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post image Reissue from

Best practice for patents that have not had all potential value squeezed is to file continuations and divisionals. Keep the patent alive to mine untapped potential. The only remedy to modify extant claims is reissue ...

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CAFC reverses BPAI in Tanaka: adding dependent claim proper in re-issue from

The key text in the Tanaka decision of the CAFC, which reverses the underlying BPAI decision:

Nearly a half century ago, our predecessor court, the
Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, clearly stated that
adding ...

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Trademark rights to "Tavern on the Green" from

Dinersjournal noted: The Tavern on the Green Food Truck Terrace, at 67th Street and Central Park West, opens for the first time this season on Saturday at 11 .m. and on Sunday [April 17] from ...

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Coca Cola Files Opposition to “Cocaine” Trademark in Chile from

By: Mark R. Malek As you may know, Coca Cola has one of the biggest trademark portfolios in the world and one of the most valuable trademark portfolios.  I was told one time that everything ...

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Are methods for doing business eligible for patent protection? from

Yes.  In a recent case, the United States Supreme Court held that business methods are eligible for patent protection.  Bilski v. Kappos (2010).  However, it was a close call since the 9 Supreme Court Justices ...

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Green Sunset?: A USPTO Green Patent Fast Track Update from

In previous posts (most recently here), I’ve written about the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) green technology pilot program to expedite examination of green patent applications. The latest USPTO green technology ...

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Drafting Patent Applications: Writing Method Claims from

Method or process claims will include active steps to achieve a certain result. In method claims the transition is typically either “comprising” or “comprising the steps of.” While legally there may be some distinction between ...

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