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post image New Researcher Webinar - Article One, Patent Research Tips, and More! from

What is Article One Partners? What are the Best Tips and Techniques for Researching Prior Art? 

Join us for our "New Researcher Webinar" this Thursday to get all of the information you need to become ...

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post image The River from

i4i squeezed $290 million in damages for an obscure feature in Word 2007. Sociopath Microsoft had tried to invalidate the asserted patent with suspicious testimony. Before the Supreme Court now is whether the patent invalidity ...

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post image Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ... IPO search for Latin lovers? from

Filemot bear has his own way of searching ... The IPKat has been busily chatting to his friends at the UK Intellectual Property Office about their plans for Ipsum-- an exciting new online patent file system ...

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post image Google and Facebook Patent Search Engine Features from

By Catherine Zielinski


As the search for information becomes more detailed, and expands in a variety of directions, many key companies are patenting the new types of search.  While Google is an obvious player in ...

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post image Genentech Files Cabilly III Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Benlysta And Arzerra Sales from

Los Angeles, CA – Genentech and City of Hope are the owners of U.S. Patent No. 7,923,221 (“the Cabilly III patent”), entitled “Methods of Making Antibody Heavy and Light Chains Having Specificity for ...

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post image Patent Office enables online file inspections from

As a part of its continued digitization/transparency drive the Patent Office has started hosting scanned copies of entire patent files on its IPAIRs system which can be accessed over here. The scanned copies now ...

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post image Concentration of Patent Cases in the Eastern District of Texas from

Patent litigator James Pistorino has emerged from the collapse of Howry as a partner at Perkins Coie. In a recent BNA article, Pistorino provided a brief analysis of patent complaints filed in 2010 with a ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Personal notes: (i) IPKat team member Jeremy is going to be very thin on the ground over the next couple of weeks, on account of his holidays, followed by a trip to the Fordham IP ...

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post image Two Riffs on Sublicensing from

Can there be a topic in IP licensing that is more neglected than sublicensing? When this Kat was asked to prepare a talk on the topic a half-decade ago, he was surprised -- no, he was ...

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Supreme Court to Hear Patent Infringement Case from

Aaron Thalwitzer Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear argument in Microsoft v. i4i, a case which could alter the very foundations of patent infringement litigation. Dozens of amicus briefs have been filed, and the U ...

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Use of financial services sector mark in City of London of 'more than local significance; from

The Fortress Participations BV logo The extent to which the scope of use of an earlier mark which is cited in aid of a Community trade mark opposition or cancellation is becoming an increasingly lively ...

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The royal wedding and trade marks from

On the 15 November 2010 the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton was announced. Understandably, some companies are interested in using trade marks that involve aspects of royalty to...

(From Steve van Dulken's ...

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Practical Implications Of Supreme Court’s Role In Patent Policy from

Microsoft has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a long-standing rule that requires patent challengers to demonstrate invalidity of a patent by “clear and convincing” evidence (as opposed to the more common civil standard of ...

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Biodiversity, Climate Change Policy On Convergent Roads, Paper Says from

Biodiversity and climate change issues are coming together under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), according to a new working paper from the University of Edinburgh. Related Articles:

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Twombly and Iqbal Do Not Apply to Affirmative Defenses from

In granting in part plaintiff's motion to dismiss defendant's affirmative defenses for failure to state a claim, the court concluded that Bell Atlantic Corporation v. Twombly, 550 U.S. 544 (2007) and Ashcroft ...

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Congress STILL diverting funds of USPTO in April 2011 from

from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on 17 April 2011:

Legislators siphoned the funds as part of the emergency spending bill drafted hastily to avert a shutdown of the government this month. The stopgap measure, which ...

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ITC staff advocates dismissal of Apple's allegations against HTC and (with respect to one remaining patent) Nokia from

Bloomberg's patent expert Susan Decker went to today's beginning of the hearing in ITC investigation no. 337-TA-710 (Apple vs. HTC and, concerning one of the patents, Nokia) and found out that the Office ...

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New VP For US Chamber IP Center from

The United States Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center has announced the addition of an executive vice president, joining from the brand-name pharmaceutical industry. Related Articles:

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WHO Group Strikes Landmark Deal On Global Framework For Flu Pandemics from

After a week of discussions, a good part of which centred around intellectual property issues, World Health Organization members agreed to a framework aimed at better addressing future influenza pandemics and facilitating vaccines access for ...

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Microsoft i4i Oral Arguments Complete at Supreme Court from

Hungar would go on to say that the clear and convincing standard "makes no sense," which nearly immediately drew the first comment from the bench with Justice Ginsburg saying that it would be difficult to ...

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Peer-to-Patent: IPKat seminar from

The IPKat has long expressed his enthusiasm for the Peer-to-Patent experiment, which has been trialled in the United States and Australia and will soon, he learns, will be run in the United Kingdom too. In ...

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April Teleseminar on Thursday: Protecting Non-Traditional Trademarks (including marching ducks, voice of Darth Vader & goats on a roof!) from

This free call will feature information about the protection of branding mechanisms beyond names and logos such as: sounds, colors, scents, product shapes, and building shapes. Learn about these “non-traditional trademarks” and how they can ...

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Microsoft Takes Verbal Beating From Ginsburg And Supreme Court from

Microsoft argued its case to the Supreme Court today, asking for a nine-figure judgment against it to be overturned. In the process, of course, the case could alter the requirement that patent challengers prove invalidity ...

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Could Apple Get Funded Today? from

Book Review of Great Again: Revitalizing America's Entrepreneurial Leadership, by Henry R. Nothhaft and David Kline. This pioneering book shows how the US can create jobs and increase per capita income. The policy prescriptions ...

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Supreme Court Considers Microsoft's Appeal In Patent Case from

The following is excerpted from an April 18, 2011 article by Brent Kendall published by Dow Jones Newswires available at Fox Business: The U.S. Supreme Court voiced ambivalence Monday about Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT ...

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Report Finds Internet Freedom Under Threat from

A newly released report on internet freedom found rising threats from cyberattacks, politically motivated censorship and government control even as the number of global online users continued to grow at explosive rates. The report, Freedom ...

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SCOTUS Hears Oral Arguments on "Clear and Convincing Standard" for Patent Validity from

Today the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Microsoft v. i4i, where Microsoft argued that attempts to invalidate patents using prior art not considered by the USPTO should be judged by a ...

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Summary of Microsoft v. i4i Oral Argument from

Guest Post by Megan M. La Belle, Catholic University Columbus School of Law Today, the United States Supreme Court heard oral argument in Microsoft Corporation v. i4i Limited Partnership, in which Microsoft has challenged the ...

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