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post image US court refuses to dismiss appeal following settlement from

In what may appear to non-US lawyers to be a curious turn of events, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied a joint request by TiVo Inc. and EchoStar Corp. to ...

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post image Universities and intellectual asset management: a guide from

I've just been reading a media release from the UK government's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) which informs me that universities can now access a new tool to help develop and ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Some forthcoming events. The IPKat was in transit on Friday and didn't have a chance to remind everyone about his Forthcoming events page.  To make amends, he's doing so now.  In doing so ...

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post image International Patent Application and Prior Art Search: China from

From the Peer-to-Patent System that spans across the U.S., Australia, and Japan, to Google’s new translation service agreements with Europe, global initiatives are recreating the way crowdsourcing and technology shape and sharpen intellectual ...

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post image Mortarboard Patents from

Yale Law's Commencement is today. Although square graduation hats have been around since the 16th century, there have continued to be improvements in mortarboard technology; for example, a quick Google Patents search revealed that ...

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post image Super Injunctions: the IPKat reveals all ... from

It is true to say that UK privacy laws have been subjected to a very public outing of late. Indeed, they have very rarely been far from the UK headlines in recent weeks.
Most notably ...

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post image Condolence: Demise of the longest serving Controller from

This comes very late in the day, but is a condolence message that had to be written.

Last year, we lost one of India's leading IP figures, Shri Rajendra A Acharya, who passed away ...

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Patented sports equipment for the disabled athlete from

I have created a PDF of illustrations with brief equipment called Patented sports equipment for the disabled athlete. It is a contribution to the Sport and society: the Summer Olympics and...

(From Steve van Dulken ...

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Chemistry on the internet: the McNugget from

A post on the internet about the horrors of the McDonalds chicken McNugget includes the following text:

But perhaps the most alarming ingredient in a Chicken McNugget is tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, an antioxidant derived ...

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Patent Litigation is Heating Up: Lodsys v. App Developers from

Aaron Thalwitzer In response to a lawsuit threatened by apparent patent troll Lodsys, over a dozen iOS developers are trying to organize a boycott of the allegedly infringing in-app purchasing application programming interfaces (APIs). I ...

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McInnis cleared of disciplinary charges in plagiarism business from

Of the Scott McInnis plagiarism business, the Denver Daily News reported:

But the Attorney Regulation Counsel of the Colorado Supreme Court said on Friday [20 May 2011] that there is “not clear and convincing evidence ...

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Can you patent a trade secret? from

According to a recent court decision, the short answer is “no” if all elements of the trade secret are disclosed in the patent application.  However, the decision also notes that certain elements of an invention ...

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In the absence of blanket coverage from Apple, app developers should start to cooperate with Lodsys from

Note that by the time I am writing this post, Apple hasn't taken any position on the Lodsys problem of patent assertions against defenseless little app developers, and there's no guarantee that Apple ...

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Campaign Against America Invents Act Intensifies from

Some might say that they are a bit late to the game considering that the Patent Reform bill pending in Congress passed the Senate 95-5 in March and by a similar huge majority passed the ...

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Universities related to Intellectual Ventures [IV] from

As noted by the American Lawyer, Intellectual Ventures was compelled to disclose investors in the context of the Xilinx litigation:

IV was compelled to file the list of investors under court rules requiring disclosure of ...

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WHO Members On Verge Of New Framework For Pandemic Flu Response from

Enthusiasm and relief were palpable at the World Health Assembly last week when member states in committee adopted a resolution on global preparedness in case of influenza pandemic, and in particular on the sharing of ...

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WHO Group On Neglected Diseases R&D Issues Workplan With Timeline from

A World Health Organization expert working group on innovative financing of research and development for diseases particularly affecting developing countries will present its inception report and work plan this week. Related Articles:

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Mandatory Stay Pending ITC Investigation Does Not Bar Subsequent Transfer of Venue from

Defendant's motion to transfer venue was granted and the court rejected plaintiff's argument that a mandatory stay pending resolution of an ITC investigation precluded the court from ruling on the transfer motion. "[Defendant ...

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WHO Needs Another Year To Solve Differences On Fake Medicines, Committee Decides from

Country delegates gathered Saturday at the World Health Assembly decided to give another year to a working group in charge of making recommendations on falsified medicines. Unanimously, countries decided that more time is needed to ...

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Update from PIUG 2011 from

Well my first full day at PIUG 2011 in Cincinnati, OH is done.  Although I spent a good part of it eating Graeter’s ice cream, the news I learned is so interesting that I ...

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Trademark Infringement – what is it and how to deal with it – Free Conference Call from

This call will feature information about trademark infringement. We will review how to determine if someone could be infringing your trademark(s) and, if so, the steps that can be taken. We will also review ...

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Invent With Nokia? from

IAM Magazine posted a question on Twitter last week in relation to the new effort by Nokia to invite independent inventors to submit their ideas for consideration, and possibly commercialization, by the Finish telecoms giant ...

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Analysis of Apple's letter to Lodsys from

The first app devs to have received Lodsys's letter were only a few days away from a deadline to respond, and under that circumstance I already felt forced to recommend to app developers to ...

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Official: WHO Budget Cuts Not Likely To Impact Work On Innovation, IP from

Significant budget cuts being approved this week at the World Health Organization will not affect programmes related to intellectual property rights, innovation and public health, a WHO official has told Intellectual Property Watch. In fact ...

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Confidentiality issues related to Palin book by Frank Bailey from

A post at titled AP Exclusive: Former Palin aide pens tell-all
gets into issues of confidentiality:

The Alaska attorney general's office has said it's investigating Bailey's use of the emails ...

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Oracle wins postponement of decision on number of asserted claims until pre-trial conference; judge reserves option of stay pending reexamination from

Judge William Alsup (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California) has just filed his response to Oracle's and Google's joint case management memorandum, about which I blogged on Wednesday.

Besides ...

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US Promotes Multilateral System Of Internet Governance from

Betty King, United States Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, has declared US support for a multilateral system of internet governance and an open internet. The statement comes at a time when the US government ...

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Tessera Technologies Provides Legal Update from

Tessera Technologies, Inc. today, May 23, 2011, provided a status update on certain ongoing legal actions and announced a new legal action by its wholly-owned subsidiary Invensas Corporation in a press release at Business Wire ...

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101 inoperative computer medium from

Takeaway: The BPAI reversed a § 101 "inoperative" rejection for a claim to a computer readable storage medium. (Ex parte Riley, June 24, 2010.) The specification stated that the computer readable medium encompassed electrical connections such ...

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TESSERA, INC. appeal of ITC decision to CAFC fails from

Of the Tessara case at the ITC, the CAFC noted:

Because the Commission’s
decision is supported by substantial evidence and is not
contrary to law, this court affirms the determination of no
violation with ...

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Small matter, big problem: the story of the average sized particle from

Now where the deuce did that nanomouse go? The IPKat has frequently been preoccupied with interesting questions that have no obvious answer. Classic examples include "how long is a piece of string?", "where do celebrities ...

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