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post image TenXC patent litigation-arguments concluded from

Arguments were concluded in the TenXC patent litigation last Friday.  We now eagerly await the decision.  As discussed in our previous posts, here and here, the arguments from both sides went predictably-the plaintiff arguing patent ...

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post image Apple Stoer Story: now for more legal analysis from

The shop was called "Harley Davidson", but the IPKat
still wasn't sure he'd bought a genuine one ...
Recent posts on the Apple Stoer Story have not extinguished interest in the subject of IP ...

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post image Factored from

Genetics Institute (GI) sued Novartis under 35 U.S.C. § 291, declaring an interference between Genetic's' 4,868,112 and Novartis' 6,228,620 and 6,060,447, to determine priority. All go to ...

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post image Fighting like Cat and Dog - The Apple / Samsung Spat Continues from

Despite being one of Samsung’s best customers (with recent contracts for components worth $7.8 Billion if reports are to be believed), Apple has not let good business get in the way of a ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

"Taking the Pulse of the IP Industry" -- that's the title of an online survey conducted by General Patent Corporation, which explains: it's
"... our first-ever survey of the intellectual property community. And one lucky ...

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post image Judge decides royalties -- and rules on the cost of drafting an IP licence from

A news flash from Anti Copying in Design -- ACID -- reports that one of its members, Temple Island Collection, scored an early victory against New English Teas in the first of a two-part intellectual property case ...

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post image Earthquake trademarks including CHEESEQUAKE and QUAKE ON THE LAKE from

The worldwide headquarters of Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC® are located just 90 miles or so from the epicenter of yesterday’s 5.8 earthquake. Yes, we felt it considerably. Thankfully, no one was hurt ...

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post image Dutch judge considers Apple's slide-to-unlock patent trivial and likely invalid from

I previously reported on a preliminary injunction granted by a Dutch court today against the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace smartphones. In its official reaction, Samsung underscored that most of Apple's ...

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Is Claim Construction the Key to Patent-eligibility of Isolated DNA? from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Judge Giles Sutherland Rich famously said that, in patent law, "the name of the game is the claim." One of the weaknesses in the "gene patenting" debate, as well as in ...

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Intellectual Property And Development: Closing The Conceptual Gap from

Alysia Lau is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. I spent this past summer interning with the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in Jakarta, Indonesia. Preparing to take part in the new Osgoode IP ...

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Justice Rothstein Finds US Patent Standard Neither Clear Nor Convincing from

Brent Randall is a JD candidate at the University of Ottawa. Justice Rothstein of the Supreme Court of Canada recently spoke at the American Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Law Luncheon held on August 6 ...

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Having a Website is Essential for Business from

How often do you use a telephone book to search for a business of interest? Phonebook? What’s a phonebook, right? How often do you search in the online yellow pages for a particular business ...

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Claiming the cloud: Patent applications for cloud computing technologies from

My colleagues Joe Helmsen and Brienne Terril recently published an article about strategies for drafting patent applications that cover cloud computing technologies.  Some useful tips from the article include: “The provision of cloud computing services ...

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CIC fines CPIO of Trade Marks Registry Rs. 25,000 from

One of our readers recently sent us a decision of the Central Information Commission (CIC) in the case of Shri Kamal Kishore Arora v. the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) of the Trade Marks Registry ...

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Dutch court orders EU-wide preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy smartphones from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- still adding detail]

The Rechtbank 's-Gravenhage (a Dutch court in the city of The Hague) today issued an EU-wide preliminary injunction against Samsung's Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace smartphones -- but ...

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Japan: Farewell Analog, Welcome Digital from

Elisa Bertolini is a member of the Media Laws Steering Committee and an academic at the Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. The re-posting of this analysis is part of a cross-posting collaboration with MediaLaws: Law and ...

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Job creation in start-ups from

E.J. Reedy and Bob Litan at Kauffman Foundation have written a new report on start-ups and job creation -- Starting Smaller; Staying Smaller: America's Slow Leak in Job Creation. The report highlights the fact ...

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Intas Pharmaceuticals Settles USITC Section 337 Investigation from

The following is excerpted from an email alert from H. Keeto Sabharwal and Daniel E. Yonan of Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox regarding the above investigation over the non-Orange Book process patent for Gemcitabine: Investigation No ...

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Federal Circuit — Oregon Bound from

The Federal Circuit will hit the trail and visit Oregon this October.  The court will sit at Lewis and Clark Law, Wilamette Law, Pioneer Courthouse, the U.S. District Courthouse, and the University of Oregon ...

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Christian Louboutin Sees Red—New York Court Refuses to Stop Yves Saint Laurent's Use of Red! from

The followers of Spicy IP, especially the fashion-conscious ones, may be interested in having a look at the following guest post by Sujata Chaudhri, Esq,.a lawyer specializing on U.S. trademark law, a former ...

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The APA Waives Federal Sovereign Immunity to Declaratory Judgment Challenges against Federally Owned Patents from

Delano v. California Table Grape Commission and US Dep't of Agriculture (USDA) (Fed. Cir. 2011) The Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA) of 1970 offers exclusive rights to newly created “uniform and stable” plant varieties ...

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Foreign Filing Tips for Small Companies and Sole Inventors from

There's been plenty of buzz in the news recently regarding the patent battles raging between tech and communication giants, as these parties spend millions filing applications or procuring outside portfolios.  On a much smaller ...

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Prior IP: Patent Cluster Visualization from

Prior IP (formerly SparkIP) is a neat site that is worth your attention because of its ability to automatically cluster and visually display technology areas with patent data. Today we’ll show you how to ...

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Inventors Hall of Fame: Otis Ray McIntire from

Today marks what would be the 93rd birthday of the inventor of Styrofoam, Otis Ray McIntire.

Inventor: Otis Ray McIntire

Born August 24, 1918 - Died February 2, 1996

Invention: Styrofoam Brand Foam: Patent #: 2,450 ...

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Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins from

No Software Patent When it Merely Implement's Mental Steps The Federal Circuit affirmed the District Court's grant of summary judgment of invalidity of software patent claims asserted in CyberSource v. Retail Decisions. In ...

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