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post image Ranking of damages awards from

This week the ranking has been modified, disappearing no. 1 Centocor Ortho Biotech (J&J;) v Abbott $ 1,848 MM.

2007 Lucent v. Microsoft $ 1,538 MM returns to lead.

Ranking published by PWC in ...

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BPAI new matter substantially generally approximately from

Takeaway: The Applicant appealed written description and indefiniteness rejections for a limitation added during prosecution: "the orifice has generally circular shape and a substantially constant diameter." The BPAI reversed the written description rejection because the ...

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Lemley, Risch, Sichelman & Wagner on Bilski from

Bilski v. Kappos was one of the most anticipated patent cases in recent history. Almost all observers agreed that Bilski's method of hedging risk was not patentable; the question was how broadly the Supreme ...

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Copyright reform agenda from

The Commonwealth Attorney General’s opening address to the Blue Skies conference is here. Some excerpts: International reforms: While recognising that the challenges of the digital era are a global, not just national, issue, the ...

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Global-Tech Appliances, SEB Argue Inducing Patent Infringement At Supreme Court from

As previously reported, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in Global-Tech Appliances, Inc. v. SEB, involving whether Pentalpha Enterprises induced infringement of SEB’s patent (4,995,312). The CAFC affirmed a verdict ...

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4Q 2010 GDP revised downward from

Not so good news this morning. BEA released the second estimate for 4Q GDP -- which was revised downward to 2.8%. The first ("advance") estimate last month was that GDP grew by 3.2% (see ...

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Two good reasons to attend the ABA’s 26th Annual Intellectual Property Conference from

Actually, both reasons are on the same panel! The new Commissioner for Trademarks, Deborah Cohn, and I will both be a part of the “Trademark Prosecution Best Practices” panel on Thursday April 7th at 3 ...

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Qui Tam Provision Found Unconstitutional from

A Judge in the Northern District of Ohio recently found the qui tam provision of the False Claims Act to violate the Take Care Clause of the Constitution, despite previous rulings by the Eastern District ...

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