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post image Article One Featured Researcher: Jonny from

This week’s featured researcher is Jonny, an attorney from Alexandria, Virginia.  He has a wide range of interests, and has degrees in biochemistry and political science as well as law.  While he had not ...

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post image PCC PAge 36: A woeful description of an Octopus from

Sparklingly specified by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), the PCC Pages seek to explain how litigation works in the recently-revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, taking as its theme a ...

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post image BIO: Unleashing the Promise of Biotechnology (pt.4) from

The Biotechnology Industry Organization believes that fully realizing the promise of biotechnology requires a comprehensive national strategy that fine-tunes some policies and overhauls others. BIO’s set of policy proposals address two vital needs: 1 ...

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Why Samsung was not put on notice before the European Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction was ordered from

Here's a quick explanation of how such preliminary injunctions as the one reported yesterday concerning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 work in German courts. In its official reaction, Samsung said the following:

"The ...

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Colleen V. Chien: Turn The Tables On Patent Trolls from

The concluding paragraph from a piece on blogs.forbes:

Until then, it’s not just patent trolling that is impacted by the potentially disproportionate power of high-tech patents – as the continuing onslaught of competitor smartphone ...

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60,000 gallons per (acre-year)? from

from Fadhil M. Salih, ClearValue Companies:

Microalgal biomass placed in a well designed production system and located in a tropical zone can be in the region of 1.5 kilograms per cubic meter per day ...

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FDA Looks to Multiple Sources, Including EMA Guidelines, in Developing Biosimilar Approval Standards from

By James DeGiulio -- In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine on August 4, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) executives presented a sneak preview of what to expect when the ...

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A Chautauqua on Patent Law from

Last year’s AIPLA Electronics and Computer Law Roadshow had one of the best line-ups of speakers that I’ve seen in quite some time.  It got me to thinking what would be the ideal ...

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Valuations Soar on Smartphone Patents and Stocks from

Speculation is boosting some companies for now; the shortsighted are paying a premium to compete. What hath the Nortel auction wrought? Never before has it been so apparent that the right patents in the right ...

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Apple's complaint that led to the EU-wide preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from

Yesterday I blogged about a report by the leading German news agency, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), on the EU-wide preliminary injunction Apple obtained against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Earlier today I explained why Samsung ...

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Apple is also suing Motorola in Europe over the Xoom tablet's design from

Here's a very interesting news item that is hidden deep inside Apple's complaint against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that led to an EU-wide preliminary injunction:

Prior to or simultaneously with the ...

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Lodsys v. iOS Developers: Apple Tries to Intervene (Again) from

Aaron Thalwitzer More Lodsys v. Little Guy news! As you may remember, back in May 2011, Lodsys, a patent troll, sued lots of iOS developers for patent infringement. Lodsys wants licensing fees from the developers ...

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Defense Counsel's Forged Email Confirms Non-Compliance With Multiple Discovery Orders And Warrants Terminating Sanctions from

The court granted plaintiff's renewed motion to strike defendant's answer and enter default for failing to comply with court orders after defense counsel's fraudulent claim that he had emailed plaintiff's counsel ...

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Atari, EA, Quickoffice and Square-Enix ask court to let Apple intervene in Lodsys lawsuit from

Four of the companies defending themselves agaist Lodsys in its lawsuit against (mostly) iOS and (partly also) Android app developers -- Atari, Electronic Arts, Quickoffice and Square-Enix -- filed a joint letter to the court yesterday that ...

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GPC Reaches Settlement in Mustek Patent Infringement Lawsuit from

General Patent Corporation’s subsidiary, Advanced Video Technologies, licensed Mustek under Its full duplex single chip video codec patent. The license was announced in an August 10, 2011 GPC press release: General Patent Corporation (GPC ...

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Primer: Journal Impact Factors and Author Rankings from

Without having in-depth knowledge of a particular field of study, it can be hard to figure out which sources of information are most important and influential. For this reason (among others), it’s nice to ...

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Survey: IP protection is one of the two most important factors of life science company success (audio) from

My Pepper Hamilton partner Ray Miller was recently interviewed by WMNY Money Talk 1360 AM of Pittsburgh, PA about the link between intellectual property protection and corporate management strategies.  The interview originally aired on Friday ...

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Standing issues in MHL TEK, LLC v. NISSAN MOTOR CO. from

A bad day for MHL TEK at the CAFC.

As to the district court:

The defendants again moved to dismiss MHL Tek’s claims concerning the ’496 and ’966 patents for lack of standing, this ...

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CBT FLINT PARTNERS, LLC: Obvious and correctable error in the claim from

As to the legal issue:

It is well-settled law that, in a patent infringement suit, a district court may correct an obvious error in a patent claim. I.T.S. Rubber Co. v. Essex Rubber ...

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