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post image Overall Patent Application Timeline from

The time series chart above shows the average utility patent application pendency for US patents grouped according to the year of issuance. These data differ from that normally reported by the USPTO because they do ...

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post image Mosley seeks referral to Grand Chamber from

For this Kat, it feels just like another day, another privacy issue before the Courts. Yesterday Max Mosley's solicitors, Collyer Bristow, announced that Mr Mosley has made a request under Article 43 of the ...

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post image It's a Wrap! Albert Packaging v Nampak [2011] EWPCC 15 from

Handed down yesterday, the latest decision from the Patents County Court (Albert Packaging & Ors v Nampak Cartons & Healthcare [2011] EWPCC 15) deals with the thorny subject of unregistered designs. As readers will be aware, the ...

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post image Top 5: Video Game Patents That Shape the Way You Play from

Even the most focused and dedicated researcher still needs time to sit back, relax, and play some video games.  Here, we look at some of the historical patents that continue to make your favorite games ...

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post image Federal Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction Where District Court Applied Incorrect Claim Construction from

Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. v. First Quality Baby Products, LLC (Fed. Cir. June 1, 2011) (nonprecedential)

In this case, the Federal Circuit vacated the district court's grant of a preliminary injunction in part when the ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Friday's the day for checking the IPKat's Forthcoming Events page. There's always something coming up, whatever your interest in IP.  You can access the Forthcoming Events page by clicking here.

New brooms ...

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Revisiting IDS Guidlines? While You're At It . . . from

As I noted last week, the USPTO is revisiting its guidance on the Duty of Disclosure in the wake of the Federal Circuit's en banc decision in Therasense. While the USPTO is reviewing the ...

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Government responses to ACIP enforcement reviews from

The Government has announced its responses to ACIP’s reviews of: post-grant Patent enforcement; and enforcement of plant breeder’s rights. On a quick skim, the main recommendation to introduce a Patents Tribunal to determine ...

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Android dispute: Microsoft thumps Motorola 17-5 in ITC patent claim construction from

Motorola Mobility suffered a drubbing in its defense against Microsoft's Android-related patent infringement claims. According to an 88-page claim construction order of April 22 that was recently published, an ITC judge -- Administrative Law Judge ...

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Bali Carty's photosensitive wristband, Sunband from

Today's Metro had a short item on Bali Carty, a nursery owner from Birmingham, England, and her photosensitive wristband, Sunband. The darker colour warns youngsters to apply sun cream. It's a nice...

(From ...

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Opposition to patent reform from

Dana Rohrabacher R-Ca, James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., are leading the opposition against the House patent reform bill.

See also the comments by Carl Gulbrandsen to AUTM, posted at Patent Docs, Not ...

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Us 20110078583: System And Method For Accessing Applications For Social Networking And Communication In Plurality Of Networks from

The first claim of US 20110078583 to Rathod Yogesh Chunilal:

A method of accessing applications for social networking, searching sharing and communication in a plurality of network(s), said method comprising the steps of: registering ...

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Non-Practicing Plaintiff May Not Obtain Discovery Concerning Future Products Under "Accelerated Market Entry" Damages Theory from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to compel the production of highly confidential information concerning defendant's future products that were still under development and would not be sold until after the patent-in-suit expired and ...

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LinkedIn Market Debut Merits Cautious Optimism For Social Networking Valuation And Privacy from

Dan Whalen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Stock in LinkedIn, the social networking website for professionals, went public recently, inspiring many to speculate about a coming wave of social networking IPOs ...

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The Great Firewall Of China In American Court from

Nora Sleeth is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Eight Americans are taking a novel approach to freedom of speech and have filed suit against Chinese search engine Baidu and the Chinese government ...

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Anti-Competitive Behaviour Alleged Against “Huggies” Owner from

Brent Randall is a JD candidate at the University of Ottawa. Kimberly-Clark, manufacturer of infant diapers and training pants under the Huggies brand name, was recently denied a motion to dismiss a counterclaim made against ...

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Fishin… not wishin from

This weekend I am up in far northern Maine just steps from the Canadian border. I am on an fishing retreat with family. Three generations of my family have been going to Wheaton’s Lodge ...

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$5,000 To $50,000 Reward For Prior Art from

By Renee Dial Company offers $5,000 to $50,000 reward for prior art invalidating patents on apps. Talk about a bounty!  Article One Partners based out of New York is offering big bucks for ...

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Oral Argument in NFL Lockout Case from

The Eighth Circuit heard oral argument in the NFL dispute today.  The case is captioned Tom Brady et al. v. National Football League.  Two former Solicitors General argued the case.  Paul Clement argued on behalf ...

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O’Reilly Radar Desperately In Need Of Patent WD-40 from

Over at the O’Reilly Radar blog, writer Andy Oram asks “Should the patent office open its internal guidelines to the public?” The question in Oram’s blog title is the last thing that needs ...

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