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post image Historical Patents: Industrial Robotics from

The first robotic arm was patented by George Devol in 1961.  This jump-started an industry and completely changed the way manufacturing works around the world.  Mr. Devol passed away at the age of 99 this ...

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post image Canada clarifies applicability of 'good faith' rule to granted patents from

A note from Canadian IP law firm Dimock Stratton LLP draws the attention of readers to a recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal in Corlac Inc. v Weatherford Canada Ltd (2011 FCA 228 ...

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post image Louboutin's Trademark Suit Against YSL from

Can a color be trademarked? The answer is it could be. Trademarks registrations have been granted for colors in the past. (See here for the USPTO's standard). But it appears, for shoe designer Christian ...

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post image Proof: Apple attacked Motorola, not the other way round from

My immediate reaction to yesterday's announcement of Google's proposed purchase of Motorola Mobility on Twitter and Google Plus was this:

I reiterated this in my first blog post on the subject and a ...

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post image Arming from

As a relative newcomer, Google has been light in its quiver of patent arrows. Its bid to buy the 6,000-strong Nortel patent horde was crushed by a consortium. Google has decided to arm itself ...

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post image 8 Millionth U.S. Patent Issues from

According to the USPTO website, 8,000,000 patent issued today, August 16, 2011.  The patent is entitled “Visual Prosthesis” and the inventors are Greenberg, Robert J. (Los Angeles, CA, US), Mcclure, Kelly H. (Simi ...

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Federal Circuit Explains Unforseeability Under Festo from

In Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Paddock Laboratories, Inc., the Federal Circuit rejected Duramed's arguments that prosecution history estoppel did not bar application of the doctrine of equivalents under Festo because the equivalent at issue ...

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"No one can trademark anything" from

A quote related to a dispute over copied bridal wear in India:

"These things don’t make any difference to me now; I have seen much more in life already. In the creative field, there ...

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Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction suspended for all EU countries except Germany from

Dutch website Webwereld, which also raised issues yesterday concerning pictures of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 presented by Apple to the Düsseldorf court, was first to break the news that the Landgericht (district court) Düsseldorf ...

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Intentional Corruption of Server Containing Accused Database Warrants Terminating Sanctions from

The magistrate judge recommended granting plaintiffs' motion for terminating sanctions. "[O]ne reasonably would expect [defendants] to promptly notify plaintiffs and/or the court of the alleged four day long equipment failure and damage to ...

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Split decision from US Federal Circuit on patentable subject matter from

For over fifteen years, from In re Alappat, 33 F.3d 1526 (Fed. Cir. 1994) to In re Bilski, 545 F.3d 943 (Fed. Cir. 2008), it seemed that the requirement of patentable subject matter ...

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11 Sources for Silly Patent Documents from

Let’s face it: patents aren’t renown for their humor.  Patents may be fascinating documents that hold invaluable scientific and legal information, but they just aren’t knee-slappers.  So where can a professional in ...

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Intellectual Property Proceedings in Canadian Federal Court for 2011 from

The following is from Alan Macek's [Dimock Stratton LLP] blog on Canadian intellectual property: Many of the intellectual properties proceedings in Canada are litigated in the Federal Court and Federal Court of ...

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Visual Prosthesis Innovation Receives U.S. Patent No. 8,000,000 from

Earlier today the Department of Commerce’s United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today issued U.S. Patent No. 8,000,000. The 8 million patent was issued to Second Sight Medical Products, Inc ...

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First Office Action Backlog Dips Even Lower from

Guest blog by USPTO Commissioner for Patents Bob Stoll
Last month we announced how our backlog of patent applications awaiting first office action by examiners dropped below 700,000 in June, and this month we ...

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Ghostface Killah Sued By ‘Iron Man’ Composer from

By Daniel Davidson In a complaint filed by longtime composer Jack Urbont, rapper Gohstface Killah and Sony Music are being sued for copyright infringement.  The infringed upon copyright is Mr. Urbont’s theme song for ...

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Antitrust IP Conference at Stanford - Oct. 6 from

"Should Google be considered a dangerous monopoly, or is competition just 'a click away'? . . . How will antitrust and IP rules apply to Open Source? What lies ahead for Antitrust and IP in China? What is ...

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George Devol, inventor of first industrial robot, died on 11 Aug 2011 from

George C. Devol Jr., inventor of the Unimate, died in Wilton, CT at the age of 99. Popular Mechanics listed Unimate as one of the top 50 inventions of the last 50 years. The first ...

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Gary Locke, once head of Dept of Commerce, in the news at Starbucks from

The Patent Office is in the Dept of Commerce, once headed by Gary Locke. who went on to become the first Chinese-American ambassador to China. Being ambassador is a big deal, especially when you buy ...

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"intellectual property has emerged as critical asset in mobile- computing competition" from

In an article on RIM's position in mobile phones, Bloomberg noted

Google’s move may prompt Apple, Samsung or Microsoft to go after RIM for its intellectual property, Misek said.
“Apple has to respond ...

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USPTO issues patent number 8,000,000 from

Today (August 16, 2011) the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued its eight millionth patent.   Sight Sound Medical Products, Inc. of Sylmar, California received Patent No. 8,000,000 for a visual prosthesis apparatus ...

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2nd Circuit: Publishers can control resale of copyrighted works if manufactured abroad from

It’s not often that a court decision about copyright law expressly acknowledges that the decision will be controversial.  However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit did just that in John ...

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Quality over Quantity: Examining Google’s Acquisition of Motorola Mobility from

News sources this week are aflutter with opinions regarding the announced US$12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. (MMI) by Google, Inc. (GOOG).  Unlike most billion dollar acquisitions, the deal is seemingly ...

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