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post image PCC Page 31: Tentacles flapping to keep head above the water? from

Portentously promulgated by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), the PCC Pages seek to explain how litigation works in the recently-revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, taking as its theme a ...

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post image ICANN goes ahead -- and the world will never be the same again from

All this talk of domains
can make a Kat go dotty ..
With a somewhat leaden heart, this Kat has been reading the news, courtesy of Guardian Online, that internet naming board ICANN has approved the ...

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post image In Favour of First to Invent: If It Ain't (Too) Broke, Don't Fix It" from

Whenever I am asked to give a talk about patent basics, I find myself invariably saying, at one point or another, that "it is different in the U.S." One of the most pronounced of ...

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post image Two More Eco-marks Dinged for Descriptiveness from

I’ve written before about the increasingly common challenge in obtaining U.S. registrations for eco-marks, i.e., the proscription against registering “merely descriptive” marks (see, e.g., my post about the HYBRID GREEN mark ...

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Novell challenges Lodsys's two core patents as Lodsys victim Quickoffice gets sued again from

Before I get to yesterday's new developments in the app patent arena, I also have to state -- for the sake of completeness -- that the East Texas-based court issued on Friday (June 17, 2011) a ...

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Chairman of Raymond Industries under criminal investigation for patent infringement! from

One of our regular readers, Irfan Modi, has brought to our attention this news report in the Mumbai Mirror regarding the criminal investigation of Raymond Industries and its Chairperson for alleged infringement of certain patent ...

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A problem of expert evidence from

VIP Plastics has successfully sued BMW Plastics for infringing its patent for a “Variable-length Dip Tube for a Fluid Transfer Container”. The most interesting point to emerge is why the expert evidence on one side ...

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Mann & Underweiser: New Look at Patent Quality from

"What can justify another paper about patent quality?" ask Ronald Mann (Columbia Law) and Marian Underweiser (IBM) at the beginning of A New Look at Patent Quality: Relating Patent Prosecution to Validity (a working paper ...

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Patent Zombie (No. 1). from

Reproduced with the permission of the author Timothy J. Riesen Patent Draftsman   (440) 985-8252 JW Note:  Above is the first of what I hope will be many contributions by patent draftsman Tim ...

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Delaware court rules on date of hypothetical negotiation and Daubert motion re damages expert’s reasonable royalty methodology from

On April 13, 2011, Judge Robinson of the District of Delaware issued a six part opinion. Three of the six are directly relevant to damages.  Boston Scientific Corp. v. Cordis Corp., Civ. No. 10-315-SLR (D ...

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Supreme Court to hear Prometheus from

The Supreme Court granted cert in the Prometheus case [628 F.3d 1347 (Fed. Cir. 2010) ] on petition from Mayo Clinic.

Note that one claim in question has two wherein clauses:

1. A method of ...

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To Corroborate Inventor's Testimony as to Conception Date, Evidence Must Reflect Elements of Claimed Invention from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment of anticipation and rejected plaintiff's argument that its satellite television patent was conceived prior to the effective date of the anticipating prior art. "Corroboration is ...

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Rutgers is wrong, again? from

As a followup to the IPBiz post
Bergen Record: New Jersey is in the toilet bowl
, note the following comments to a post about Rutgers 4-8 2010 football season:

"Restore winning ways" #1. Rutgers has ...

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Mayfair maneouvres and the Caring professions from

Burly When he hears the word "burly" in the context of night-clubs, the IPKat immediately thinks of bouncers standing guard to prevent the entrance of drunks, undesirables and (in the case of those who are ...

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4 Free Online Communities for IP Professionals from

The three words any modern professional lives by: network, network, network.  IP Professionals are constantly looking for new avenues to meet prospective clients and business partners, discuss the latest IP-related news and trends, and learn ...

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Article One Executives among IAM Top 250 IP Strategists from

Starting in 2009, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine has published IAM Strategy 250, an annual list of “The World’s Leading IP Strategists”.  The publication recognizes the leading IP experts in the field today.  Article One ...

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Anatomy of a trademark opposition Answer from

When a trademark application receives preliminary approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it is published in the public record in the Official Gazette. During the publication period, other parties have an opportunity ...

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Claim Drafting Checklist | Patent Claims from

Claim Drafting Checklist Judge Giles S. Rich (one of the most important 20th. century patent jurists) once succinctly stated “the claim is the name of the game.”  As patent claims define an invention, poorly drafted ...

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Cash Money Records Taking Over For The ’11 And The Copyright Infringement from

By Daniel Davidson We know that Birdman flies in any weather but do you think he will be able to fly in copyright infringement weather?  Bryan “Birdman” Williams and fellow entertainer Lil Wayne are going ...

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Oracle Aiming to Cash in on Android from

The following is excerpted from a June 21, 2011 press release from Zacks Equity Research published by PR Newswire: Last year, Oracle Corp (Nasdaq: ORCL) filed a lawsuit against Google Inc (Nasdaq: GOOG) claiming damages ...

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The New-Look Intellectual Property Watch from

We’re happy to introduce the new, more up-to-date Intellectual Property Watch website: sharper, smarter, easier to use. Related Articles:

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‘Long Overdue’ US Patent Reform Deal Reached; House Could Vote This Week from

US lawmakers this evening agreed to a manager’s amendment to the pending patent reform bill. The legislation could come to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote as soon as tomorrow ...

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Smith and Nephew loses at CAFC, but a textual issue in the decision from

The bottom line:

Because Smith and Nephew, Inc. (S&N;) presented insufficient
evidence at trial to support a finding that the RetroBut-
ton® device infringed Claim 8 of U.S. Patent No. 5,645,588 ...

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ImageCube loses at CAFC from

ImageCube, represented by Niro, Haller, & Niro, lost at the CAFC:

ImageCube LLC (“ImageCube”) appeals a decision of
the United States District Court for the Northern District
of Illinois granting judgment of noninfringement with
respect to ...

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EU’s Kroes Not Amused By ICANN Decision On TLDs from

By Monika Ermert for Intellectual Property Watch European Commission Vice President and Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes is not satisfied with the decision of the ICANN Board in Singapore this week to open up the ...

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