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post image Novozymes Asserts Glucoamylase Patents Against Enzyme Distributor from

Novozymes is a Danish biopharmaceutical company that develops enzymes for a variety of applications, including for use in production of biofuels. Last month Novozymes sued an Illinois enzyme distributor called CTE Global (CTE) in federal ...

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post image Google: more lost trademark opportunities? from

I am a big fan of Google. I use many of its free services. But I continue to disagree with management of their trademark portfolio. The page below (from ...

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post image Not Nexium OK for Import - Ranbaxy v AstraZeneca [2011] EWHC 1831 (Pat) from

The first of two judgments handed down by Mr Justice Kitchin this morning, Ranbaxy v AstraZeneca [2011] EWHC 1831 (Pat) concerns a declaration for non infringement sought by Ranbaxy in respect of its proposed importation ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Friday, the ideal day to check what's on in IP. Do check out the IPKat's Forthcoming Events page here for a quick look some attractive options, away-days and networking opportunities.

Very happy, a ...

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post image The CFO: Your Trade Mark Window to the Company from

It's time for my periodic rumination about IP obsession No. 1--how does IP get handled within an organization? Let's focus on trade marks. Let's get behind matters such as multiclass applications, relative ...

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post image Got that upside-down feeling? Some IP news from the Antipodes from

Rarely does the IPKat find a single
illustration that so aptly combines
two unrelated news items as on
this occasion
The United States has a unitary patent system that appears to cover all 50 States ...

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Oracle wants Google CEO Larry Page to testify on Android acquisition and Java licensing talks from

A new court filing, entered late on Thursday, contains diametrically opposed statements from Oracle and Google concerning Oracle's request for permission "to notice and take four additional depositions before the end of fact discovery ...

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Rufus Roo® travel jackets from

Rufus Roo® travel jackets have attracted publicity lately, such as a big write-up in today's Daily Telegraph, "The flying jacket fooling budget airlines." It's a jacket with lots of pockets so that...

(From ...

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District Court Finds that Damages Expert's "Alternative Analysis" was Not Based on Sound Economic Principles from

The court granted defendant's motion in limine to exclude plaintiff's damages expert's "alternative analysis" theory in his supplemental report where he found the parties would agree on a $70 million lump sum ...

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Top 5: Exercise Patents from

Physical exercise is one of the most important ways to stay in shape and stay healthy.  While there are many different types and forms of exercise, today we look at some of the interesting patents ...

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Liechtenstein - IP tax at 2.5% from

Liechtenstein introduced a tax reform at the beginning of this year (attempting to rehabilitate its international reputation) which included changes to their taxation of intellectual property, giving a local effective tax rate of 2.5 ...

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University/Industry Partnerships Work: Don’t Kill the Golden Goose from

If universities were run like businesses, they would not perform basic research designed to push forward the frontiers of learning. Indeed, industry has largely abandoned such research precisely because of its cost and risks. However ...

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup from

It was a relatively quiet week in terms of foreign filing/patent law news, but there were a few interesting announcements. 

Here's our recap:

  • USPTO progress - the number of patent applications awaiting first office ...

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Decisive Week Ahead For Protection Of Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources from

World Intellectual Property Organization member countries next week will work on draft negotiating texts on the protection of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore. New recommendations by a set of developing countries is calling for ...

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“You Can’T Fake” Getting Sued! from

By: Rene Dial Wendys sued over “You can’t fake fresh.” The franchise known for red pigtails and Old Fashioned Hamburgers is being accused of infringing a Ft. Myers restaurant’s “You Can’t Fake ...

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Kootol (India-based troll with US and European patent applications) sends notices to many companies regarding Twitter/Facebook-style feeds from

The patent troll problem gets worse by the day, and it's turning into an think-global-sue-local business. Today, an Indian company named Kootol distributed a press release announcing that it sent "a notice" to a ...

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Chile Accedes to Budapest Treaty from

Our friends at HarneckerCarey recently shared some important news for patent applicants seeking protection of living organisms. On May 5th, 2011, Chile joined the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms ...

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ITC judge finds HTC in infringement of two Apple patents from

[DEVELOPING STORY -- updated as more information becomes available]

Google's Android mobile operating system is in serious trouble: reports that according to Bloomberg, an ITC judge determined that HTC infringes two of ten ...

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USPTO Public Training Portal from

The USPTO has a new public training portal that allows the public to view training courses similar to the courses that examiners take.  The home page states: The USPTO Training Portal offers, via webcast, the ...

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ACI Conference on Life Sciences Business Development & Acquisitions in Emerging Markets from

American Conference Institute (ACI) will be holding its Boston edition of its Life Sciences Business Development & Acquisitions in Emerging Markets conference on September 26-27, 2011 in New York, NY. ACI faculty will help attendees: • Implement ...

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ABA Webinar on the Patentability of Products of Nature from

The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Intellectual Property Law; Criminal Justice Section; Section of Science & Technology Law; Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources; and Center for Continuing Legal Education will be offering a live ...

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Business of Biosimilars & Biobetters Conference from

The Institute for International Research (IIR) will be holding its 3rd Annual Business of Biosimilars & Biobetters conference from September 19-21, 2011 in Boston, MA. The conference will allow attendees to: • Understand the regulatory and legal ...

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