, 2011, The Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology and the New Jersey Intellectual Property Law Association are proud to present "The Ninth Annual Fall Lecture Series" featuring the Honorable Joel Pisano who ...

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WIPO Members Embark On Busy Year Of IP Policymaking from

World Intellectual Property Organization members this month approved a range of reports from WIPO negotiating committees and took note of changes within the UN agency. Now with the annual WIPO General Assemblies over, work has ...

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The Future Of Patent Licensing In Europe from

For the time being, individual countries award patents as legal instruments, protecting property rights through enforcement of that country’s court system.  Efforts to unify the European patent system continue, but the viability of this ...

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Federal Circuit Advisory Committee Adopts Model Order for E-Discovery from

The E-discovery committee of the Federal Circuit Advisory Committee has published a model court order for e-discovery for U.S. district courts.  The announcement and model order are available here: [Model Order].  The e-discovery committee ...

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ITC judge rules against HTC's first complaint against Apple -- but it's not over yet from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- will add more information as it becomes available]

Reuters reports that an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at the ITC (United States International Trade Commission) "found 'no violation' by Apple of four HTC patents ...

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How Competition Between Countries for Investment is Affected by Patents from

Patrick Anderson at GametimeIP has an interesting post that explains investment in new technologies is affected by competition between the patent systems of countries.  He quotes Judge Rader as pointing out that By creating obstacles ...

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ITC Judge Finds Apple Did Not Violate Four HTC Patents from

The following is excerpted from an October 17, 2011 article by Katie Marsal published by the Apple Insider: The preliminary decision found that Apple was not in violation of four patents related to power management ...

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Patent Funding Scam? USPTO Funding is Like a Ponzi Scheme from

Dudas started off discussing USPTO funding by explaining that while he was at the agency, while he was preparing to testify before Congress at one particular moment, he discussed with his senior staff the problem ...

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IP Man from

I finally got a frame for my “IP Man” movie poster.  Food for thought if you are looking for that unique gift for the discerning IP professional. I believe that in this particular shot, IP ...

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BPAI unreasonable claim interpretation all materials reflect from

BPAI finds unreasonable Examiner's interpretation of "reflective" to include all materials since all materials reflect to some degree

Takeaway: The Applicant appealed various claims to a window blind, including a dependent claim which specified ...

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