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These tables show HOW Android infringes Apple's two HTC-beater patents from

Late on Friday, an administrative law judge of the US International Trade Commission issued a determination that HTC's Android-based devices infringe two Apple patents. This decision is not yet final, but if affirmed, HTC ...

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Protective Orders in View of Reexamination from

In 55 Brake, L.L.C. v. Audi of America, Inc. et. al., (case 1-08-cv-00177, IDD), plaintiff 55 Brake is a patent owner asserting patent infringement of its ‘587 patent by several large automobile manufacturers ...

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Describing Your Invention Completely in a Patent Application from

It is also very important to explain with as much detail as possible, paying particular attention to unobvious or counter-intuitive steps, connections or limitations, paying particular attention to any preparations that may be necessary prior ...

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Patent Office Deputy Director Rea Lays Out Administrative Initiatives from

On Mackinac Island, MI, Deputy Director Teresa Stanek Rea spoke candidly about changes to the USPTO under the leadership Director David Kappos, including patent reform, administrative procedure, the backlog, and harmonization efforts, among other issues ...

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Can HTC Get A Second Bite At The Apple While Creating American Jobs? from

By now you’ve heard that HTC has lost a critical stage in its patent fight with Apple.  In short, an administrative law judge at the International Trade Commission has agreed with the fruit company ...

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Non-Faculty IPSC Presenters from

The annual IP Scholars Conference is at DePaul this August, and the abstracts of accepted papers have been posted. According to the latest updates to the conference website, there are 137 presenters, and 19 of ...

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