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post image Piracy and Unauthorized Copying: How Much Does It Matter Where You Live? from

You may have noticed my silence over the past several weeks. The press of a publishing project and a mad dash to meet its submisison deadline have taken their toll on my time, but it ...

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post image Patent Reform 2011 Survey Results from

Congress is poised to pass a patent reform measure that would make a number of dramatic changes. This post describes the results of a recent Patently-O survey on the impact of the reforms. Survey Background ...

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post image Oracle v SAP from

Back in November 2010, Oracle succeeded in its copyright infringement lawsuit against SAP in Oakland, CA. The decision was not exactly significant, as SAP admitted liability for infringing Oracle’s copyrighted software with its TomorrowNow ...

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Patents Now Driving Force in Tech Acquisitions from

Aaron Thalwitzer When Google bought Motorola Mobility for way more than anyone had previously thought it was worth, Google pointed to Motorola’s gigantic collection of patents. The consensus is that patents are on the ...

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Dalhousie University dumps turnitin from

The Toronto Star reported:

The school has discontinued its relationship with after “we lost trust in the partnership,” said Dwight Fischer, the institution’s chief information officer.

Specifically, the school learned in July ...

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Update: Facebook tries to register ‘Like’ button from

In 2010, Facebook filed more than 10 applications to register “LIKE”. Some of the applications are for just the word “LIKE”, some are for the “Like” button image. The applications were all suspended pending the ...

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Trademark issue at outlet malls from


The original outlet and factory stores sold overstocked, discontinued items, and imperfect merchandise unfit for retail sale; that’s what made the prices so cheap. But nowadays, the majority of common outlet ...

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Patent Challengers get additional Preissuance Challenge Option after Leahy-Smith Bill Passes from

Pre-Issuance Challenge Option Added Section 8 of the Act provides for additional pre-issuance submissions by third parties by amending 35 U.S.C. 122.  Written submission of the relevance of a patent application,  patent, published ...

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Guest Post: Patent Troll Myths from

(Professor Michael Risch of the Villanova University School of Law is a prolific scholar who is fascinated by patent trolls. Given his interest in this subject, I invited him to write a short post on ...

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ITC review of S3 Graphics v. Apple: things may get better or worse for Macs, iOS devices seem safe from

On Friday afternoon, the ITC published its notice of a Commission determination to review the initial determination made by the Administrative Law Judge investigating S3 Graphics' patent infringement complaint against Apple.

What lends that case ...

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BPAI us application translation foreign patent applicaton from

BPAI finds it proper to use as corresponding US publication as translation of foreign patent applicaton
Takeaway: The Examiner rejected claims under § 102(b) as being anticipated by a WIPO publication in French, as evidenced ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

September 6-7, 2011 - Pharmaceutical Law Academy (IBC Legal Conferences) - London, UK September 8, 2011 - Patents and the Written Description Requirement: Lessons Learned Since Ariad v. Lilly (Strafford) - 1:00 - 2:30 PM (EDT) September 11-13 ...

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Court Report from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. et al. v. TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1:11-cv-02466; filed September 1, 2011 in ...

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