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post image More opinions from the EPO, fewer from the UKIPO from

EPO to issue second written opinions. The European Patent Office has issued a notice revising its practice when conducting International Preliminary Examination (IPE) for PCT applications.

The IPKat suspects that International Preliminary Examination
is covered ...

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post image Affront Abroad from

"Amsted Industries Inc. is a domestic manufacturer of cast steel railway wheels. It owns two secret processes for manufacturing such wheels... Amsted has licensed [one of the secret processes,] the ABC process, to several firms ...

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post image FRAND licensing for standards-essential IP: a seminar from

If anyone has a good idea for
a better illustration of FRAND
licences, just tell us!
The IP Finance weblog has organised a seminar, “Facts and figures on FRAND licensing for standards-essential IP”, which will ...

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post image Featured Researcher: Chirag T. from

This week’s featured researcher is Chirag T. from Mumbai, India.  He earned his bachelor degree in Electronics in Mumbai, and his M.E. in Bioengineering from a UK university.  He is a registered patent ...

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post image PCC Page 41: Liimiting damages and “family” disputes from

Regally regaled by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), the PCC Pages seek to explain how litigation works in the recently-revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, taking as its theme a ...

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post image Industrial Designs – the Wonder Weapon for the German Blitzkrieg? from

A preliminary injunction granted on the request of Apple for preventing the sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Pad in most of Germany has recently caused a fairly big swivet in the IP community. This 1st ...

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post image Wednesday whimper from

The IPKat's favourite place to go
for a holiday break is his own
little basket ...
On a personal note, IPKat team-member Jeremy just wants to say "sorry" for not getting the usual Wednesday Whimsies ...

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post image SmartSynch’s Wireless Smart Meter Patents Pay Off with Consumers Roll Out from

SmartSynch is a Jackson, Mississippi, provider of smart grid solutions and one of the few such companies which leverage existing cellular networks.  SmartSynch owns at least 14 patents and pending patent applications, including at least ...

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Twitter Settles Trademark Case and Secures “Tweet” Trademark from

By: Mark R. Malek Many of you may know that Twitter sued Twittad for trademark infringement over the “Tweet” trademark.  Apparently, being a forward thinking company, Twittad decided to register the...


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Comings And Goings In The World Of IP from

Resignations, retirements, appointments, and promotions are shaking up the status quo in the intellectual property world, opening the door of possibility for change in strategy and decision-making across industries and sectors. Related Articles:

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America Invents Act: New Section 102 from

One of the major changes to US patent law in the America Invents Act is the change to § 102.  The new subsection (a) reads as follows: (a) A person shall be entitled to a patent ...

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A great video from the Economic Freedom blog shows how the U.S. has wiped out two decade of progress toward economic freedom in a nine years.  According to the video government spending and regulation ...

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They Invented What? (No. 209) from

U.S. Pat. No. 1,497,342:  Device for shaping the upper lip. What is claimed is: 1. A device for shaping the upper lip of a person, comprising a matrix and a clamping means ...

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Injunction/Irreparable Harm from


  • We take this opportunity to put the question to rest and confirm that eBay jettisoned the presumption of irreparable harm as it applies to determining the appropriateness of ...

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First-to-File and the Speed of Technology Evolution from

22% of social network patent applications are filed within one year of the youngest prior art cited against them. So speed of filing counts. If these applications had been filed a year earlier, then 22 ...

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Stay Pending Reexam Denied Where Parties Were Direct Competitors in Developing Market from

The court denied defendants' motion to stay pending inter partes reexamination because the parties were direct competitors in a developing market and a stay would result in significant prejudice to plaintiff. "[E]ven a conservative ...

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Pfizer Settles with Teva Over Generic Lipitor in UK from

The following item appeared on October 11, 2011 at Device Space: Pfizer Inc. announced today that the company has settled its patent-infringement case against Teva and several other parties in respect of Teva's generic ...

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US Senator Questions Constitutionality Of ACTA from

The Obama administration's recent signing of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement may face a US constitutional challenge as a member of the US Senate today called into question the administration's power to negotiate and ...

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Top PCT Filing Firms for 2011 from

Managing IP magazine recently published its 2011 PCT survey, which ranks firms according to the number of PCT applications they filed due for national stage entry in 2011.  We're proud to announce that inovia ...

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Google Patent Search Improvements from

Okay, we admit it. We’ve been a little disappointed with Google over the past year here on the Intellogist Blog. We were sad to see Google Labs go. We found some compelling reasons why ...

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Leahy-Smith America Invents Act: First-to-File and New Pressure Points on Patent Litigation from

By Olivier A. Taillieu and Thomas F. Zuber || The United States patent regime will be undergoing fundamental changes over the next 18 months with the ratification of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act. While a majority ...

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USPTO Extends Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Programs from

By Donald Zuhn -- Since implementing its first Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) on July 3, 2006, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has established a total of nineteen ...

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