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post image Green Patent Acquisitions: A Wind Giant Gets Taller from

GE, already dominant in the U.S. wind turbine market, is getting into the wind tower business, with a recent announcement that it would buy Wind Tower Systems (Wind Tower).  Wind Tower is a Park ...

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post image Major irregularities in Mr. Rahaman’s appointment to the Intellectual Property Appellate Board from

As most of our readers may already know, the constitutionality of the IPAB has been challenged on the grounds that it violates the ‘separation of powers’ between the Executive and the Judiciary. We had filed ...

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post image Ruminations on IP Due Diligence from

A busy time for M&A; activity inevitably includes increased due diligence work. Let's be honest: due diligence is the necessary, essential, but the oh-so-very grunt work of a transaction. Middle and junior level ...

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post image "Win the game, or lose the plot?" from

Messrs Richards and Jagger, carefully restored to their
pristine condition thanks to Botox.  Their composing
methods, as described in Keith Richards' autobiography
Life, were the subject of close scrutiny at the seminar
"Win the game ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Don't forget to check the IPKat's Forthcoming Events listings.  There are quite a few new additions -- and lots of stimulating subjects for the discerning IP enthusiast (for the non-discerning enthusiast, refreshments are generally ...

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post image The new wealth of nations? from

Borrowing the (in my mind bold) theme from CIP Forum 2011 and tying on Johan's previous post on patent filing, I'll try to give an my angle at this.
Johan touches upon a ...

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post image Never ending patents? from

Monday The New York Times published Drug Firms Face Billions in Losses in ’11 as Patents End.

Some interesting “pills”:

"At the end of November, Pfizer stands to lose a $10-billion-a-year revenue stream when the ...

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post image DIPP responds to RTI queries on IPAB from

The DIPP finally replied to our RTI queries two weeks and has provided us a ton of photocopies of several documents pertaining to the IPAB’s functioning and appointments. The RTIs were filed with an ...

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post image An update on the Wiley cases & 'parallel exports' from

The ‘parallel import’ debate between publishers and civil society is slowly but steadily losing any semblance of decency and is anything but ‘civil’. Clearly the gloves are off! I’m going to refrain from lending ...

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Can The House Do Patent Reform The Right Way? from

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard that the Senate overwhelmingly approved S. 23, the Patent Reform America Invents Act. If the jingle is running through your head, you obviously know that ...

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Fabry Patients Sue Genyzme for Damages Caused By Fabrazyme Rationing from

By James DeGiulio -- Since 2009, we have been tracking the story surrounding Genzyme's enzyme replacement drug Fabrazyme, which started with a problem at Genzyme's manufacturing facilities and led to nationwide shortages of the ...

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“Aspect of the invention” from

In the book Drafting Patents for Litigation and Licensing (published by BNA Books and the ABA section of Intellectual Property) the authors caution that to avoid an argument that a patent specification has described an ...

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CSI's "The List" on March 10, 2011 from

An interesting low-profile "cross branding" appeared visually on CSI's "The List", which was broadcast on March 10, 2011.
Concerning some transactions relating to a payout on life insurance for a person who wasn't ...

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Caribbean IP: Establishing An Arbitral Tribunal For The Region from

The use of arbitration across the Caribbean has been largely within the context of trade union disputes and is still something of a novelty in resolving commercial and private disputes in the region. Related Articles ...

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New look for the Espacenet patent database from

The Espacenet patent database has a new look format, Version 5, which will take over from the current format in a few months' time. The database, hosted by the European Patent Office (EPO), is meant ...

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New Starbucks logo: Love it or leave it? from

A few weeks ago, Starbucks unveiled a new logo in celebration of its 40th anniversary. As you can see from the image below from Starbucks website, the new logo is not a drastic departure, but ...

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Bill C-32 and Digital Locks: An Uneasy Balance from

Lidiya Yermakova is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School, taking the course Law & Social Change: Law & Music. The Copyright Modernization Act, otherwise known as Bill C-32, is a proposal put forth by the ...

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Making innovation happen -- the role of standards from

Here is good argument for the positive role of government standards in promoting innovation by Roger Pielke in today's New York Times-- Let There Be More Efficient Light. As he points out, innovation in ...

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Top 5 Online Research Tools from

By Catherine Zielinski


Although many Researchers submit prior art found in their home or library, most of them begin the search process with an online focus around education.  To be successful in prior art search ...

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Less-Than-Cost-of-Defense Settlements Do Not Warrant Rule 11 Sanctions When Used to Raise Capital for Litigation from

The court denied defendants' motion for Rule 11 sanctions and rejected the argument that plaintiff's "settlements with other defendants for less than the cost of defending the case is evidence that [plaintiff's] infringement ...

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Patently-O Bits & Bytes by Lawrence Higgins from

Jason Rantanen's Patently-O post cited by District Court In Arlington Industries, Inc. v. Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., 2011 WL 703612 (M.D.Pa. Feb 18, 2011), the district court cited Jason Rantanen's Patently-O post ...

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Key Harvard/Princeton game to be played at Yale! from

The New York Times notes that Saturday’s[March 12, 2011] one-game playoff between Harvard and Princeton to decide which team will receive the Ivy League’s automatic berth to the N.C.A.A ...

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Plagiarism in speeches from

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln gave the "House Divided" speech, with the title coming directly out of the gospels of the New Testament. Lincoln did not attribute the Bible for the text.

In 2011, we have ...

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Don’t File A Patent: Second Edition from

Why would a patent analyst recommend a book advising against filing patent applications? Well, I would be lying if I said I agreed with John Smith’s advice lock, stock and barrel.  That said, there ...

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Senator Menendez (D-NJ) on S-23 from

Following contact with New Jersey's Senator Menendez, the following was received in response on March 11, 2011:

Dear Dr. Ebert:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to S. 23, the Patent ...

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Patent Plaintiffs Should Meet High Expectations In Eastern District Of Texas from

Earlier this week, I was sharply criticized for suggesting that patent owner’s attorneys: tak[e]a calculated business risk in bringing a suit on contingency, and a patent owner typically has to convince the ...

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Obama Press Conference Address Oil and Renewable Energy from

Little impacts cascading together can have a large impact, but for the time being we need to realize that the technology is not where it needs to be to leverage alternative and renewable energy in ...

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Sputnik moments meet "Why can't you get hired?" from

President Obama got a lot of publicity for his "Sputnik moment" allusion in the "state of the union" speech on Jan. 25, 2011. But, then, there have been other such calls, and contrarian comments like ...

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Wake Forest IP Symposium on 25 March 2011 from

With the keynote:

Bob Young, CEO & Founder of, Co-founder of Red Hat

The business press is full of dog eat dog competitive business battle stories. These make for great press and sell lots ...

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Pi day at Princeton on 14 March 2011 from

Pi day is back.

The "pub crawl" starts at 7 on March 11:

Meet at 100 Nassau Street to receive maps of participating pubs. Pub Crawl Tour guides will be inside these local establishments and ...

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The PIUG Brian Stockdale Memorial Award: Important for the Patent Community from

The patent searching industry has many guild-like qualities. Intellogist is a repository of information about patent search systems and patent searching itself. PIUG (the Patent Information Users Group) is a formal dues-paying organization promoting the ...

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Getting Your Pal To Pay – Paypal Settles In Patent Infringement Case from

By. Daniel Davidson LML Patent Corp, Inc. is hanging up their gold pans and cashing in their season’s findings of the past two weeks or so.  They recently reported that they have reached a ...

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Markey/Barton unite against Google from

From the NationalJournal:

Reps. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and Joe Barton, R-Texas, cochairmen of the Bipartisan Privacy Caucus and longtime members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, don’t agree on much. But after Google ...

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After Amazon, Masterobjects Takes Google To Court Over Instant Search Patent from

The following is excerpted from a March 11, 2011 article by Robin Wauters at TechCrunch: Yesterday, I broke the story of a small search software outlet named Masterobjects taking on in a notable ...

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Star Scientific Patent Claims Confirmed in Patent Reexamination from

The following is excerpted from a March 11, 2011 Star Scientific press release as a follow-up to my prior posts on March 10, 2009, August 26, 2008, August 8, 2008, December 28, 2007, September 4 ...

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CSI: NY "Do or Die" gets extreme fact pattern from

A popular girl at a prep school ("Olivia Prescott" played by Cassandra Jean, now a veteran of all three CSI's ) drops dead. As the investigation unfolds, one learns Olivia witnessed the filming of a ...

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