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post image Vikings to go Luxembourg: it's a gas -- and the scent of perfume too from

Yesterday the peaceful, leafy glades of Luxembourg were subjected to a Viking invasion. Well, it was the day of the Advocate General's Opinion in Case C-46/10 Viking Gas A/S v BP Gas ...

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post image Delhi HC ejects petitions against Copyright Societies & Copyright Act from

Ranjan Jha, an advocate practicing before the Delhi High Court, has alerted us to this decision of the Division Bench of the Delhi High Court pronounced yesterday and available over here. We had briefly mentioned ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Forthcoming events. Don't you just love them? The thrill of that brief encounter with a new IP proposition. The frisson of that free coffee which comes with your registration fee.  The fond farewells after ...

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post image Top 5: Patent Filing Companies in 2010 from

By Catherine Zielinski


In 2010, IBM was granted more than 5,000 patents, driving competition among companies worldwide in an effort to win the innovation race.  Indeed, the USPTO granted more utility patents in 2010 ...

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post image Premium Brands and Private Label Products: The Inflation Challenge from

Certainly one of the ongoing point/counterpoint narratives in the world of brands is the competition between premium brands and their private label product rivals. For premium brands to flourish, they prefer a robust economy ...

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post image Forty years at the helm: Charles Gielen celebrates from

The Rock: a great place to work
if you enjoy watching trains
from high-up windows
This member of the IPKat team has just returned from Amsterdam, where he spent a delightful morning yesterday exploring the ...

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Google Patents Changing Your Logo, Sometimes from

by Aaron Thalwitzer You know how Google changes its logo on holidays and for other seemingly random and often cutesy things? Yep. Google just got a patent for that. (It’s actually called “Google Doodles ...

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Another Instance Of Outsourcing – A Highly Unhealthy Phenomena from

[* Slightly long post]

Outsourcing commonly refers to contracting out of a business function - one previously performed in-house to an external provider. The Indian statutory authorities appear to have embraced this phenomena which amount to candid ...

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Analysis of new Novell patent deal structure according to OSI statement from

Having just read the Open Source Initiative's latest statement on the sale of 882 Novell patents to CPTN Holdings LLC, I see a probability of 90% that the consummation of the transaction is now ...

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Japan Disaster puts Supply Chain in Disarray from

Ivy Tsui is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Almost a month after the disaster in Japan, dire effects are still emerging. Global companies, including Sony, Apple Inc., and Nokia, are facing a ...

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Gary Shapiro Shilling A Massive Load Of Patent Tripe from

Gary Shapiro, blogging over at, appears to have swallowed a load of patent tripe that he now wants the rest of us to swallow, but he’s got a lot to learn about ...

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Study: Change Needed At Plant Varieties Agency; WTO Talks Food Standards from

A new study has recommended changes at the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) in Geneva, which is seen as having an enormous impact on global agricultural research. Separately, World ...

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Most Inventions Eligible for Patent Protection from

The claim section is the most important part of the patent. The claims define the buondaries of patent protection afforded under the patent and the Patent Office. The claims are also reviewed by the courts ...

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USPTO to remain open if federal government shutdown occurs from

According to an April 7, 2011 press release from the United States Patent and Trademark Office: In the event of a government shutdown on April 9, 2011, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will ...

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The New Patent Licensing Regime from

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: throw the old rulebook out the window.  The rules for patent licensing changed suddenly and quickly last week when patent owners, for the first ...

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WHO Experts On R&D Financing Aims To Find Solutions, With Short Timeline from

The search for innovative solutions to engage research and development of health products for diseases that particularly affect developing countries is the core mission of a World Health Organization working group that met this week ...

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USPTO will remain open until April 18 in the event of government shutdown from

In a press release, the USPTO stated it has sufficient available funds not tied to the current fiscal year that it will be able to remain open for six days following any shutdown of government ...

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Two More Countries Sign Nagoya Protocol, 42 To Go from

The secretariat of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity announced on 7 April that two more countries have ratified the Nagoya Protocol. Related Articles:

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Judge Reyna Sworn-In from

Judge Jimmie V. Reyna was sworn in as the newest circuit judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit yesterday. Judge Reyna was sworn-in by Chief Judge Rader. Judge Reyna was ...

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Is there Life after EU Patent Court Death? from

The recent opinion by the European Court of Justice that the proposed EU Patent Court contravenes EU law, has caused many to believe that the EU patent court is at a dead end and that ...

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Alzheimer’s Research Patent Dispute: The Indefensible Patent Case from

What do you call 1000 patent lawyers chain together at the bottom of the ocean? (A: For all I know, infringement of some patent related to chaining things together at the bottom of the ocean ...

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ACI "Paragraph IV Disputes" Conference, New York City, May 3-4 from

American Conference Institute will be holding its 5th annual "Paragraph IV Disputes" conference in New York City on May 3rd and 4th at the Marriott New York Downtown. This is a great conference if you ...

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Drug Firms and Patent "Working": Extent of Compliance with Form 27 from

As promised in a previous post, we now bring you the full report of our RTI investigation into Form 27 (patent working) compliance issue. This report details out our rather tortuous tryst with the patent ...

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