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post image Monday miscellany from

Not often seen in Algeria ... Around the blogs. Today sees the first in a weekly series of posts on Afro-IP which collectively will form an A to Z guide to all the official intellectual property ...

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post image Stomped Stamp from

The Court of Errors has become a butchery. Obzilla's minions, while on a tear, are cautious enough to roll their unjust killings under the rug in nonprecedential opinions. The instant episode is ...

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post image ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ through Litigation – Sergi Transformers v. CTR Manufacturing Industries from

A recent judgment on the 6th of June, 2011 by the Bombay High Court (available over here and here), in the case of Sergi Transformers v. CTR Manufacturing Industries has finally concluded a series of ...

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Downside of crowdsourcing? from

from the New York Times:“It’s very scary if people are going more towards that, to have audiences tell you how to make a show,” said Ms. Taymor, a Tony Award-winning director of “The ...

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Schumer: Strike Affirmed Patents That Cost Banks $400m from

Senator Seeks Free IP Pass for Banks Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, a staunch supporter of financial institutions in his home state, is seeking a double standard for patent rights that have been both granted and ...

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Innoventique, magazine for innovation from

Innoventique is the name of a free, quarterly magazine, with its aim being "how to make money from innovation". It is the successor to Inventique, and is available on the Innoventique: from...

(From Steve van ...

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Oracle claims against Google valued at up to $6.1bn from

An inside track from TechRawr on the range of damages claimed by Oracle from Google in the Android related patent and copyright infringement suit.;=585734260&gid;=786657&type;=member&item;=58549863 ...

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Nortel portfolio sale delayed from

The impending auction of the Nortel patent portfolio has been reportedly delayed, albeit only for a week. It seems that the auction rules have come in for some scrutiny. As well as Google’s known ...

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ICANN approves ‘historic’ new gTLD regime from

ICANN’s board meeting in Singapore today voted to launch new top level generic names: apparently 13 voted for, 1 opposed and 2 abstained. Currently, gTLDs there is a closed system, confined to 22 different ...

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UN Report Asserts Access To The Internet Is A Human Right from

Michael Gilburt is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. The United Nations has released a report that examines the relationship between Internet access and the right to free expression under Article 19 of ...

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Battle between Comparable Licenses and EMVR resolved in favor of Comparable Licenses from

Judge Everingham in EDTX was faced with a motion noting the tension between two (potentially) conflicting issues of damages law.  Specifically, he was asked to grant a Daubert motion for Plaintiff’s expert based on ...

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Prior user rights "would transform our patent system from one that values transparency to one that rewards secrecy." from

The Sheboygan Press noted of an op-ed by Congressmen Jim Sensenbrenner and Tammy Baldwin:

But last week, Sensenbrenner and Baldwin co-wrote an op-ed on a bill to reform procedures in the U.S. Patent Office ...

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Supreme Court to Revisit Patentable Subject Matter Eligibility from

Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. (Supreme Court 2011) by Dennis Crouch The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Mayo's petition on the patentable subject matter eligibility of medical diagnostic methods. The issue ...

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Supreme Court Grants Cert In Mayo v. Prometheus from

Today (June 20, 2011), the Supreme Court granted Mayo's petition for certiorari in Prometheus Laboratories, Inc. v. Mayo Collaborative Services, which means that the Supreme Court will review the Federal Circuit decision that upheld ...

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Damages Expert's "Real World" Negotiation Methodology Did Not Violate Guidelines for Conducting Hypothetical Negotiation from

The court denied plaintiff's motion in limine to exclude defendant's damages expert from testifying about his real-world negotiations theory. "Under this theory, two parties come to a negotiation with their 'best alternative to ...

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C’est un peu comme datant from

Danie Roy By now, some of you may have heard about the IP to-do over in France.  (Fair warning, original article is in French, but Google translate was pretty accurate.)  For those of you who ...

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Historical Patents: From Drive-In Theaters to Netflix from

The way we watch movies has slowly evolved from a group activity done in a crowded theater to an experience taking place in the privacy of one’s own living room.  Here, we look at ...

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Chicago Sun-Times writer fired over fabrication from

Paige Wiser, who had been at the Chicago Sun-Times for 17 years, was fired after writing a “Glee Live!” concert review which was padded with a discussion of a song that was not actually performed ...

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Burdick slams Quinn on "first to file" from

In a comment to a post by Quinn on "first to file," Bruce Burdick wrote:

The Act of 1790 was a registration system with only a CONDITIONAL first to file award of patent. The patent ...

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Supreme Court Affirms Patent Validity Presumption Standard from

In a unanimous 8-0 concurrence (CJ Roberts took no part), Microsoft Corp. v. i4i Ltd. Partnership, 564 U.S. (2011) (Decided June 9, 2011), the Supreme Court approved the Court of Appeal for the Federal ...

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IP Business Executives Meet in San Francisco While Congress Raids Patent Office Funds from

The IP Business Congress kicked off officially with a discussion titled IP 2015, which will examine what the IP landscape might look like in, not surprisingly, four years time.  Read below for a brief synopsis ...

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ICANN Board Approves Long-Awaited Plan For New Internet Domains from

The Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) today approved the Applicant Guidebook for new generic top-level domains, opening the door to potentially hundreds of new internet domains, like .africa, .music ...

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Intel joins the Nortel race from

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Intel has joined the race to acquire the Nortel portfolio. So far no reported bids from MSFT or IV as those disclosing ...

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Oracle seeks billions from Google in patent/copyright suit over Android software from

In a case pending in the NDCA before Judge Alsup, Oracle America, Inc. v. Google, Inc., Case No. CV 10-03561 WHA, Oracle is accusing Google of infringing copyrights and patents in Google’s Android software ...

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Tips for Protecting Your IP in China from

As a major market and manufacturing center, China has emerged as one of the top filing destinations for inovia's clients. Although IP laws in China have improved in recent years, enforcement of IP rights ...

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Will PTO Support Patent Reform Without Funding? from

Earlier today, I asked deputy PTO director Teresa Stanek-Rea about what effect a rumored compromise to strip the fee diversion portions of patent reform would have in the patent office’s support for the legislation ...

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Patexia Launches IP Research beta from

Patexia has launched IP Research, "a patent search tool combined with advanced visualization features that provides focused and specific insights into IP-intensive industries." Presently in its beta release, Patexia’s “freemium” service provides an advanced ...

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House to vote on patent reform from

Forbes/AP on 20 June 2011:

The House moved Monday [June 20] toward a vote on the most significant overhaul of the patent system in six decades after Republicans agreed on how to fund the ...

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