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post image Daiichi TRIPS reference: more time to comment! from

On Friday the IPKat told readers that there was a new case heading for a preliminary ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union. It's Case C-414/11 Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Can you solve the problem of the
SSS? If so, you can win a prize dinner
(see below for details)
Court of Justice references and the SSS.  "We can now confirm that the deadline to ...

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post image Oracle and Google seek to exclude evidence from trial from

While the Oracle-Google trial will most likely be postponed from Halloween and might be stayed in whole or in part pending reexaminations, preparations for such a trial continue anyway. On Friday, the parties filed their ...

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post image Al Davis and the Raiders – master of branding and trademarks from

This weekend the NFL lost one of its great characters. Al Davis was coach and then owner of the Raiders. His impact on the game was significant. Not just on the field and as a ...

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post image Qwikster – the brand that never was from

Three weeks ago the hugely popular and successful DVD and online video service Netflix announced a new brand name – Qwikster – for its DVD service. The move was panned by many and for good reason – Netflix ...

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post image Chill sends shivers down Euro-patentees' spines as Warsaw feels the Draft ... from

Feeling the chill ... All the way from Brussels is the latest (7 October 2011) version of the Draft agreement on a Unified Patent Court and draft Statute - Revised Presidency text, which you can read in ...

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post image Village People Musical Group Wins TTAB Cancellation Summary Judgment Against Wife Of Former Member Willis from

The wife and manager of Victor Willis, a former member of the disco group the Village People (yes, you read “wife” correctly, the Village People had at least one straight “macho man”), filed three petitions ...

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post image Striving But Jiving from

The book "Great Patents" by David Orange is far from great, and it was not written by Orange, who only penned the introduction, and otherwise claims editorship. The subtitle to this slender volume is "advanced ...

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post image Glasgow conference coming up from

Andrea Tosato (Lecturer in Law, Bournemouth University) has written to inform IP Finance of a conference which is being held on the subject ISO 10668 (Brand Value) – Innovation in Practice. A strong panel of speakers ...

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post image Duplicitous from

In a recent speech, CAFC Chief Judge Randall R. Rader shows himself as rather brainless in his duplicity. He speaks of equal justice while assailing parties that he would readily show bias to. He claims ...

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post image What Happens When Music Enters a House of Worship? from

How does copyright deal with musical liturgy? Reaching back to the Middle Ages, the roots of Western music are grounded in liturgical melodies intended to be part and parcel of the liturgy itself. Fast forward ...

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Google’s IBM Patent “Trove”: Not So Trovacious? from

We’ve talked about the patents Google bought from IBM, but we’ve been guessing at to the value and usefulness of those patents. An analysis by IPVision, which makes patent-analyzing software,...


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With WTO Stalled, GI Industry Proponents Move to Create Their Own Register from

An international private-sector network lobbying for the protection of geographical indications is set to establish a compilation of all GIs currently protected in the world in what could seem like a response to the repeated ...

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Litigation Expenses Alone Insufficient to Satisfy "Domestic Industry" Requirement Says ITC and Federal Circuit Affirms from

Earlier this week the Federal Circuit affirmed an International Trade Commission (“ITC”) decision by refusing to find a patent owner complainant’s litigation expenses satisfied the “domestic industry” requirement of 19 U.S.C § 337 ...

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Judiciary Committee Approves Judge Wallach from

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to recommend confirmation of the nomination of Court of International Trade Judge Evan Wallach fill Judge Arthur Gajarsa’s seet on the Federal Circuit.  The nomination was approved ...

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Bovie Medical Corporation Investors file Lawsuit against Directors from

The following is excerpted from an October 10, 2011 press release by the Shareholders Foundation published at Live-PR: An investor in shares of Bovie Medical Corporation (AMEX:BVX) filed a lawsuit against certain officers and ...

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Trebling of jury verdict for ongoing royalty from

On September 30, Judge Ward in the Eastern District of Texas entered an Order regarding supplemental damages following a jury verdict for Mondis against Innolux.  At trial, the jury had awarded a 0.5% royalty ...

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German Police Used Trojan Horses In Investigations from

Europe's biggest hacker organisation, the German Chaos Computer Club (CCC), has analysed trojan horse software used by the German police to spy on suspects in several cases. In its 20-page analysis, the club revealed ...

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Historical Patents: Portable Audio Players from

The journey toward portable music has been long and arduous.  But thanks to the work of many skilled inventors, what started as cabinet-sized electronic record players are now sleek, pocket-sized devices.  Who would have guessed ...

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Inventor Coach Stephen Key Scores His Own Big Success from

Accudial Pharmaceutical®, Inc. has acquired Stephen Key Design, LLC. This acquisition expands AccuDial’s patent portfolio to over fifty patents for weight based dosing and other extended content rotating labels (ECRL), which adds 75% more ...

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BPAI claim term error hardware software from

BPAI broadly interprets "hardware error" as "error related to hardware" rather than "error in hardware"

Takeaway: In Ex parte Yamada, the BPAI agreed with Examiner that "hardware error" read on memory usage reaching a critical ...

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The Prince of Purses v Les Misérables: Louis Vuitton’s Latest Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters from

Mekhala Chaubal is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. A recently decided US case (Louis Vuitton Malletier SA v. Akanoc Solutions Inc.) has trumped Canada’s largest LVM settlement so far (Louis Vuitton ...

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Virtual patent marking and false patent marking under the America Invents Act from

The America Invents Act was signed into law on September 16, 2011.  The virtual patent marking and false marking provisions became effective immediately. Virtual Marking Patent damages do not begin to accrue until the patentee ...

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