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post image The British Patent Box: consultation advances from

The Patent Box comes
out of the closet ...
In November 2010 the United Kingdom announced its intention to establish a 'Patent Box'. As the Treasury explained at the time,
"The Government is consulting on a ...

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post image JRC: does anyone know? from

JRC stands for Joint Research Centre, this being an organ of the European Commission which has just launched its new I3S web ("Innovation Union Information and Intelligence system").  According to the information available on its ...

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post image A Startup Company’s Experiences with Open Innovation-Part 1: Dealing with a Large Company with Small Innovation Goals from

For the past several months, I have been at the helm of Evgentech, a startup company with game-changing battery charging methodology.  Our technology was developed by young men who did not come from a traditional ...

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post image P2P: the aftermath from

Matt's PowerPoint presentation (not  attached here) was
one of the most devastating ever recorded in Holborn ...
Last week's Peer-to-Patent (P2P) seminar, organised by the IPKat and kindly hosted in Olswang LLP's ...

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post image Mobile Wars: end of one battle from

Busy days in the Mobile Wars. Nokia has announced today that it has entered into patent license agreement with Apple.

As we read in nokia's webpage, “the agreement will result in settlement of all ...

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post image Patent litigation and standards of injunctions from

Patent law litigation is comparatively new in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.  When hearing patent law disputes, Judges mostly follow the usual steps for grant or denial of an injunction.  This ...

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post image Spectralytics v. Cordis: The Jury Black Box; Teaching Away; Commercial Success; and Treble Damages from

Spectralytics v. Cordis (Fed. Cir. 2011) In a post-verdict opinion, the district court wrote that "if this case had been tried to the Court, the Court likely would have found the '277 patent invalid [as ...

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post image Commercial Success from

Spectralytics sued Cordis and Norman Noble for infringing 5,852,277, claiming a manufacturing technique for a coronary stent. A jury found the patent valid and willfully infringed, to the tune of a 5% royalty ...

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post image The ‘Original Sin’ of recognizing IPRS as a Copyright Society from

The last consignment of RTI information that we had received from the Copyright Office had included a copy of the official ‘file notings’ pertaining to IPRS’s original application to be registered as a Copyright ...

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Apple and Nokia settle patent dispute -- see I told you so: Apple pays from

Nokia just announced the settlement of its wide-ranging patent disputes with Apple that kept various courts in the United States and in Europe busy.

The dispute started in October 2009. Nokia emerges victorious:

The financial ...

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Obviousness Arguments to Avoid During Patent Prosecution from

Obviousness Arguments to Avoid During Patent Prosecution The following list of items was compiled after reviewing a number of Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI) decisions in which the Board found the Applicant’s ...

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Justice Breyer Resurrects Metabolite from

Justice Breyer's dissenting opinion in Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University v. Roche Molecular Systems, Inc. is interesting for more than his views on inventor rights and the Bayh-Dole Act. As I ...

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Nokia & Apple settle from

Reported on the newswires this morning, Nokia and Apple have settled their lawsuits. As ever no details of terms but it should I think be safe to assume ...

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Generic trademarks from

Many trademarks / trade marks have been in danger of becoming "generic" by being used as nouns or verbs in usage, and court cases sometimes confirm that they are no longer trade marks. Trade marks is ...

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Apple feels "harassed" by "copyist" Samsung's demands for early look at iPhone 5 and iPad 3; showdown on Friday from

With all that's going on, this is already my third blog post within a few hours. After reporting on The New York Times Company's and OpinionLab's declaratory judgment actions against Lodsys and ...

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NJ legislature tops in nation in graduate degrees! from

The New Jersey state legislature has the highest percentage of lawmakers with graduate degrees in the nation, according to a study of all 50 state Legislatures published by Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lawyers do seem ...

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Lamar Smith responds to Rogers and Ryan on Section 22 of HR 1249 from

PatentDocs posted the letter of Lamar Smith responding to Chairmen Rogers and Ryan on Section 22 of HR 1249. Within, Smith writes:

he USPTO is completely funded by user fees imposed on inventors and trademark ...

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$36 million in biofuel funding from DOE from

A story at AHN begins:

The U.S. Energy Department has announced $36 million in funding to six small companies in five states that are developing biofuels and bio-based chemicals. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu ...

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Non-Analogous Art Doesn’T Hold Water! from

In In re Arnold Klein, Appeal 2010-1411 decided June 6, 2011, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) overturned and remanded the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences’ (BPAI) decision that the considered ...

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America Invents Act Could Go To House Floor Today from

The Manager’s Amendment, and 40 other amendments could be voted on today. Among the amendments, a notable one backed by Congressmen Conyers (MI), Sensenbrenner (WI) and Mazullo (IL) would strike everything except for Sections ...

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Possible Treaties Brewing At WIPO Committee On Copyright from

Potential international legal instruments will be discussed this week at the World Intellectual Property Organization where delegates will try to find common language to address the protection of audiovisual performances, the protection of broadcasting organisations ...

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Featured Resource: Thomson Innovation from

Last week, we discussed CiteSeerX, a great resource researchers
can use for prior art searches.  Today, we continue on that theme, looking at another fantastic search engine for research, Thomson Innovation


Designed for Patent Research ...

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FT online very insightful perspective on Nokia & Apple from

A very insightful business perspective on the Nokia & Apple settlement from the FT online this afternoon. One thing that is worth taking issue with though ...

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Are you a one- or two-letter character in need of a domain name? from

The IPKat has recently discovered that Nominet -- the internet registry for .uk names -- is in the process of releasing a number of two-letter and one-character .uk domain names. Nominet's Legal Counsel Daniel Kelleher reliably ...

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Patent Reform Markup Session Delayed from

Reported this morning from Politico’s Huddle: The House Rules Committee postponed a planned Tuesday afternoon markup of legislation that would rewrite patent law because of an unresolved dispute over whether to give the Patent ...

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Apple sued over iCloud trademark from

Just last week I wrote that Apple’s choice of the iCloud brand name “could present problems (or at least costs) for Apple to control and/or enforce.”  Well…. last Thursday, iCloud Communications, LLC sued ...

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Guest Post: Gaston Kroub on the UKIPO “Green Channel” Initiative Two Years In (Part I) from

As readers of this blog are aware, there are a number of patent offices worldwide that currently offer expedited examination regimes for patent applications directed to inventions that promise to deliver environmental benefits.  As chronicled ...

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An Interview with Matthew Rodgers: Instructor of PRG’s The Art and Science of Patent Searching from

Have you ever conducted a patent search?  If you’ve done a patent search professionally, you will probably agree that there are many specialized techniques and concepts that a user must learn before they can ...

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In re Klein from

Many of the other blogs have gone into detail about the recent Federal Circuit decision in In re Klein.  So, I won’t go into detail about it here.  The opinion in the case noted ...

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Romanticizing the role of the solo inventor? from

On 2 June 2011, Mark Lemley of Stanford Law posted "The Myth of the Solo Inventor" on SSRN.

On 8 June 2011, the New York Times presented an editorial titled The Fair Rewards of Invention ...

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Cloud-to-Cloud lightning hits Apple in the States from

The IPKat's friend, Queen Mary's very own Cloud-watcher Kingsley Egbuonu, has been gazing at the iClouds and pondering on the prospect of a perfect iStorm.  The particular object of his interest is the ...

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