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post image Corrupt Body from

Somewhat subtlety, but most assuredly corruptly, the courts are on a continuing crusade to limit patent protection. In the past four years, the capriciously subjective Obzilla (KSR) has trampled many patents, where an objective evidentiary ...

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post image Alta Solar Cells Up Efficiency by Slimming Down from

Alta Devices, a Santa Clara, California solar PV company, recently announced that its gallium arsenide solar cells have set a new efficiency record of 28.2%.  The company’s press release quotes Alta co-founder Eli ...

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Pharmaceutical Law Academy 2011 from

IBC Legal Conferences will be holding its 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Law Academy on September 6-7, 2011 in London, UK. IBC Legal faculty will offer presentations on the following topics: • Clinical trials; • Legal aspects of paediatric ...

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I Say App Store You Say Appstore! App Store! Part Ii from

By: Rene Dial The Verdict, Apple gets REJECTED! The recap.  Apple filed for the trademark “App Store” on July 17, 2008. According to the Order Denying Injunction, on January 5, 2010, the PTO filed a ...

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IPIC 85th Annual Meeting from

The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) will be holding its 85th Annual Meeting on September 14-16, 2011 in Chicago, IL. Among the presentations being offered at the annual meeting are: • Canada's Global Perspective ...

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Biosimilars and Biobetters Conference from

The SMi Group will be holding its 2nd conference on Biosimilars and Biobetters from September 26-27, 2011 in London, UK. The conference will offer presentations on the following topics: • The market for biosimilars: Unraveling the ...

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Apple loses out in East Texas, jury awards non-practicing entity $8 million from

I recently wrote that the trolls' business model works very well and provided some examples. Here's the latest one: according to Bloomberg, which cites a lawyer who represents a non-practicing entity in East Texas ...

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Apple and Samsung now bickering over schedule for potential preliminary injunction: early September or mid October? from

More disharmony in the intense, global patent war between Apple and Samsung: the two litigants responded to Judge Lucy Koh's request for proposed schedules. In its motion for a preliminary injunction against four Samsung ...

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Copyright Controversy: Senate bill S.978 – Big Brother Subscribing to Your YouTube Videos from

John Frazier, Jr., Guest Author There is a bill being considered by the Senate that could have unintended secondary effects. Senate bill S.978, sponsored by Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar, intends to “amend the criminal ...

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When Do You Have an Invention? Moving from Idea to Patent from

It is critical for inventors to document and expand upon any idea. If you continually add more details you will cross over the idea/invention boundary and be squarely on the invention side of the ...

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