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post image IP, fundamentals and human development: all in a day's reviewing work ... from

The third edition of Fundamentals of US Intellectual Property Law. Copyright, Patent, Trademark, by the triumvirate of Sheldon W. Halpern, Craig Allen Nard and Kenneth L. Port, has recently come whizzing across the IPKat's ...

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post image Who cares about Patent Term?: Biotechnology Patent Applicants from

For patent applications filed since 1995, the patent term is calculated by adding twenty years to the filing date. US applicants can add up to one year to the term by first filing a provisional ...

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post image What Nortel means for IP and the IP Community from

I was out for a delightful lunch last week with Obi-wan Kenobi lookalike Ben Goodger and two of his colleagues from EAPD’s London office last week, the excellent and charming John Olsen and a ...

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post image Lodsys sues Rovio over Angry Birds for iPhone and Android from

[BREAKING NEWS - DEVELOPING STORY - still adding detail]

Today Lodsys has amended its complaint against mobile app developers and modified the list of defendants, leaving out one of the seven developers sued on May 31 (Vietnamese ...

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post image Collaborative standards for mobile technologies: a great deal for consumers from

The IP Finance weblog is delighted to host another guest piece by Keith Mallinson (WiseHarbor) on the issues raised by the inclusion of patented IP within industry standards. Do please let us have your comments ...

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post image Civil compensation for phone hacking: how much is it worth? from

"Phone hacking is illegal -- but just how much money will News of the World have to cough up?"  That most significant question is also the title of a media release authored by Hogarth Chambers' Nicholas ...

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post image Kodak Seeks to Profit from Patent Portfolio from

Eastman Kodak Company announced that it is "exploring strategic alternatives related to its digital imaging patent portfolios, a move reflecting the current heightened market demand for intellectual property."

Does this mean they're going to ...

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post image Sonya Ooten Files Jewelry Patent & Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Soixante Neuf from

Jewelry designer Sonya Frisina does business as Sonya Ooten and has a retail store in Los Angeles. Ooten owns U.S. Design Patent No. D544,389, titled “Metal Crochet Earring,” covering the ornamental jewelry design ...

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Trademarks Dashboard Overview from

Guest Blog by USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks Debbie Cohn

The USPTO introduced the Trademarks Dashboard for the first time in May to provide quarterly access to trademark metrics. This month, we are pleased to announce ...

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Bio/Pharm Legislation Watch from

By Donald Zuhn -- While the patent community has been focusing on Congress' efforts to enact patent reform over the past few months, several pieces of legislation have been introduced that would, if enacted, impact the ...

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USPTO Backlog Update: One Step Forward, One Step Back from

The USPTO has been touting recent data indicating that it continues to make progress in reducing the backlog of new patent applications awaiting examination. At the same time, the number of applications awaiting examination after ...

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Stay of Litigation Pending Inter Partes Reexamination Warranted Despite Possible Lengthy Reexam Pendency from

District courts are making increasingly detailed and sophisticated decisions on motions to stay litigation pending reexamination.  One example is the analysis performed in N Spine Inc. and Synthes USA Sales, LLC v. Globus Medical Inc ...

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Considerations About Applying for a Patent from

You’ve come up with a great new idea for a product that you’ve never seen before.  In fact, you’re sure it’s never been done by anyone before.  Here are some issues ...

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More on tax reform from

In yesterday's posting, I cited Rob Atkinson's new report on tax reform. In that report, he argues that there is no evidence of the claim that tax incentives automatically lead to unproductive over ...

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US Patent Office Proposes Adopting Therasense Standard from

In view of Therasense, the Patent Office is proposing to revise the materiality standard for the duty to disclose information to the Office in patent applications and reexamination proceedings. It is the belief of the ...

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Have investment banks discovered patents? from

Here is a little tidbit from a story today in the Wall Street Journal - Kodak Considers Options for Digital-Imaging Patents:Kodak declined to comment on the process of its patent sale or the value of ...

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“Crowdsourcing for Patent Validity” Videos Now Available from

Ray Felts, Vice President of Article One Partners, recently presented at Search Matters 2011 in the Netherlands.  Search Matters is a yearly conference hosted by the European Patent Office and features lectures about the latest ...

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New Top Level Domains are here to come, get used to it from

Despite the concerns expressed by the United States and the European Union, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has decided to allow the creation of new generic Top Level Domains such as ...

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Corporate Self-Interest And Strategic Choices: Gilead Licenses To Medicines Patent Pool from

Gilead's recently announced ARV licenses to the Medicines Patent Pool, although positive in some respects, still unreasonably limit the geographical access of key middle-income countries and restrict the sourcing of APIs and products to ...

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Kodak Looks to Sell 10% of Patent Portfolio from

The following is excerpted from an article by Liana B. Baker of Reuters published on July 20, 2011 by the Chicago Tribune: Eastman Kodak is shopping around its patents for digital imaging, responding to investor ...

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India-US Business Network Looking For An Executive Director from

The India-US Business Network (IUSBN) was created in April, 2010 as a non-profit, membership-based entity, and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The vision of the IUSBN is to create profitable and sustainable commercial alliances, and ...

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Chambers USA Recognizes The Gibbons IP Department as a Leading Practice from

The 2011 edition of the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business features 10 Gibbons practice areas and 18 individual attorneys ranked in the top tiers. The firm’s Intellectual Property Department ...

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5 Inventions Required to be a Future Gentleman from

With so many disappointing and disconcerting things going on, from the USA choking away the Women’s World Cup final (although a heavy congratulations to Japan is in order), to the politicians preoccupied with taking ...

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Oracle wants to increase its $2.6 billion claims based on Android's effects on Google's non-mobile business from

The latest filing in Oracle v. Google -- not long before a court hearing that is taking place as I write these lines -- reveals that Oracle seeks to increase the damages claims it previously presented. Those ...

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Patents Granted in Indian Patent Office Plunge from

The Indian patents system, having its seeds laid in the British era (1852) and undergoing sporadic replantations (the 1912, 1970, 2005 Patents Act & amendments), was appearing to grow tall and bear fruits until a noticeable ...

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USPTO Proposes Modification of the Duty to Disclose, Following Therasense in Raising the Materiality Standard from

In a four-page Federal Register notice of proposed rulemaking of proposed rulemaking, the US Patent Office has indicated its intent to revise its duty-to-disclose standards based upon the recent Federal Circuit en banc decision in ...

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The Pirate Bay University – Now hosting thousands of scientific papers from

Scott Nyman   I’m sure most of us have heard of “The Pirate Bay,” a website that allows users to post links to peer-to-peer downloadable content, known as torrents. However, as you may have gathered ...

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