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post image Screenwriter Sues Disney/Pixar For Copyright Infringement Over Cars Animated Movie from

Los Angeles, CA – Screenwriter Jake Mandeville-Anthony is suing Disney and Pixar for allegedly infringing his copyrights through their release of the animated motion picture “Cars”. Plaintiff claims that beginning in 1992, he drafted screenplays, treatments ...

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post image Has Spring arrived early for Interflora? from

Has Spring arrived early -- or too early --
for Interflora in its battle with M&S;?
Springtime is the time for flowers, which makes it totally appropriate that the first little buds should begin to appear ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbit: Google test pilots its Innovation Incubator program in SA from

While Google may be facing criticism for trying to take too much power into their own hands with respect to their digitalisation of orphan works (see Amlan's upcoming post for more on this), I ...

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post image Crowdsourcing Series: Search Engines and Translations from

This is the sixth post in our seven-part series titled “The Invaluable Contribution of Crowdsourcing”. We’ve learned about everything from the history of crowdsourcing to its incorporation into popular culture and practical use. Stay ...

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post image Google takes it on the Chin from

The bigger they are, the harder they fall:
but might there still be a settlement?
In a decision which has attracted much satisfaction, considerable attention and little surprise (at least among many authors, copyright enthusiasts ...

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post image IP standards and the real world: a reader writes from

Marco Alexandre Saias (Director of the Brokerage Departament, IP Solutions) has taken up the challenge to write a piece for this weblog on IP and standards -- not the FRAND variety, but standards of service provided ...

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post image No Shopping, Please from

It is a fundamental tenet that consumers shop for what they perceive as the best value. A few years ago, patent holders, seeking to consume justice, could do the same. Many district court judges, quite ...

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post image The Continuing Saga of ResQNet -- How Discoverable are Patent Settlement Negotiations? from

Since the Federal Circuit's decision in, Inc. v. Lansa, Inc., 594 F.3d 860 (Fed. Cir. 2010), holding that "litigation based" settlement agreements were at least potentially relevant to the determination of ...

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Google to translate European patent texts from

Bloomberg reports:

Google will have access to existing translations held by the European Patent Office, the company said in a statement, and will provide its translation technology without charge on the patent office’s website ...

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Urban Legends – Poor Man’s Patent from

By Scott Nyman Recently, I had a potential client ask me how to acquire a “poor man’s patent.” The poor man’s patent is an urban legend, a myth, and and provides protection on ...

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IPO Dearth: How Sarbanes Oxley is Killing Innovation from

The Wall Street Journal has reports that only 72 venture went public last year.  Professor Bainbridge has an excellent post analyzing the damage done by SOX – please read the full article.  This just adds to ...

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CAFC: "Apotex’s conduct in this case is particularly egregious" from

One has to wonder "why" Apotex filed a cross-appeal in the case Aventis v. Apotex.
Apotex had won at the district court level: all the asserted claims of
the patents in suit were invalid for ...

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Clearing the Oldest Patent Applications from

Patrick Anderson (PatentCalls and GametimeIP) pointed me to an interesting discussion on the just_n_examiner website regarding a USPTO initiative called COPA – Clearing the Oldest Patent Applications. In a recent memorandum to examiners, USPTO Patent Commissioner ...

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Patent protection for stem cells in Europe? from


from ScienceBusiness:

Brüstle was granted a German patent relating to his method in 1999, but this was subsequently challenged by the environmental pressure group, Greenpeace, on the ...

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"Technology Patent Portfolio Strategy" from

See the flowchart "Technology Patent Portfolio Strategy"

Although this post suggests the Patent & Trademark Office must be run by geezers , readers of Fark know better.
Fark on patent examiners at the patent office

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ExxonMobil biofuel ad banned in England from

A post on Euractiv noted

In the ExxonMobil ad, a scientist said that "in using algae to form biofuels, we're not competing with the food supply, and they absorb CO2, so they help solve ...

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Google: Battlefield Opponent Or Sitting Duck? Android Patent Assault Continues from

Bill Snyder has an excellent article this morning about Microsoft’s war declaration against the Google-created Android OS. Snyder asks Is Microsoft trying to kill Google’s Android OS by blasting lawsuits at device sellers ...

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J2 Global Prevails in Patent Markman Hearing from

The following is excerpted from a March 21, 2011 j2 Global press release: j2 Global Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM), the provider of cloud-based, value-added communication, messaging and data backup services, today announced that the U ...

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