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post image Jurisdiction Fiction from

Personal jurisdiction can be a tricky issue. Radio Systems manufactures pet products, including a patented electronic pet door, the SmartDoor. Accession is a one-man show, a Mr. Sullivan, holder of 7,207,141, claiming a ...

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post image Tuesday tiddleywinks from

The IPKat's creative and imaginative friends at Anti Copying in Design (ACID) are full of surprises.  One such surprise -- designed to brighten up today's World Intellectual Property Day celebrations -- is the launch of ...

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post image Illinois Institute of Technology and Ocean Tomo Announce Collaboration on World IP Day from

The Illinois Institute of Technology and Ocean Tomo have worked together to create the only graduate level program focused on intellectual property management, the Illinois Institute of Technology Masters Program in IP Management & Markets. While ...

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post image World Intellectual Property Day 2011: Designing the Future from

“Originally referred to as “art in industry”, industrial design provides the means to differentiate between mass-produced objects, drawing us to one product rather than another, making one brand more successful than another. Behind every new ...

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post image Celebrating World IP Day: A Murderous Design! from

Here's wishing all our readers a wonderful World IP Day! As many of you know, WIPO is focussing on "designs" as the key theme for this years' IP day.

And this offers me a ...

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post image International Patent Application and Prior Art Search: Europe from

This is the second post in our second international series, focusing on innovation of the patent application process and prior art search methods.  Today’s post focuses on the European patent system, including an interview ...

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post image Pop the champagne: today is World IP Day from

In case you wonder why the masses are dancing in the street: today is World Intellectual Property day! This being the age of social media, there is of course also a World IP day Facebook ...

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post image Wilt of the Gilt from

The USPTO abruptly announced cancellation of it gold-plated patent program, promising hair-trigger action for a serious bribe. (Keep in mind that "hair-trigger" in governmentese is more like "glacial" by business standards. Einstein reminds that everything ...

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Panel Discussion on AMP v. USPTO from

The Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago (IPLAC) Biotech Committee and the John Marshall Law School Center for Intellectual Property Law will offer a panel discussion entitled: "Gene Patents . . . Statutory Subject Matter?" on April 28 ...

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USPTO Satellite Offices on Hold from

By Donald Zuhn -- On Friday, USPTO Director David Kappos addressed the impact of budgetary constraints on some of the Patent Office's plans for the coming year. He did so on his Director's Forum ...

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World Intellectual Property Day from

Today, the 26 April, is World Intellectual Property Day. This year's theme is "Designing the future". To mark the occasion the UK Intellectual Property Office has created a page that includes several...

(From Steve ...

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World IP Day from

Today, 26 April is World IP Day and is being celebrated across the world. This was initiated in 2000 by the World Intellectual Property Office to raise public awareness about the role of IP in ...

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WIPO Begins New Era With A New Office Building Of Light And Transparency from

More than two years after construction was begun and 13 years since its approval, a large new World Intellectual Property Organization office building quietly opened doors in March and the exodus from across the street ...

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Voluntary Amendment of Claims During Reexam Waives Right to Appeal or Seek Vacatur of Invalidity Judgment from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to vacate an earlier judgment of invalidity even though the claims that the court ruled on had been amended through reexamination following summary judgment. "By voluntarily amending claims 1 ...

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Global Events Take Aim At Health’s Biggest Enemy: Non-Communicable Diseases from

Non-communicable diseases such as cancer and diabetes now have a global reach, and are the leading cause of death, according to the World Health Organization, which describes them as an “epidemic.” Once considered problems of ...

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US Mission To Fund WIPO Work On Counterfeits from

The United States mission in Geneva announced today a new international initiative to raise public awareness about protection of intellectual property rights. The initiative is a cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization and has ...

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Open Access and Universities: A Hidden NPL Treasure, Part 1 from

In my last blog post, I discussed some resources where patent searchers could locate non-patent literature (NPL). can be useful for finding manuals, locates journal articles, posters, and theses in PDF ...

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Understanding NPEs: Patent Troll Myths Debunked from

I was surprised about how wrong my own intuition was, which is why I focus on the myths about patent trolls. Just about everything we thought we knew - good or bad - does not appear to ...

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Ranting on Congress: Not a Happy World IP Day in the US from

Did World Intellectual Property Day sneak up on you again this year? How could you let that happen? At a time when the United States Congress seems hell bent on destroying the patent system by ...

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Before-the-event IP litigation insurance from

The IP Finance blog has received information concerning what has been described as "an innovative solution to the intellectual property protection requirements of small and medium sized enterprises", following cooperation between McDaniel & Co Solicitors and ...

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Third Party Attempts to Protest or Otherwise Oppose the Grant of a Published Application from

Radio Systems Corp. v. Accession, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2011) – Part II As the facts are alleged in this case, after learning that Radio Systems had received a notice of allowance on its "SmartDoor" patent application ...

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Dr. Dre Wins Copyright Battle Agains Death Row Records from

By Daniel Davidson I’m sure Dr. Dre never diagnosed that he would one day have to fight for his music from the very record label that he helped hit the streets, but that is ...

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World IP Day 2011 Survey from

Sagacious Research is looking for survey participants: On this day of celebrating the Intellectual Property ecosystem, Sagacious Research has identified some of the important parameters that impact the IP ecosystem and will be instrumental in ...

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USPTO to Revise Reexam Practice, Is Patent Reform Dead? from

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is seeking public comment on a proposal to streamline the procedures governing ex parte and inter partes patent reexamination proceedings. The timing of this announcement, which appeared ...

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Screened Blog Comments from

Just wanted to apologize for the screening of comments over the past week.

I don't log into the blog every day, and do so even less often when I'm not working on a ...

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Patent reform 2011 over? from

In an editorial titled Sticky fingers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel nails the obvious: if Congress is will to raid the patent office piggy bank in April 2011, then all the talk about ending fee diversion ...

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Thanks, Congress. from

Last week, Director Kappos sent an email to the examining corps to advise them of the impact the FY2011 budget passed by Congress would have on the Office.

Pretty significant impact, if you ask me ...

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Stealing From Inventors from

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Congress, has just decided to steal another $100 million from the Patent Office, which is really stealing from US inventors.  We don ...

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Supreme Court Patent Case of the Week — Weston v. Charleston (1829) from

27 U.S. 449 (1829)2 Pet. 449 PLOWDEN WESTON AND OTHERS, PLAINTIFFS IN ERROR vs. THE CITY COUNCIL OF CHARLESTON, DEFENDANTS. Supreme Court of United States. 451*451 The case was argued by Mr ...

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