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post image Letter from AmeriKat I: Good Day Sunshine (TMs and ©) from

The AmeriKat has been watching the English public embrace the change of the season this week. On Friday she slinked outside for her midday patrol and perched on a bench in Gray's Inn, with ...

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Letter from AmeriKat II: Good Day Sunshine (patents) from

Google's $900 million bid for Nortel's patents
Last Monday Google announced a bid to buy almost 6000 patents and patent applications from Nortel, the bankrupt Canadian telecoms equipment manufacturer, for $900 million. The ...

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CBS Sunday Morning on April 10, 2011 from

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 10, 2011 on CBS Sunday Morning. The general theme was "Animal attraction." The cover story is by Jim Axelrod on our pets. Second, Rita Braver talked about the ...

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More on the Myriad case from

UPI has a post on the Myriad case titled Under the U.S. Supreme Court: Can you patent the building blocks of life?

Revenue for Myriad in 2010 was $363 million.

See also IPBiz post ...

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Superconducitity from

Discussing the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity in an article One of the great puzzles of science celebrates its centenary, irishtimes writes:

And then, along came superconductivity mark II. In 1986, Alex Müller ...

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Supreme Court Patent Case of the Week: Pennock v. Dialogue (1829) from

27 U.S. 1 (____) 2 Pet. 1 ABRAHAM L. PENNOCK & JAMES SELLERS, PLAINTIFFS IN ERROR vs. ADAM DIALOGUE. Supreme Court of United States. 4*4 Mr Webster, for the plaintiff in error. Mr Sergeant ...

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"60 Minutes" on April 10, 2011 from

"The Murder of Louis Allen." The story began with a visit to Liberty, Mississippi. Cynthia Deidle of the FBI was interviewed first. A man named Moses met Louis Allen, who ran a timber shop in ...

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Made for Apple, OR ELSE! from

By Scott Nyman It’s no surprise that Apple holds a large portfolio of intellectual properties. In fact, there are websites dedicated to tracking new patents and trademarks issued to Apple, such as www.patentlyapple ...

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Sub-Prime Patent Coverage From The Independent from

Stephen Foley, evidently a prolific writer for the UK journal The Independent, evidences fundamental misunderstandings of the patent system. After oversimplifying the “mortgage crisis” in America, Foley relates the phenomenon to the US patent system ...

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Snooping and Privacy in Ontario from

Professor David Vaver of Osgoode Hall Law School & member of IP Osgoode’s Advisory Board. Can one’s bank account be spied on with impunity?  In Ontario it seems so, if the decision of the ...

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Red Hot: Fashion Designers Wage War over Shoes from

Ashlee Froese is an Osgoode Hall alumnus and currently practices intellectual property at the law firm of Keyser Mason Ball LLP. If you see a woman wearing these shoes, three things can be deduced.  One ...

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Lewisite appears on CSI: Miami from

Lewisite, a toxic gas, also known as "Dew of Death." and the new G-34, made an appearance in CSI: Miami on April 10, 2011.
As a toxic material, Lewisite is somewhat interesting, being first reported ...

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Irresponsible (Or Dishonest) Journalism From SF Chronicle On Patent Reform from

Gary Shapiro’s ridiculously misinformed views on patent reform and Stephen Foley’s ignorant rant about “patent value” were (in addition to complete garbage) arguably nuanced opinions, albeit borrowed from others without regard to actual ...

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Forbes Jumps on the Anti-Patent Anti-Intellectual Bandwagon from

Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine, was a strong defender of the US patent system.  He followed in the footsteps of one of his hero’s, Ronald Reagan, who made strengthening the US patent system ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

April 13-15, 2011 - Intellectual Property Counsels Committee (IPCC) Spring Conference & Meeting (Biotechnology Industry Organization) - Seattle, WA April 15, 2011 - 2nd Annual John Marshall Law School Review of Intellectual Property Law Symposium - Chicago, IL April 27 ...

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