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post image Nautricity’s CoRMaT Spins This Way and That from

Nautricity is a UK company that develops tidal energy technology.  Its CoRMaT tidal turbine, a 500kw device in its largest form, will be installed and tested in the Thames River alongside a former Royal Navy ...

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post image Delhi HC on remedies pertaining to trademark infringement and passing off from

In its judgment in M/S Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd. vs Mr. Raj Niwas, Proprietor of MHS, the Delhi High Court re-affirmed the differential evidentiary standards prescribed for trademark infringement and passing off.
The ...

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post image "You’re So Vain; You Probably Think This Plate is about You" from

ImageBY-NC-SA coolmallu  The IPKat is thrilled to have persuaded his friend and fellow-blogger Aurelia J. Schultz to metamorphose a brief Tweet into a fully-fledged blog post for him to host. It's all about ...

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IV, bidding or not? from

We’ve been trying to assess IV‘s role in the Nortel auction and whether they are bidding or not. Although there is no public statement of interest from them, this should be no surprise ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on June 26, 2011 from

Anthony Mason introduced the stories for Sunday, June 26, 2011. The annual money issue Money Matters. The cover story was done by Rita Braver. Everybody coming up with new ideas to induce boomers. A suit ...

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Pharmaceutically Speaking, Part 2: A Generic Post from

Danie Roy Earlier this week I posted an article giving a taste of some of the things I’d like to cover in the pharmaceutical IP world. Today, I’m going to explain how generics ...

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Nortel-the result we think from

Practising putting up an 8 man tent for our family holiday this year was excellent as relaxation time to sit back and think through the likely outcome (s) from tomorrow’s auction. I’ve got ...

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Wynton Marsalis on "60 Minutes" from

Wynton started off in The Rumba Palace in Cuba. Allan Jackson referred to drums as musical DNA. There was a solo by Ted Nash; Nash is the bands flipcam photographer. Marsalis stopped for a cafe ...

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Shareholders are Biggest Loser in Nortel Patent Sales from

Where Was Nortel Management Before Bankruptcy Filing? Significant patent value was not something that Nortel senior management apparently believed it was sitting atop when it filed for bankruptcy reorganization under Canadian and U.S. laws ...

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FDA Grants Baxter's Petition for Second 30-Month Stay Relating to Suprane from

"The MMA generally precludes multiple 30-month stays for those applications to which it applies." That is a statement from the FDA in a draft guidance document entitled "Listed Drugs, 30-Month Stays, and Approval of ANDAs ...

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Pfizer Fights to Keep Up Viagra Patent from

Kalen Lumsden is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. On June 1, 2011, Pfizer, manufacturer of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, filed suit against rival Watson Pharmaceuticals to frustrate its attempts to produce ...

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