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post image Some Preliminary Remarks On COM(2011) 287 Provisional from

Galaxy of IP rights ... as seen by EU Commission

Today the EU Commission has published a provisional version of Document COM(2011) 287 titled Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the ...

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post image To boldly go .. LOCOG prepares to take on AdWords from

The Locogosaurus engages with the
Googleraptor in a fight to the death for,
er, the right to tale other people's money
Don't despair -- if you own a beloved trade mark but can't ...

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post image Every Lidl helps? A blueprint for Europe's IP from

Sacré bleu!  Merciless to the end, the European Commission waited till every Kat was out at work, toiling on other pressing projects, before releasing today's bombshell -- the announcement of a new blueprint for IP ...

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post image SpicyIP Open Government Project: Draft TK Rules 2009 from

Around 31 years ago somewhere across the T.V. airwaves, Minister for Administrative Affairs Mr. James George Hacker had tried to implement an ‘Open Government’ project which was unfortunately sabotaged by Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey ...

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post image OHIM Set To Become Official Host For European Observatory On Counterfeiting And Piracy from

OHIM, Alicante (soon to be augmented into an enforcement agency)

Today, the EU Commission has published a Proposal for a Regulation of the European parliament and the Council on entrusting the Office for Harmonisation in ...

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post image Shorted from

Semiconductor chip design meister Tessera has paid many a college tuition for the kids of patent litigators, as well as raking in boucoup in licensing. Today's episode sizzles from the ITC complaint dating to ...

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post image Should the UDRP be reformed? Don't go there, says WIPO from

The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) of ICANN, which is binding for all registrars and, by virtue of being incorporated into the domain name registration agreement, on anyone registering a domain name in a generic ...

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Report Gauges Economic Impact of Human Genome Project from

By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this month, the Battelle Memorial Institute announced the issuance of a report concerning the economic impact of the Human Genome Project. In the report, the research group indicated that the return ...

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Court Report - Part II from

By Sherri Oslick -- About Court Report: Each week we will report briefly on recently filed biotech and pharma cases. Alza Corp. et al. v. Impax Laboratories, Inc. et al. 1:11-cv-00395; filed May 5, 2011 ...

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Patent application pre-filing review from

Patent Application Pre-Filing Review The objective of this article is to provide a list of inquiries that one may want to consider if patent protection is desired.  Further, many of said inquiries will likely be ...

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The McInnis plagiarism business: how to spell Rollie's last name? from

In a post on the McInnis plagiarism business titled Scott McInnis plagiarism scandal no big deal to attorney disclipline czar , Alan Prendergast notes the infrequency of actual discipline in complaints against attorneys:

the OARC isn ...

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EU Commission: A Burst Of Activity Concerning Intellectual Property Politics from

Today, the EU Commission has adopted a strategy intended to to revamp the legal framework in which Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) operate.

The IPR Strategy sets out a series of short- and long-term key policy ...

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Plaintiff's Litigation History Negates "Cost of Defense Settlement" Strategy and Eliminates Need to Modify Court's Usual Schedule from

The court stated that it would not impose certain changes to its docket and discovery orders despite the fact that plaintiff had sued 95 defendants across 7 cases. "The Court has previously expressed concern about ...

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EU Commission Flexes Enforcement Muscles With New IPR Strategy from

The European Commission today published a strategy intended to boost the economy by analysing and applying polish to European Union rules on intellectual property rights, including increased attention to enforcement with a crackdown on small ...

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Where to Find Patent Documents from the Gulf Cooperation Council from

I recently learned that the Derwent World Patent Index now covers granted patents from the Gulf Cooperation Council.  According to the GCC Patent Office website, the GCC defines itself as: A regional office for the ...

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WHO Set On Reform Path With Concerns, Pandemic Plan Agreed, Counterfeits Not from

After ten days of discussions, country delegates closed the annual World Health Assembly today with the adoption of a set of decisions, one of which is a drastic programme of reforms that is intended to ...

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PCC Page 28: Stretching tentacles – having designs on costs from

Scintillatingly sculpted by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), the PCC Pages seek to explain how litigation works in the recently-revamped Patents County Court (PCC) for England and Wales, taking as its theme a ...

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Patriotic Patents For Memorial Day from

By Daniel Davidson This weekend is marked as our national day to observe, remember, and thank our military for their selfless and brave service they give to our nation.  Please do not forget to thank ...

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CAFC tackles UCL § 17204 in ALLERGAN case from

In tackling an element of California state law, the CAFC had jurisdiction pursuant to 1295(a)(1):

Although the patent claims are not presently at issue, they give rise to this court’s jurisdiction over ...

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