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post image Coffee wars plunge into shape protection from

In the early hours of every morning, this Kat performs a ritual which will be very familiar to some readers. She (a) takes her clean cafetiere from the cupboard; (b) adds two big scoops of ...

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post image Branding and trademark discussion on Marketing Thought Leadership podcast from

I was recently interviewed by Linda Popky, the president of Leverage2Market Associates, on her “Marketing Thought Leadership” podcast. We discussed several topics including the practical and legal elements of a strong brand, with tips for ...

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post image Two more new titles -- possibly for review from

The publication of a couple more books has just been announced by Oxford University Press, but this blogger has yet to see either of them.  Details, from the OUP email circular, are cut-and-pasted below. If ...

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post image Public sector upscales effort to tackle IP crime -- and the Olympics from

Fresh from their anti-piracy training in Penzance,
these policemen can even cope with full-scale
cooperation with the UK IPO ...
The UK News Distribution Service -- which still concludes its media release circulars with the ludicrous message ...

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post image Spain follows Italy in legal challenge to enhanced patent cooperation from

Enhanced cooperation leading towards patent unity:
will Italy and Spain derail the runaway train?
The UK Intellectual Property Office's alerting service has informed the IPKat of the case brought by Spain before the Court ...

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post image Wafer Whiffle from

6,826,298 claims an automated semiconductor wafer defect inspection system. Owner Camtek asserted against August Technology, winning a $6.8 million award for lost profits and an injunction. August Tech appealed. An interesting claim ...

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WFU Law Professor Says Federal Circuit Failed as "Keeper of the Constitution" in AMP v. USPTO from

By Donald Zuhn -- In an article published in The Huffington Post on Sunday, Wake Forest University Law Professor Simone Rose accuses the Federal Circuit of failing in its duty as "keeper of the Constitution" with ...

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Federal Circuit Takes A Close Look At Patent Assignment Language from

In MHL Tek, LLC v. Nissan Motor Co., the Federal Circuit took a careful look at patent assignment language and determined that an earlier assignment encompassed all asserted patents, and so the later assignment to ...

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Bang Creations: a product design agency from

Yesterday I visited Bang Creations in Haslemere, Surrey, a "product design agency", following an invitation to see them. Stefan Knox, its founder, and his colleague Alan Ward explained to me about...

(From Steve van Dulken ...

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Q&A With Sarah Miller Caldicott, Thomas Edison’s Grandniece from

Sarah Miller Caldicott is the great grandniece of the legend himself, Thomas Alva Edison. She’s a motivational speaker, head of business consulting firm PowerPatterns and the co-author of Innovate Like Edison: The Success System ...

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CAFC in August Technology: the importance of conception to the meaning of on-sale from

The punchline as to the parties in the case AUGUST TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION v. CAMTEK was

We conclude, however, that the district court erred in its claim construction, and vacate the district court’s judgment of ...

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"Four of every five dissertations examined contained examples of word-for-word plagiarism" from

Within a post at artsbeat by one Patricia Cohen , there is the text:

The Findings: Four of every five dissertations examined contained examples of word-for-word plagiarism. Ms. Clarke-Pine found no difference between religious and secular ...

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Hypothetical Supply Chain Involving Sale of Foreign-Bound Products to Domestic Entity Does Not Support Claim for Lost Profits from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment as to plaintiff's claim for lost profits. "Even though [plaintiff] does not sell products directly to customers, it claims that it could have supplied [its ...

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Offers for Sale Prior to Conception May Create On-Sale Bar from

Yesterday, the Federal Circuit reversed a district court’s claim construction ruling of the term “wafer” in August Tech. Corp. v. CamTek, Ltd.  The court ruled that the term “wafer” does not include a plurality ...

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Samsung cites Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' movie as prior art against iPad design patent from

Late last night, Samsung filed its opposition brief to Apple's motion for a preliminary injunction in the United States. The main part of Samsung's opposition brief has not yet entered the public record ...

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Now that is a break fee! from

Widespread reports over the past 48 hours that Google must pay a $2.5bn break fee to MM if the deal does not proceed. It is reported to be the largest break fee negotiated. It ...

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Interview with Matthew Luby: How to Define a Patent Landscape from

The meaning of “patent landscape” is difficult to pin down.  How is a patent landscape different from a patent search?  What deliverable components does a customer receive when they order a patent landscape?  And how ...

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What future for Hewlett-Packard? from

Leading computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard has made the headlines over the past few days following its decision to discontinue the production of webOS-based devices Touchpad and Pre 3 smartphone.

This early exit of smartphone and tablet ...

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USPTO and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office launch Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program from

On August 22, 2011, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) announced the launch of a new Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot program. This program will make ...

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Time For Organized Labor To Pay Attention To Patents from

Earlier this morning, I received an email containing some fairly disturbing pictures, one of which is reproduced below.  While I have no idea whether these pictures were taken recently, or whether they are an accurate ...

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Intellectual Property & Antitrust Issues: Licensing Practices from

This is the second of a series of articles on IP and Antitrust issues.  This article deals with the need for licensing of intellectual property, licensing in the past and present and the antitrust concerns ...

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Lil Wayne Infringes Again from

By Daniel Davidson It seems as though the rapper Lil Wayne should entitle his next big hit “Déjà vu” after yet another lawsuit is filed against him alleging copyright infringement.  The latest suit comes from ...

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The value of a patent beyond its expiration date from

35 USC 291 states:

The owner of an interfering patent may have relief against the owner of another by civil action, and the court may adjudge the question of the validity of any of the ...

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EPIP Brussels Event Looks At Current Issues In IP Policy from

The annual conference of the European Policy for Intellectual Property Association on 8-9 September in Brussels will bring together leading figures in the international IP community to look at contemporary issues in IP policy. Related ...

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Judge Evan J. Wallach from

The Senate Judiciary Committee has posted the committee questionnaire of Evan J. Wallach on its website.  Judge Wallach is currently a judge on the United States Court of International Trade and a nominee for the ...

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Rockin' the PTO from

Well, that was certainly fun, wasn't it?

I was just minding my own business a little before 2PM when the building started shaking, seriously shaking. I got under a door frame, many others just ...

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